Monday, June 6, 2016

My Favorite Things Monday: Product Reviews!

After Wednesday's big 'life download'  here is a fun update on 5 things I'm obsessed with these days. Enjoy! Happy Monday - and here's to wonderful weeks for us all - cheers!

1. This Water Pitcher. Obsessed. I found it online and when I went to  Ikea with besties Monica & Sharon they found it for me! I wanted it purely for decoration - looking at it truly made me happy. But during our prepping of the house for potential buyers we added a lot more flowers to the backyard. I designated myself water girl and the pitcher has been my right hand gal. Love it and look - together we totally rock at keeping flowers alive and beautiful.

2. This Cell phone case.  The jimmyCASE is basically an iPhone wallet. Having finally converted to the iPhone 6s plus it was great to find a case that makes my phone do even more. For instance, as you know, I spend my days running around town with a three-year-old. I sincerely hate having to carry my purse everywhere - it's heavy, cumbersome and I'm often holding other bags that I can just toss my phone and keys into. But what about my wallet? Ugh - needing to carry that third thing makes me resort to bringing my purse.
But this case makes it so easy to just tuck my baby (the Amex) and some cash into the phone case. My keys have my gym card hooked on them so it all fits right into the phone case so I'm only keeping track of ONE thing vs. having to carry my heavy purse OR having to hold my keys + wallet + phone which creates a hand cramp as well as the likelihood of leaving something behind at the checkout counter. This case is truly perfect for quick errands, and an absolute must for the pool bag. The wallet part is stretchy but hasn't stretched out at all, and I love the wood grain part, too. And I, of course, chose Auburn colors! Austin now wants one which makes me think this could be a great gift, especially if the cases match your school colors!

3. These Salad bowls. I can't go on about these enough. Me and Beckett are obsessed. I can just toss two in the cooler with a banana or a fruit bowl and we're done - off to the pool and we won't starve or resort to eating the main other lunchtime offering: sandwiches. She asks for these all the time - her favorite is the Chef Salad; mine is the Turkey and Bacon Cobb. When I'm at home, I've been known to add extra veggies (cucumbers, tomoatoes) and extra meat (ham or diced grilled chicken) to beef it up some. I've also changed out the dressing at home. But for somewhat healthy on the go eating that both me and Beckett like - this is where it's at!

4. These tanks. Athleta's chi tanks have become my summertime staple. Already. I went from owning 0 to 4 pretty quick and I wear them everyday. With the chaturanga capris when working out at the gym, and with the swagger skirt for walks and errands - haven't run it in yet but that's what it's for so I'm assuming it will work! The tanks are SO lightweight and soft. I have washed them several times (and air dry) and they look perfect still - woo!

5. These boxes. We use these every. single. day. She used them during the school year for lunches, and now we use them for snacks at camp (dipper in small box; fruit in bigger box and veggies in biggest box). They're the perfect size and fit right in to the skip hop lunchboxes and (so far) all others I've tried. She likes to pick her color each day - it's the perfect size for her!
I'm not the only one who loves the salads and lunchboxes! Forgive her for always eating in a leotard or princess costume - we're on week 3 of ballet princess camps!
Our backyard flowers are loving the watering can!
Q: What's your favorite thing these days?!

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