Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 9 -12: When It's Sunny, Everything is Possible

Living in Georgia we have seasons. And rain. I have tried to go with Gretchen Rubin's thinking of, "It's a rainy, day, what a great day to be inside!" and "It's a sunny day, what a great day to be outside!" But after lots of rainy days I get to be quite the crab and don't want to be inside and just want the sun to make things easier. And it does. This whole week it was sunny and amazing.
Seriously - I can't get enough outside time (or Claritin) in this weather!
Today's Number:
I'm devoting this weight loss to two things (1) running out of girl scout cookies. (2) keeping up the workout part - which I've always found easy - BUT doing better with nutrition, which I tend to be pretty flexible on since I like pizza and rice and stuff.

What I ate: I did much better here because I had MUCH less activities so all meals were eaten at home which was nice. Breakfast was omelets (no carbs); snacks were fruit (apple slices or grapes) and veggies (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with yogurt ranch); lunches were salads; and dinner was mostly grilled - Austin grilled the BEST BBQ chicken. I need to share the marinade. And a picture. He also made our easy hot wing chicken (think big tray of chicken thighs + lots of Frank's hot wing sauce marinating for 2 days until grilled). We had the chicken one night with just green beans and one night with a big salad. I will say I have been struggling with afternoon snacks. I just really want something snacky as in a bag of pita chips and hummus. So I'm trying to get better at portioning out that snack so I don't end up eating 400 calories which is a meal, not a snack. I've also thought about cutting my lunch and having a small lunch at 12:30 p.m. then the other half at 2:30 p.m. We'll see how that goes! Just glad that thanks to putting this more into focus because of the blog I'm realizing this pattern of overeating at snack time during that late afternoon lull!

Tuesday was 10,539 steps. Wednesday was 11,944 steps - a great day with hour-long cardio kickbox! Thursday was exactly 10,000 steps; was busy with Beckett's new swim lessons; her gymnastics class and work; but I walked a lot and stayed and played outside with B with playground and backyard and during her bath with Austin I went for a run. So all good!

That's it for today - had this post ready to publish Friday but forgot to hit send. Best blogger ever. LOL Hope you all had great weekends! Will do a post of our weekend tomorrow!

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