Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Same Number, New Recipe, What's Been Up

In addition to Georgia giving us seasons, it also gives us allergy problems. I am currently on what feels like day 87 of a sinus infection, and Beckett and Austin are snotty and coughy, too. Sigh. Definitely used it as an excuse to try to slow down and rest and take antibiotics. I am not very good at slowing down.

Today's Number:
Still at this weight - have seen a couple of 129's and nothing lower, but 128.5 seems to be the star lately.

What I ate: I've been doing great here for the most part. Sticking to breakfast omelets; lunch has been half sandwiches & raw veggies & fruit; and I've cooked a healthified dinner from the blog almost every night (e.g., green chicken enchiladas; skillet lasagna). We did go out to eat last Thursday, and I had spring rolls and they were awesome. Also, the day my sinus infection hit its low and I couldn't breathe or open my eyes properly I felt sorry for myself and ate an absurd amount of reese's pieces. Like I was almost ashamed of myself. I also made a new recipe - Cooking Light's Honey-Lime Drumsticks. I will link up my recipe as I changed it a bit, used basmati instead of brown rice and substituted edamame for snow peas. We all loved it - even little Beckett! We did have to cut the chicken off the bone for her first and she wanted broccoli but still a win. She liked that it wasn't spicy - it was sweet!

Fitness/Steps: I've been doing pretty good here, although the sickness brought me down a little! I am finding that I pretty much always work out Monday, Wednesday & Friday - these are my favorite 1-hour classes at the gym - one one-hour kickboxing class and two one-hour classes that are half step and half full-body strength with dumbbells/body weight. I know 3 days isn't enough though, so I have been trying to at least walk or run on Tuesday & Thursday. This week though, I took a one-hour step class on Saturday and it was so fun! I think if I could take step every day I would! So on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday I had 11,228, 12,265, 12,427 and 12,194 steps - easy to get to 10 when I take a class! But Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday are between 6,000 and 9,000 if I don't do intentional cardio. SO working on getting more classes in as I know that that is what I really enjoy - fun music, fun instructors and fun group of women!

What Else Has Been Up: Honestly, this week had a lot of events outside of the normal school/work/tap & ballet/swim/gymnastics/choir - YIKES. We got it all done though, despite not feeling well.
Added an art display to the play room and moved things around again!
Made St. Patrick's Day Lunches and snacks for the week
Had our St. Patrick's Day picnic with our play group
Beckett's Art Show at School - super fun event before a not fun one -taxes!
Baking cupcakes for my nephew's lego fifth birthday lego party
Shoe shopping with Beckett - nothing fits for this warmer weather!
Celebrating Dane - this little cutie turned 5!
My mom and Beckett - my mom stayed with B Saturday night when we went to our cousin Laura's engagement party!
I am currently on a less-busy week as we really don't feel well. Boo. Wish us a quick recovery!

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