Wednesday, June 1, 2016

4 Things: Weight, Lodging, Fertility & Transition Time

1. Weight:
I've been between 125 and 127 for the past few weeks. This has made me pretty happy in that I've been eating good and feeling good and my clothes have felt great - even big. I actually went to Athleta and got some work out clothes that fit which was super fun. Of course B came along with me (straight from swim class to gymnastics class to lunch in an Athleta dressing room - gotta get it all in! LOL
She may or may not have made friends with an employee named Loraine who helped me look after her and make sure her little hands didn't make big messes!
2. Lodging:
Long story short - we're MOVING! It wasn't the plan. At all. We were actually about to finish the last piece of renovation in our home - the master bathroom which is seriously outdated. However, Austin went to surprise me with a Mother's Day treadmill (I was SO SICK from allergies and was missing walking so he was going to solve my problem). Long story short, when he went to a neighboring home to buy the treadmill it turned out they were selling their home. He walked around and loved it; I came and did as well. While we didn't end up with that house, it sparked our interest in moving and we quickly found our 'forever home' - just a mile away. 

Enter 'day in day out' of pulling finances, making an offer, back and forth on due diligence repairs, contractor involvement, inspection, etc. All while, of course, getting our home ready to sell - pressure washers, carpet cleaners, landscapers - you name it. We ended up agreeing on all due diligence items on the new house on May 24, so we listed ours on May 25. We had 13+ showings starting that evening, got two offers on Sunday, May 29, and were under contract by Tuesday, May 31. Needless to say, this is what we've been doing every day - between house hunting, to finding our home, to selling our home - we have not rested and it's been a whirlwind of fun and excitement!
Somebody had to get the house ready for prospective buyers...
3. Fertility:
Well, lots of ups and downs this time around. Weird cycles (too long or too short), frustration, feeling like shit and getting downright upset about why this just isn't happening for us. While we're not ready for IUIs or IVF, we were ready for something more assertive. Enter, clomid. Had an ultrasound to make sure the ovaries wouldn't be overstimulated, then quickly had Cycle 1 during all of the aforementioned house stuff. By Cycle Day 12 I had another ultrasound - not awful, but not amazing progress on follicles. My Day 21 test had to take place on Day 22 due to Memorial Day. It was yesterday. I was excited. I thought maybe this time? They drew my blood yesterday and I didn't even make it home before my period started. Another too-short cycle of just 22 days. Another opportunity lost. Deep sigh. 
That being said I still called my mom and cried because, you know, I can and I felt better. I even left a teary voicemail to my nurse - we talked today - she was disappointed, too.
I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound to make sure the ovaries are still good (they feel certain they have reset since not that much happened by way of clomid stimulation). From there, I'll start Clomid Saturday - not sure if I'll stick to the 50mg or bump up - we'll see. But likely Days 5- 9 of Clomid mg TBD and then we'll see. Big frown. While I'm loving having the house stuff as a super fun distraction, I have to make sure that it's not a big stressor that can affect fertility. Time to get zen. For real. In the meantime, at least I still have my special Beckett - can't get enough of our funny, sweet, precious little girl who is everyone's friend and loves to sing and dance and smile. Now she also loves to push my buttons for a reaction, but that's another story!

4. Transitioning from Spring to Summer: The focus for a while now was end of year - wrapping up choir, school, gymnastics, tap/ballet & swim lessons. 
Obligatory overpriced school pics. At least they don't involve laser beams anymore!
Now, we're moving into summer - gymnastics camps, dance camps, lots of pool time, and lots of chill time. 
Water table with friends = super fun Memorial Day. And we've been to the pool every day since last Wednesday. Our hair hates us but we're having fun!
Her camps are three to four mornings a week - love that they start later so we can have slow mornings, and they end earlier so we can have picnics or lunch by the pool. So far, so good. Work hasn't been too crazy which is nice (being that I've been so bogged down with #2 and #3!)
 Someone is rocking 'teddy bear' dance camp this week
So... it's been a little wild. I haven't rested as much, worked out as much, read as much, or cooked as much. I have had lots of fun and have enjoyed this house project with Austin so much. After 7+ years in our home, it's nice to start this new exciting chapter together. We just really see ourselves in this new home - sharing ideas and planning and day dreaming about it all has been a blast.
Love my little family
So - that's what's been up! And here is me and B right now as she asked me for a 'mommy and Beckett picture' (she just woke up from nap!). We're off to the pool - happy Wednesday. :)

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