Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 4 - 8: Let's Talk About Art

I am impressed with my past self for daily posts - it's not easy at all! To quickly play catch up - I've been, let's go with 'flexible' with my eating and I haven't lost a touch of weight. Oops! Every day is new and tomorrow I will do better - that's the best I can do today! Today's number:
I dedicate this one-pound weight gain to the ones whom I owe it to, the girl scouts. 
What I ate: I kept it simple for the most part  - my usual omelet for breakfast, fruit or bar for snack, salad or half sandwich/hummus/carrots for lunch; and a healthified/hot dinner BUT the weekend truly derailed me with too many activities, and my usual 15 minutes of contracting was 24 hours - this made it tough to keep up my schedule! Friday we had friends for pizza night, and Saturday alone I had a fun Ikea morning with friends (which ran long so I ate a pizza lunch at Ikea!); a first birthday party (another slice of pizza) and a planned date night (at a new Italian place - enter pasta & wine). SO I fully deserve that pound - ha! All super fun events and totally worth it, but being that busy means less time for workouts and I didn't plan in healthy choices so there you go. 

Fitness/Steps: Wednesday is always one of my better days - 1-hour cardio kickbox class. I enjoy it so much and always burn a lot and get lots of steps! Ended up at 13,608. Thursday ended up being a busy work day (logged 6 hours... yikes!) - ended at only 7,310 steps. Friday I walked 2 miles then took 30 minutes of my favorite step class; easily hit 12,838 steps. Despite all of Saturday's activities, I did get in a good bit of steps at 8,473. Walking Ikea is good cardio apparently. Sunday I charged my fitbit and realized around dinner that I hadn't put it back on - OOPS! It was definitely a rest day with just a short walk - I wasn't feeling good and I didn't feel good today either and gave my body a break. I thought about pushing myself to go to my favorite class but honestly I felt run down and 'sinus infectiony' and I was like nope, going to go to the grocery store and go home and pre-cook today vs. tomorrow. While I missed my friends it felt good to listen to my body!
Who doesn't love Ikea? And yes, send help - I clearly can't keep up with the laundry!
Organizing Update: Today's is more focused on home decor as I have gotten that bug again to update a few things around the house and my fun trip to Ikea only helped me get excited about the projects again! One of the big things I want to focus on is art. I have a lot of frames around our house and many have family photos which I love. And lots have artwork as well - but I want to focus more on finding new, meaningful artwork. I'm also interested in making artwork myself (with canvases) or with Beckett - so special! A few things inspiring me:

This post of Emily Henderson's - what an amazing roundup/resource of art sites
Source: Emily Henderson's post

Young House Love books - I own Lovable Livable Home, which is great, but I got the first one from the library and it's full of cute ideas to make your own art!

My friend Sharon - she has done several cute pieces herself with using coupons at Michael's for inexpensive canvases. She'll find something she likes and uses sharpies to outline it then paints and it turns out so good! Here's one she did lately - so cute!
My friend sharon's replica - how cute, right?!
Kiddo Artwork: I have been looking through my old sources I used for Beckett's room, play room, and play area in our office - I am obsessed with kiddo art - it inspires me to keep going until I find adult artwork I like just as much!
source: Etsy
Q: Any other DIYers out there like my friend Sharon?! Any art resources i'm missing for fun artwork more geared toward adults? 


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