Friday, April 1, 2016

Yummy Recipe, Good Read & What's Been Up

Wow! You guys I have bad allergies so sinus infections, while miserable, are common. So I feel bad but get a sinus infection and get good meds and feel a bit better but the allergies persist. Then I get hit by a tummy bug - OMG they are the worst. In between being sick, here's what's been up:

My Number:
Pretty sure that one-pound weight loss is named Gastroenteritis. Yuck.

What I Ate: Still keeping breakfasts carb-free with omelets (vs. muffins or tacos). Morning snack has been a banana - keeps it simple! And Lunch has been easy, too - chicken salad, raw veggies, fruits, hummus - doing cold lunches instead of hot lunches. I'm obsessed with these containers from Whole Foods and have been cleaning and reusing them to make adult bento boxes!
These are so yummy and filling
Dinners have been a little different since last week we had a couple of Easter events and this week we had a guest - my mother-in-law was in town! It's always fun to go out to eat with her. We went out to eat two nights - yummy sushi one night and mexican the other. I also cooked a new recipe Monday night and we liked it! It was Cooking Light's Skillet Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Carrots. The sauce and chicken were amazing, but the veggies were still crunchy so I need to modify this recipe a bit but we're definitely having it again - so hearty and tasty.
Source: Cooking Light
Fitness/Steps: Still loving my M-W-F classes - am honestly considering buying a step. Is that weird? I just love it so much and feel I'd do it every day if it were offered! If you know of any good YouTube step videos holla! Steps have been on the lower end since I have been avoiding this pollen and staying indoors so no family walks for me! But that's okay - when I feel better (hopefully ASAP - still in bed today with this tummy bug - blah) I plan to add in my more gym time for treadmill walks until the pollen calms down out there!

What Else Has Been up:
Easter Egg Hunt and dinner at church 
Easter Egg Hunt & Family Lunch at my sister's house - so fun - the kiddos painted Easter crafts, played and loved the hunt together!
Pics by Revelry Photo House
This one makes me smile so hard - her with her new ballerina bunny from Gigi! Pics by Revelry Photo House
Cutest family! Pics by Revelry Photo House
Love my mom & my baby girl; Pics by Revelry Photo House
Love cakes from Whole Foods! Pics by Revelry Photo House
These cuties have my heart! Pics by Revelry Photo House
Time to paint in our 'painting jackets' since it was surprisingly chilly! Pics by Revelry Photo House
I can't handle this cuteness Pics by Revelry Photo House
Beautiful! Pics by Revelry Photo House
Book club Girls night at my mom's; this book was VERY good! I recommend it for a great quick read that keeps you interested and gets you thinking. It explores the choices we make and how they send us down different paths. Fun nonfiction read that we all enjoyed
Pizza night with friends - family selfie beforehand!
B always asks for a show after dinner LOL
Lots of fun with her from ballet to...
her first pedicure! She chose purple, with white flowers!
So, all in all, despite having felt anywhere from funky and weak to sneezy and miserable for two weeks straight, fun has been had! LOL SO ready to feel better. Next week is spring break so lots more time for me and B to have fun! And lots more time for me to get my behind in the gym and make some more new recipes!

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