Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 37 & Day 38: Wednesday, Oct. 8, and Thursday, Oct. 9, Assessments

Sorry I’m so late to my own party – eek! Work is SLAMMED. Which is good but dang – SO busy lately. Well let’s get down to it…

Wednesday: Wednesday was pretty bad… well good until the alcohol… and bagel bites! Hehe (only had 4 though – talk about will power) I had 1,884 calories (too many), 51 fat grams (good) and 182 carbs (good). The wine/drunk food was 562… so I would have been perfectly in if I hadn’t had it – dang! However, I did do 3 miles of walking on the treadmill so it wasn’t the worst day in the world… still wish I could just not be a lush. Sigh. For all the dirty details: What I Ate Today.

Thursday: Thursday was okay… I was tired/hungover so I was a little weak to bad choices. But I made up my mind to go to the gym (3 miles again) and not be a total loser. In the end I squealed in at 1,469 calories (great!), 20 fat grams (way low) and 236 carbs (squealed in – 236 is my max – eek!). It was a good day though – I felt really full all day and think I wouldn’t have needed that THIRD snack if I hadn’t been so tired/dehydrated/non-caring. What I Ate Today

All in all – not too bad! I personally blame having to be at work on my work from home day for Thursday not being as good as it could have been… I’m such a blame shifter.

Other than that I’m just disappointed in the 3 pounds I’ve gained since yesterday – what? Blah. At least I’ve been good today! Breakfast wrap (tortilla, 1 egg, 1.5 strips turkey bacon; 1 morningstar sausage), Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine, and a 100-calorie ritz pack so far! I have a Mister Salty milk chocolate covered pretzels 100-calorie pack burning a hole in my purse so we’ll see… and then of course tonight is going out for the birthday so I’m sure I’ll be bad. Sigh.

P.S. Sorry for the pessimistic bunny... just my crabby mood today... :)

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