Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 197 & 198: The Usual in Bullets + Movie Review + Recipe!


  • I had 1,530 calories, 206 carbs and 34 fat grams. I weighed 116.5 (again).
  • Still felt pooey but appreciated knowing I’m not the only one with awful TOMs. Blah. Now I feel so sorry for all of you!
  • Got in 3.5 miles at lunch and 2 miles after work + abs. Nothing else though. Sigh.
  • My hip flexors hurt. Thanks to Every Gym’s Nightmare I know to call them that. I was referring to it as the place where my legs connect to my body in front. Boo. I tried the stretch she posted and it helped.
  • I watched the rest of The Biggest Loser – this episode was particularly uplifting, although I felt bad for Tara… boo
  • We have a closing date/time – Tuesday, March 31, at noon! The keys are ours THAT DAY. We’re hoping to have hardwood installers in Wednesday & Thursday and then paint that weekend (the one room & half bath) and bring over some stuff (light big stuff like blankets and pillows) and stuff that we don’t trust movers with (some lamps/framed pieces). Then the NEXT weekend we’ll move in fo’ real (as in with movers).
  • Here’s what I ate.


  • I still felt bad. How many days IS this now? Blah.
  • I had 1,697 calories, 231 carbs and 34 fat grams.
  • I decided fairly early on this would be my break-from-cardio day and instead I would devote the day to strength training. So… I did none. What is wrong with me?! Haha I’m going to make up for it this weekend but I feel bad- I LOVE ST and I’m totally neglecting it. :(
  • I watched Fool’s Gold with Kate & Matt. Eeeeeeh. Not the best. I mean, I knew that going into it when HBO, who bought the movie for my viewing pleasure, only gave it one star. And, well, I trust HBO – rarely steers me wrong. But it was a dud. If any of you liked it tell me and i'll give it another try. I could have been projecting my bad attitude on it!
  • I thought about packing… I called two hard wood installers to follow up and left voicemails and I got a list of utilities for the house from our realtor (thanks, Amanda!) And thanks, Stacy, for telling me to go ahead and get cranking on that!
  • I made something new for lunch – Italian Chicken Wrap! (recipe & photo below) Soooo yums.
  • I made chicken parmesan for dinner – WOW! Actually I prepped it during lunch (whilst doing laundry and unloading the dishwasher), and Austin cooked it/brought it to me in bed for dinner – love that combo!
  • I groomed Reuben! He got his ears cleaned, his coat brushed and we gave him his flea and heartworm medication! Good buddy.
  • Here’s what I ate.

That’s all folks! This weekend we’re planning much of nada. Just packing and working out. Depending on how much gets packed we may venture out Saturday night but I’m thinking no. I’m honestly still trying to recoop from the last two weekends. Speaking of, I weighed 114 today. What?! Yay! (yes, I checked three times as per usual when the scale is on my side – I just don’t trust it!) Time for the chicken wrap!

Outside of it - sorry, peeps - not the best photog! The orange plate also offered no favors. And the dagger coming from the back right. Wow, I need to take a class.

Inside - yumstown. Am I the only one who hearted the coincidence that my tbsp matched my meal? hehe

Recipe for Italian Chicken Wraps

4 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast, chopped into pieces
1 Mission Carb Balance, soft taco size
½ tsp Olive Oil
3 tbsp Muir Glen Organic Sauce, divided
15 grams Fat-Free Feta Cheese
15 grams Fat-Free Mozarella, Grated
Salt, Garlic Salt, Red Pepper Flakes and Italian Seasoning to taste

Defrost chicken, cut into pieces. Set pan to medium and spray PAM and pour olive oil in pan. Drop chicken in and sprinkle with all four seasonings; mostly Italian Seasoning. While it cooks, measure cheeses and turn on George Foreman. Once chicken is cooked, after about 4 minutes, put on plate. Put tortilla in the chicken pan and heat for about 1 minute on each side. Remove from heat and lay flat. Spoon 2 tbsp sauce on tortilla, then chicken, then cheeses. Fold into a wrap and place on the George Foreman for 3 minutes. While it cooks, heat up the other tbsp of sauce. Remove wrap from heat, cut in half and serve with the extra sauce. Serves 1.

Nutritional Facts: 326 calories, 26 carbs, 6 fat grams and 40 grams of protein.

Hope you try and enjoy - HAPPY FRIDAY!


Mica said...

That wrap looks awesome. I might have to gank your recipe and give it a spin.

That's really exciting about your house news! Ooh, just over a week, and it's YOURS!

I totally weigh myself three times too...completely naked...having just peed. That might be TMI, sorry!

Nerd Girl said...

i also didn't like fools gold, its not just you haha. love kate, but that movie was just....not good lol that recipe looks yummy i may have to try that sometime!

Anonymous said...

ah you will be SO happy once you get those keys in your hands! so excited!!! :) that wrap looks SUPER good girl, wraps make me happy! haha

Anonymous said...

what are your views on hydroxycut? I have been tracking my calories on sparkpeople and exercising almost everyday, but still haven't seen results in over 5 months. I was wondering would you ever consider it if you were stuck in a rut like me and still couldnt lose weight?

fittingbackin said...

Mica: Thanks!! You are more than welcome to it! :) Yay!!! I know it - crazy! hehe not TMI at all - EXACTLY how I do it every day!

Nerdgirl: Oh good... I love her too but we just crazy underwhelmed.... Yay - it's actually one of my most low-carb ones!

DG: I WILL! Yay!! Thanks - it was fab - and again THANK YOU for changing my life with the george foreman!

Anon: Hi! I'll be the first to say that I know nothing about it. I've personally always been very scared of diet pills because I worry that if I lose it that way i'll be on them forever and aren't they expensive? I know that's not really an answer, but I guess i'd have to say i'd only consider if I truly left no stone unturned and i'd probably talk to my doctor first because i'm such a scaredy cat!! I'm so sorry you're having a hard time finding results. It was months for me too before I started losing, but of course, every body (and body!) is different. Have you consulted a nutritionist or trainer? That may help - let them see your diary and offer suggestions. It could help!