Friday, April 18, 2014

What's Been Up

It's almost Easter - eek! Haven't posted in a while - eek!

Yes, she's not a baby anymore. I know I've watched it happen but now i'm chasing after a toddler going where did the time go?! Ah! At least she still has her baby swirl on her forehead that she's had since day 1 - heart that trademark Becks.

So what's been up? Lots! Mostly, I've been having entirely too much fun with the new Instagram shop!
@hercutecloset Instagram shop for girls!
I've had 4 sales so far and it's been a blast! I'm selling lots of Beckett's stuff, as well as fun finds here in Atlanta for girls up to 5T. It's been a fun thing to do and who doesn't love an excuse to shop?!

Other than that, I've been battling an awful stomach infection. True story. Turned out to be bacterial so I'll find out next week/bloodwork if the antibiotics have knocked it out - crazy!

I also spent my first weekend away from Beckett - a girl's trip to Miami with my three besties from high school! Good times for sure!

We think we have found our church! It's been on my list for so long to find a church near our home and now we've found one and Beckett did well in the daycare - yay!

home from church and happy!
Beckett's made so many neighborhood friends! It's adorable watching them walk around the playground together!

We visited Athens! Austin's parents got a new gameday condo so we went and checked it out - actually, Beckett has now visited twice as her and Austin did a daddy-daughter overnight trip with the family while I went to a 30th birthday dinner!

Other than that we've just been gymming, visiting with friends and having playdates, visiting with Austin's brother Tyler who just moved back from NY, and enjoying the warmer weather - park dates, walks, etc. All is well - hoping the warm weather stays!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Weekend

I don't know about you guys but I try so hard to be happy. Even on those days when I'm like FML if one more bad thing happens I"m throwing in the towel, I stop and focus and try to be grateful, try to concentrate on what's going right and try to get outside as, even though I'm by no means an 'outdoorsy person', it's just so dang calming. Other times I don't even try to be happy because one wonderful thing happens after another - that was how thing weekend was - nonstop fun and celebration and joy. I love weekends like this, surrounded by friends who are family and family who are friends. This is how  all weekends should be!

Celebrating at my bestie Mon's baby shower
mom to be!
so happy!
Mary, Monica, Teresa & Me - hard to believe these friendships are in Decade #2
I made cookies to celebrate baby John!
The dad-to-be came and visited Austin for a while during the shower, and my sister rode over with me and visited after the shower for a bit - so fun to have a full, fun house! Reuben & Remy were especially excited that Cassie and Daisy visited!

Getting pedicures with my out-of-town besties Teresa & Mary, and Mary's little girl Emma

Love these girls! Look at little Emma in the back - hilariously cute!
Going out to eat with two of our longtime favorite couples from college and our babies

not so sure about their first date... haha Mike Mike's like "whateva" and Beckett's like "i'm on a WHAT?"
Seeing all of our kiddos play so well together in the morning = adorable.

Going to the park with the family! (seeing Reuben meet a little girl and actually make a friend!
Reuben's favorite friend was Sasha in the pink harness!
Having neighbors who are friends (or friends who are neighbors?) - whatever - meeting up with the Rollers at the park on Sunday evening!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

15 Things I'm Loving

1. Crazy 8. I had never been before but if they want to give me this puffer vest for next season for $3.50 brand new I will be returning! Had no idea it was owned by the same peeps as Gymboree & Janie and Jack - wonderful and our salesperson was the nicest girl ever.

2. Shopping with my family. Cheeseballs on aisle 12 in Dick's Sporting Goods! Lately I've been saving a few errands for the family to go on together on the weekend, then we go for lunch - its nice and Beckett seems to really enjoy having us both there - she like looks back and forth smiling!

3. Walking in to see Austin and baby girl playing - it's adorable. We borrowed Henry's tent for Beckett's birthday but a snowstorm followed so we had it longer than expected. She loved playing in it with her dad - must go get a tent! 

4. Seeing baby girl use our furniture in surprising ways. Maybe I don't need a tent, baby girl seems to make our bar stools work as tents . . . 

5. Consignment sale shopping - seriously, all of this for $49:

6.  Reuben & Remy cuddling up with Beckett's toys. Usually they just leave them alone. However, if they squeak it's game over.

7.  Beckett's climbing - she gets so excited and squeals the whole time... although I hate her climbing and worry she's going to hurt herself!

8. Seeing Beckett play with the "big girls" in our neighborhood - she loves them so much and they are so sweet with her!

9. Seeing the sun pour into our front room - really, I'm just obsessed with this room and am spending so much time in it with the fam.

10. Facetiming with my baby girl - she loves it so much!

11. Seeing all of the wildlife in our backyard! We see this owl (and hear it!) almost every day, and this morning there was a deer walking around for several minutes - Beckett LOVED it - think she thought it was a big doggy.

12. Helping my future self. Exhibit A: posting reminders all over the house to make sure me and Austin fasted before our 'finger pricks' last week for his company to get preferred insurance - we tested great on cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.!

13. Bundling up for chilly outdoor walks! Still getting in lots of neighborhood walks with Beckett, and family walks with Austin, Beckett & the pups. I also get to walk with Sharon a good bit, too - or we'll go to the greenway so we can stroll with the girls side-by-side on the wide sidewalks!

14. Going out to eat with the family. We've been taking Beckett out a couple times a weekend, for lunches or early bird dinners at 5 p.m.  She really likes the people, the high chair, and just being at our level. She almost always makes besties with the server. 

15. Catching Beckett being silly - this happens a lot. She is a nut. 

getting inside her toy boxes
wearing her bathtime stacking cups as mini top hats

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top 10 New Mom Moments

Before I launch into several of the mistakes I've made as a new mom, here is a pic of happy Beckett. I swear she is happy despite having been a victim to my 'newmommyness'!
No, I'm not a horrible Mom. I swear. BUT I am new at this and make mistakes sometimes! Here is my Top 10 New Mom Moments - no doubt there will be many more but these are definitely some doozies I wish we had avoided. Poor girl! So glad she loves me anyway!

  1. Realizing that if you leave the cool mist humidifier on high facing the crib overnight everything, and I mean everything, will be soaking wet the next day. Poor girl! She was fine but it scared me so much seeing her crib, bedding, etc. all wet. Thankfully the sleep sack helped and, oddly, it didn't seem to bother her - just me!
  2. Finding that it's best to really really move those awesomely chunky thighs when you snap that car seat in. Yes, I pinched her little leg in once and felt awful. She cried like I gave her a shot - eek!
  3. Similar to thighs - really really move those awesomely chubby arms when you zip up the side zippers in her sleep sack OR put on something with long sleeves before zipping her in. Sleeveless tops + zippers in the dark is no bueno. 
  4. You cannot start tummy time early enough. I started after a couple weeks and apparently it was "almost too late." Thankfully she was fine after multiple 10-minute sessions a day starting at 3 weeks. She didn't have to do the helmet or anything but it took months of tummy time for her little head to shape out right.
  5. Discovering that eventually you do have to remove the newborn insert from the infant car seat. I didn't realize it was an insert. I thought it was padding. Nope. Poor Beckett was just spilling out of that sucker.
  6. Swaddle around arms not  around legs. Thankfully, we caught this early on and made sure to leave her plenty of room in the leg area!
  7. Check those folds often. Especially in the neck area and if you even think you might see red streaks go ahead and lather on some aquafor to avoid yeast!
  8. Similar to the neck area, do the same in the diaper area and keep that butt paste a flowin'.
  9. Always put a diaper on your kid. Don't get distracted when a friend is over and skip that step then wonder why baby girl is sad and "leaked" through her diaper when really she wasn't wearing one. SIGH.
  10. Don't just avoid doing something because you don't want to ask questions. Ask other mommies how to feed your kid on the go (snack trap!), what toothpaste to use (Tom's!), tips for flying with baby (list entirely too long to put in parentheses here!). Bottom line, as a new mom, I'm glad I embraced that 'newmomminess' and asked a lot of probably dumb questions whose answers made me feel like I kinda knew what the hell I was doing - so worth it!
So yes, despite my greatest effort I have definitely had some new mom moments and hope my sharing will help someone else avoid them! 
Love this special girl!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beckett's New Activity Area

I don't know if the term 'activity area' makes sense, but in my mind it's the place where Beckett will be creative! For now, it's a lot of play, but I hope that later it's where she'll do art projects, learn, craft, crayon, write, read, explore - ya know - all that good stuff. For now, she can't even sit in the chair... we have a ways to go. Here's some pics I snagged of it today! And please note, it's not done (e.g., the white board is a magnet board and isn't hung yet, I haven't put her magnet toys on it, the other rack isn't mounted yet under the bookshelves, etc.), but's it's really coming along! Also, I realize it's cluttered with walkers but this is the stage we are at right now!!