Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 311: Dinner with Friends, Mileage Goal Thoughts, How Long Will I Count Calories…

Yesterday at work flew by! Despite the fact I was a bit low on my usual eight hours of sleep, I powered through the day getting lots of work done and walking 6.5 miles (during lunch and after work BOTH with Stacy, my co-worker who just bought a food scale and is ready to start working on weight loss – fun!!). After my second walk I raced home, hopped in the shower, and got ready to go to Lola in Buckhead for dinner with Stacy and her BF Shane and Melissa and her husband Jon. I had my FAVORITE appetizer, caprese salad, and then I ordered a thin-crust mushroom pizza which I might have had half of? Fab pizza though. I also had 2 beers – would have had more but the guys decided to take shots so I had to start drinking the water so I could drive the train home! Instead of driving us home, I dropped Austin off at a local neighborhood bar with Jon then headed home and passed out! I ended up at 2,208 calories, 268 carbs, 67 fat grams and 87 protein grams. I wish it had been lower, especially since I only had 2 beers, but the dinner hurt as did the snickers… all 4 of those baby bundles of deliciousness. Oh well – at least I did my cardio, right? And… it’s Friday!! Here’s what I ate.

We ate at the table on the right outside! Next door was a Yogurberry and these peeps had set up a flatscreen and were just doing Dance Dance Revolution to MJ.... like all night.... so rando!

Here's us walking over to the valet - I love this little area. When we lived over here a mere 3 months ago this was just being finished - I think they did a nice job!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my 1,000 mile goal and am just so thrilled because I set it on a whimsy while reading running blogs and just hoped that one could do it while walking 15 minute-miles. Austin even calculated and told me that if I could it, it would take me 15,000 minutes… or 250 hours… or 10.5 DAYS. That’s kinda cool. Anyway, I had a dream last night where I was in Troop Beverly Hills (a childhood fave). It was that scene where the girls gathered together to announce how many cookies they’ve sold. When it was Beverly Hill’s turn they were like we didn’t sell 1,000 boxes. And Vedla Plendor was like, “of course, I knew you wouldn’t.” And Phyllis Nefler’s like, “we sold 4,904 boxes!” Same deal – except I was announcing my goal and Velda was all whatevs – knew you couldn’t do it – but I exceeded it! Now I’m like sweet – thanks to this deep, philosophical dream featuring Shelley Long I will meet and possibly exceed my goals fo sho!

Anywho… I’m feeling a little down on my calories. I just feel like I’m having SO MANY high days and I worry I won’t get to/maintain my goal weight if I keep up all of the snacking and pasta-eating. Boo. I’ve got to get back on it – can’t wait for the HRM to come in- I think it’s really going to help me out. Sometimes I wonder, am I going to count calories forever? While I envy the girls out there who rely on intuitive eating, I know I can’t be trusted! But at the same time… how long am I going to do this? I’m coming up on a year of tracking every single day and it’s not like it’s time consuming, I just wonder if this is the way it’s going to be. Anyway, I’m rambling. Hope you’re all having fabulous weekends!


Nerd Girl said...

haha! such a funny dream. you will DEF exceed your goal if you keep at it :-) I always ask myself how long I'm going to count calories, etc. I feel like I have been doing it forever and it has only been about a year and a half...and I wonder if I can REALLY keep this up forever? Like you said, it isn't time consuming, and as long as it doesn't "consume" your life, it is still a good way to keep track. Blehhh the things we do to stay healthy :)

Anonymous said...

i totally understand with the calorie counting. some days it makes you feel so accomplished, but after awhile it gets to be too much.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about this Yogaberry. I must go check it out. Have you been to Yoforia? There's one in the highlands and one in Perimeter Mall. I suspect it's the same thing. Yum.

As far as calorie counting, I think you get to a point where you can sort of know roughly how many calories are in your meals and don't have to keep exact count. I think its important when you begin to lose weight because a lot of people don't realize how many calories they consume on an average day at all and it might be way higher than they'd think. But I think if you know roughly what constitutes as a 1800 calorie or whatever you are aiming for day, you probably don't have to count and you'll still maintain your weight. Does that make sense?

Kelly Olexa said...

Its so funny that you bring up how long you will count calories. I had allowed myself to get into eating intuitively for a while- but for me, that came in the midst of a rough divorce when I was not really eating normally at all. So I lost a lot of weight, not in a healthy way, and then in the midst of a LOT of medical drama the past year, I'd gained some fat and could NOT figure out why or how - and it was seeming like I could not get it off; regardless of how healthy my food was and my workouts. Guess what- as I think I shared with you, I have gone BACK to counting my calories and journaling and GUESS WHAT I'm losing again. Some people like you say CAN eat intuitively and it's natural. For me, I come from a family of food lovers and cooks; I realize for me to get back where I wanna be and STAY THERE, I need to monitor. For me, it's sure worth the extra what, 1/2 hour a day I spend calculating? TOTALLY. ;-)

fittingbackin said...

Nerd Girl: So random! Exactly - that's how I feel! And I don't feel like it consumes my life or restricts me or anything - it's just what i do to make sure i don't go wild! haha Agreed!

Summer Slim: Right.. part of me worries it's not "normal" but then it's like well... maybe it's normal for me!

Inmytummy: I HAVE been there - it's so good. They measure your yogurt to and show you they're only giving you a certain serving - it's like MADE for calorie trackers. :) Right - I see what you're saying - especially since I cook so much it's like I know how many calories my recipes are so if i have 3 of them and 3 snacks then i'm done - I guess i'm just scared... It makes perfect sense though - hopefully I'll get there one day. :)

Kelly: I see what you mean - that makes sense. Yes! I just have always been a food person - always hungry, never know when to quit! I worry that i'll need to monitor like you said to stay this size, which again - i don't mind - I just wonder you know? I'm thinking about giving it a try for a week and just seeing... but just the thought of it makes me a bit nervous!

Mica said...

Bah, it is so unfair that some people can eat intuitively, whereas I'm like "So full..OH WAIT, ARE THOSE CORN CHIPS??? NOM NOM NOM!" I feel ya' on that one.

Maybe once you track for a long time, it will start feeling like an intuitive thing. I hope so!

Thinspired said...

I've had similar feelings with counting calories. Right now I'm trying to transition out of it by just looking at food groups instead (which is how I lost the weight, anyway). That seems to be working because if I have a feeling my calorie count is high but I'm still hungry, I'll just eat some veggies or some fruit and feel good about it.

Anonymous said...

You can't let yourself feel guilty and/or punish yourself. you are lovely, just move on, it's over, in the past.
However, what's not in the past is TROOP BEVERLY HILLS, what a stinkin' great flick.
But, it always makes me want GS cookies. . . Oh Samoas you are the devil.

fittingbackin said...

Mica: I agree – lucky biatches! :) Same here – I sometimes just feel like such a bottomless pit! I hope so to – I’m tricking myself into becoming intuitive! :) like it!

Thinspired: That’s such an interesting way to look at it! I’m definitely working to put in more fruits and vegetables into my meals (instead of just meat + carb!) – I think it’s helping to fill me up. But I never thought about adding veggie/fruit snacks on if I’m still hungry – smart!

Ohlivin: True, true – thanks, girl – you’re right. hehe I know! It’s now in my head “Beverly Hills what a thrill!” Yes, samoas and thin mints… could eat a sleeve of thin mints now if given the opportunity!