Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 95: Excessive Saturday, New Game, and Karaoke

Yesterday was a great day! We got up after breakfast so we just had half turkey/roast beef sandwiches – YUM. I baked potatoes for lunch and we had them with chili again. Perfect weather for chili! We hung out and watched the SEC game – had another half sandwich and a chips ahoy snack. Little Reuben had an upset stomach all day – sad! He started feeling better so we packed up to go to our friends Shana/Lincoln’s house for game night/chill night! It was a blast – we played Rook which I’d never played but LOVED and we did karaoke. I have an awful voice but it’s SO fun! They got pizza so I had two slices of cheese pizza… and 3 starburst… and chips/cheese dip… and beer and vodka. Yeah… it was like that again! I suck! Haha I had SO much fun though – love going over there – but I did end up at 2,299 calories, 54 fat grams, 221 carbs and 81 grams of protein. So my calories were WAY over. :( Should have at least done without the starburst and chips/cheese dip. But how often do you have homemade sausage/rotel cheese dip?!! It was amazing. :) Here’s what I ate.

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