Monday, February 16, 2009

Days 163, 164, and 165: Awesome Weekend doing Exactly What I Wanted

Friday was pretty blah at work – I was just SO TIRED. I did walk during lunch which was great and towards the end of work I was feeling energized! Me and Stacy got to talking and decided to do drinks/games that night – gotta love impromptu gatherings! I left work and raced to the gym, then home to get ready, eat dinner and get in a few pool games with Austin. Stacy and her BF Shane came over and we had SO much fun! Just played games and talked, talked talked – they didn’t leave until 3 a.m. but time flew by – awesome! I did drink a lot though… and I ate saltines! Lots! During games. Hehe I ended up at 2,002 calories (eek!), 39 fat grams and 195 carbs. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday I couldn’t sleep. I woke up SO EARLY with cramps then couldn’t get back to sleep. Argh. Stupid TOM. Aside from pain, I woke up with a MAJOR house bug and spent almost the whole day working on room-by-room inspiration boards, searching my favorite store’s sites for deals and searching décor and renovation blogs – awesome day you guys. Austin played xBox – we SO needed the rest/chill/do nothing day and we got it. It was a weird eating day though between TOM and just being tired. I had yogurt and a tomato/feta/onion omelet… then sandwich/chips…. Then cereal… then a kashi cookie… then ramen noodles (hehe)… then another snack. It was like the day ‘o carbs. I ended up at 1,529 calories, 197 carbs and 50 fat grams. Not awful – but not good either – eek! Here’s what I ate.

Sunday I woke up feeling better and ready to go house hunting! But it was 8 a.m. so I instead walked over to the kitchen and started cooking! I first made Austin’s coffee eggsadillas for breakfast – YUM! Then I prepped lunch (baked potatoes & chili) and made buffalo chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, 4 bacon/egg/cheese mixtures for wraps, sweet & sour chicken for Monday’s lunch, prepped for chicken fajitas, made greek feta chicken, spiced yogurt chicken and that was it for me for now – needed more ingredients! After cooking, we showered and got to work on collaborating and organizing all of the houses we had each found. In the end, we had found 23 houses we were interested in. Instead of meeting with Amanda and going to each one, we instead mapped the route and rode it out so we could ditch some based on location, neighborhood, etc. Although the prep work SUCKED, we were glad we did it and were able to visit all 23 houses (and even two open houses) in 3 hours. Woo! In the end we found 8 houses we would like to go see with Amanda and 10 neighborhoods we like! That’s what I like to call progress – yay! However, around house #10 I started feeling awful – my TOM was killing me and my cold/throat thing was back and it was like BOOM – awful cramping/headache/achy/tired/etc. Instead of going home to the dinner I prepared, I told Austin my TOM wanted pizza and it wanted it NOW. We called ahead to our old favorite place (that I haven’t eaten at since I started the blog – OMG) and I got a slice of cheese and a slice of mushroom. I got home, got in PJs and ate in front of a movie. Then I started organizing all of the house stuff (into sections – house we like/don’t like; neighborhoods we like/don’t like) and felt bad again. I finished up, crawled in bed and passed out. Blah – why can’t I get over this weird sickness?! TOM isn’t helping but STILL, I shouldn’t feel this bad! Needless to say, the gym didn’t happen. Sad. In the end I had 1,517 calories, 210 carbs and 46 fat grams. I had to TOTALLY guess on the pizza – it was thin crust 12” but I didn’t know so I overestimated and said I had 3.25 slices (hehe) instead of 2 (what I had). We’ll see. In retrospect I should have weighed it… oh well – just wasn’t feeling it. shocked I still came in under but I guess that was my only falter and I didn’t have much else! Here’s what I ate.

Today is my one-year anniversary – WOO! One year – wow. It’s just so weird how sometimes it seems like it’s been many years and sometimes it seems like I got married a couple of months ago! Anyway, I also realized that it’s past the 15th and I forgot to measure – eek – I’ll do that for tomorrow’s post! I hope you guys had great weekends and great Valentine’s Days!! Talk to you tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry no pictures! Eek! I've got to start updating more regularly so these posts aren't so lengthy and overwhelming! :) Forgive me! hehe


Thinspired said...

23 houses in one day?! You guys are big-hitters! Best of luck with that, and Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite not feeling well, it seems like you're getting a TON of stuff done! I am amazed! You are obviously super-organized - I love it!

Hope you're feeling better!

Kaneil, balanceisbest

hannah katherine said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy house hunting and goodness - you are one busy girl with your cooking! And I LOVED Twilight - why I didn't listen to you MONTHS ago, I'll never know - but I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

What is this great pizza place you speak of?

Big Pissy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

Dev and I were just talking about how it had been a year :)

I'm SO glad you took some down time and rested and actually ate some yummy pizza. You NEEDED that!

I've missed talking to you since Thursday. We had ZERO phone service at the beach and just got home around an hour and a half ago.

Love you!

Neesha and Dustin said...

Good Lord, you are amazing! 23 houses!?! Aaah!

I hate my TOM! It kills me. Seriously. I feel so inept when it happens! HATE IT!

Good luck with the eight houses.

Happy Anni!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your blog! You are such an inspiration. Your attitude, your choices and everything else just make me want to continue on my road to "fitting back in" :) I'm approximately 11lbs away (having already lost about 15). Good luck on your house hunt also! SO exciting yet so frustrating I'm sure!!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

happy anniversary!!

Kelly Turner

eurydice said...

happy anniversary!

fittingbackin said...

Thinspired: hehe We don't mess around!! Thanks girl - I appreciate it!

Balance isbest: haha I'm trying! I heart organization with all of my being. Thanks - I AM feeling a bit better!

HK: Thanks so much!! hehe I love the cooking - it randomly calms me. Aw i'm SO glad - it's awesome!!

inmytummy: Thanks!! Fellini's... AMAZING to me.

bigpissy: aw thanks - I know! It's weird!! hehe I DID neet it - I mean it - my TOM demanded it. I've missed you too stupid beach w/out reception. Call me tonight!

Neesha: Oh no - I hate that you're in my awful-TOM boat. It sucks so bad. Mine are every other month HORRIBLE. Thanks so much, sweetie!! Yay!

eatfabinnyc: hello new friend! Thanks for saying such nice things - I really appreciate it. :) Wow - you're doing great at fitting back in yourself!! Awesome!! OMG it really is - I hope it ends this weekend... I so want a house to work out so we can move on!! I'll stop by your blog tonight -can't wait!

Everygym's nightmare: Thanks, Kelly!

Eurydice: Thanks so much, girl!

healthy ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am totally subscribing to your blog! I love it!

Thinspired said...

23 houses in one day?! You guys are big-hitters! Best of luck with that, and Happy Anniversary!!!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

happy anniversary!!

Kelly Turner