Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 92: How Many Snacks Can I Feasibly Squeeze into One Day?

Clearly my goal was to answer that question. So my chest never stopped hurting – so odd. I must have strained something – blah. I’ve never done that before so I’m going to check it out now. Today was okay – very busy at work, but I did carve out a lunch to go down and walk 3 miles and read (no Stacy today). However, I started stress snacking after lunch and had way too much candy – not cool. I decided to only do the 3 miles today since my chest was hurting so I got home and got straight in bed with Reuben – I was tired! I also made some rice for tomorrow’s dinner (Chicken “Fried” rice) and defrosted some chicken for tonight’s dinner. I made this Steamfresh for two side ‘chicken flavored rice.’ It was pretty good – had it with chicken cooked in light soy sauce and garlic salt. We liked it – but I can’t decide if the calories were worth it – didn’t have enough flavor in 1 cup to warrant 240 calories (in my humble opinion). Have I mentioned that rice is my favorite food? Seriously – how unfortunate is that? Close Second: Cheese. Sigh.

Austin’s now at poker and I’m in bed cleaning out the Tivo – aka watching Gilmore Girls - and reading. I don’t think I’m going to do much tonight – I’m SO tired for some reason. Tomorrow I work from home so I can sleep in since I don’t have to get ready! I also can get in a 4-mile walk at lunch – perfection. I hope I have a loss tomorrow – or at least a maintain. I don’t want to end up at 123 (again).

I’m STILL working on finding recipes. I’m SO picky. This weekend I really want to do something with sweet potatoes and I want to do a simple chicken parmesan. Think I’m going to try to find some now… Oh update – Austin is now holding steady at 178/179 – down 27/26 pounds from his start. I’m so proud of him. Nothing new with Reuben – he’s just playing with his new butterfly pet stages toy and click click clicking all over the floor. He does have a hair appointment Friday so I’m sure I’ll take pictures. Love it.

At the end of the day I had 1,612 calories, 218 carbs and 46 fat grams. So yes, too many (due to all of those blasted snacks – I mean, really). However, when you factor in my 3 miles cardio (i.e. 202 calories) I’m down to 1,410 calories – not too bad!


hannah katherine said...

i'm confident in the time i've been posting i've mentioned this - but remind me - have you made sweet potato fries yet? my husband loves them, surprisingly, so i wonder if austin would, too.

fittingbackin said...

I have!! We both loved them, too. They taste just like butternut squash fries to me - but they're SO much easier to make. I love that the boys love them, too!