Monday, March 16, 2009

Days 191 – 194: Big Weekend, Book Review, New Clothes & Reuben’s Parents

So Thursday I did eat more – I had a bowl of honey nut cheerios and milk – eek! That pushed me over to 1,879 calories, 240 carbs and 46 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Friday was busy, busy, busy! I was still feeling sleep deprived but was wired! I had a super busy day at work but did squeeze in 3 miles at lunch and 2.5 after work, and did abs – yay! I ate pretty good. Lunch was even catered but I just didn’t eat all the bread and took off the cheese (it didn’t look that good anyway – blah). Oh – I also meant to share these with you – the breeder I got Reuben from finally posted pictures of his parents – Haley and Hiho! Haha I think it’s hilarious!!! Anyway, after the gym I headed home and Megan/Emily were almost there already! Me and Austin ate fabulous mustard chicken and they he packed up for Devie’s. I cooked the girls pita pizzas and they got here just in time! It was SO good to see them again!! We hung out, drank wine and then Lindz got here!!! We quickly realized that we must go get more alcohol! We went by Kroger and then drank, hung out, did Megan’s lingerie shower and played a game to see how well Megan and Clint know each other (he had answered a bunch of questions in advance – so cute!). It was a blast. But before we knew it it was LATE – time for bed! I ended up at 2,283 calories, 311 carbs and 42 fat grams. Wow drinks and snacks add up! Here’s what I ate.

Saturday I woke up EXHAUSTED, but I couldn’t sleep. I was just so excited to have everyone there, but so nervous about the house stuff (waiting to hear back on our maintenance requests) that I was just a ball of exhausted energy. I didn’t want to wake anyone so I read… and read…. And finished Kate White’s Lethally Blond. OMG SO GOOD. Another great who-done-it – this one kept me guessing even more than the last – so many twists and I thought the dialogue was even funnier- more punchy. I just love, love loved it! Within a couple minutes of finishing everyone was up so I had yogurt and made everyone the FF cheese, FF turkey bacon and egg muffins! They loved them – YAY! By now it was noon and still NASTY outside, but we had our hearts set on shopping so we got ready, I ate Greek feta chicken and we headed out – first to Alpharetta. I showed them the house (yay!) and we hit up Macy’s, Forever 21, Baker’s and H&M at Northpoint Mall. SUCH LUCK! Everyone got the cutest stuff!! Then we headed to Perimeter mall and hit up Forever 21, Macy’s and J. Crew. The malls were packed!! I snacked a bit – cheez its in route and fat free fro-yo (from Yoforia!) at the mall – YUM!! I ended up being the proud owner of 4 new dresses, 1 new skirt and a pair of jeans. Best thing? I only spent $50 at Macy’s on 2 dresses! The other stuff was at Forever 21 and I had a store credit and gift cards!! Here's the stuff I got!!

It was getting late so we raced home, freshened up, dressed up Megan and drove over to Eclipse de Luna for dinner – tapas – YUMMMM! I had eaten my cashew curry chicken and rice before we left, but I had some of Em’s hummus and some of Megan’s empanada! I also had a beer (no more since I was driving). Everyone was SO nice to Megan – I love when people are friendly and play along and don’t stare at you like crazy people! After dinner I called the cab to meet us at my place and we raced there, went in for a sec and made drinks and met the cabbie. YUM, my first SF Red Bull + vodka for the night! We went straight to cosmo lava and started checking it out! It was super fun TONS of rooms and levels and dance/chill areas. Megan had a blast dancing and meeting people and basically being the life of the party! After a while it was no or never –leave or stay! So we left and raced over to Flip Flops for more drinking and debauchery.

Megan had SO much fun dancing up there and met some really sweet girls and of course the awesome staff there. Before we knew it – closing time – into the cab we go back to our place, where we preceded to somehow spend the next 2 hours on the floor in my guest bathroom (I have no idea) talking and crying and talking. LOL So us. I was STARVING (hello 4 a.m.) so I made a smart ones lasagna bolognese and we shared it (I ate the most!) I ended up at 2,576 calories, 292 carbs and 25 fat grams – WHOA! Great night though so of course – worth it! Here’s what I ate.

Sunday bloody Sunday. I woke up feeling well rested – pretty well rested – and not bad at all! Yesssss…. Lindz was already in the shower and me and Em and Meags were slowly stirring. Lindz had the longest drive and her husband came to pick her up. Boo. Then I made breakfast (egg/potato tacos) and Megan got on the road. Boo. Then me and Em showered and she packed and in the blah Atlanta weather I took her to the airport. Boo. Then I was alone and missed them so much already. I drove up to West Elm at Atlantic Station to pick up some pillows I’d found online that were perfect for our bedroom. They weren’t ANYTHING like the ones online though. Crazy. So I left empty-handed to Banana Republic for pants. None fit. And it was raining harder. So I left to go home – BLAH! I did feel cute though – wearing my new skirt with these brown/ivory striped tights and boots and a long sleeved fitted tee! But other than that, I was tired/lonely and wanted to see Austin! I raced home and Austin was home! I quickly put together an oversized bowl of red curry! (i.e. I used an entire cup of white rice, ¼ cup of coconut milk, ¼ cup of TJ’s curry simmer sauce and 4 oz. of chicken). It was amazing. I settled into TV catch up – Ugly Betty (so cute!), Grey’s Anatomy (wow…. so good) and then me and Austin watched a movie and fell in and out of sleep in the nasty weather. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything but laundry (2 loads) and cooking breakfast for Monday and Wednesday (potato/egg/sausage burritos). I didn’t work out, I didn’t turn on my laptop (I know!) and I didn’t clean or do “house stuff.” I just started the Over Her Dead Body book and went to bed. I ate weird stuff – I was hungry for everything so I’d have a few pretzels, then a few kettle chips, then cereal, then later a makeshift taco out of Austin’s leftover Spanish rice/steak from lunch and chips/salsa. Totally random! I ended up at 1,667 calories, 247 carbs and 37 fat grams. WAY too many carbs (hello entire cup of rice!) but oh well. Here’s what I ate.

So, like last weekend, I definitely overindulged, but like last weekend – it was worth it. How many girl weekends with amazing friends do you really have?? I just wish mine hadn’t been back to back during our due diligence period but what are you going to do? I’m feeling a little stressed… which is making me sad…I am just ready for things to go back to normal!!


Anonymous said...

I love Yoforia! My boyfriend hates it but I sometimes make him stop at the one in the Highlands on the way home.

Anonymous said...

You're too cute! Sounds like you had a great girly weekend, too! Thanks again for all of the great meal ideas. I'm dying to make your s&s chicken and mustard chicken. They're next on the list!:)

Stay strong! things will be back to normal soon. Hang in there!

Kaneil, balanceisbest

Mica said...

Fun weekend! I like all your cute clothes--will you come help me find clothes? I'm terrible at dressing myself!

By the way--I just made a big batch of your cashew chicken curry (with a noticeable lack of cashews) for lunch this week! It looks so yummy, I can't wait to whip it out at the lunch meeting tomorrow!

Neesha and Dustin said...

Aww...this sounds like such a fab weekend! My sis just informed me of my bachelorette party date and I'm so excited!

Glad you guys had such a blast!

Anonymous said...

aw rubens parents! i love the pics! Looks like you had an awesome weekend with the girls! those are the best :) and why can't we live near each other so we can share clothes, i LOVE everything you got, especially the dresses. perfect :) and i always write down the books you read, im putting them on my fittingbackin's book list that I will have to read :)

Big Pissy said...

Oooooooh! Love all the clothes! Cuteness!

Glad you girls had such a good time. :)

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

ahh the drunk nightitme tears. i did that with a friend this weekend but it wasnt on the bathroom floor which means- not as cool

Anonymous said...

hey girlie. i finished breaking dawn this weekend so i'm officially a twilight saga lover : ) now that i can completely trust your recommendations i may need to get started on your girlie murder mysteries.

hope you're doing well : )

Sarah W. said...

sounds like a GREAT weekend! i looooove all your new clothes!! lucky girl!!

Thinspired said...

It's really cool that you posted your clothes like that! I love everything you bought, but especially the white dress on the left of the first photo. SO cute!!end

Fitnessista said...

i LOVE all of your purchases!
sounds like such a fun weekend
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

haley and hilo are so cute! you had such good luck on your shopping spree - i love getting good deals! and everything is so cue too!

eurydice said...

thanks for the book tips! i love a good read. i think it's so cute that you have pics of your dog's parents too heheheh.

fittingbackin said...

inmytummy: OMG - it was my first time - SO good!! haha

Balanceisbeset: Oh we did!! Oh fun - hope you love 'em! Thanks, Kaneil - i'm trying!!

Mica: Thanks, girl! haha I highly doubt that! YAY!! So glad you made it - hilarious that it doesn't have cashews, right?! That crazy Kitchen Parade.

Neesha: ooooh How Exciting!!! It's so much fun - especially when it's yours - wooo!!

DG: You're so sweet! thanks - we DID have the best time and girl i'd TOTALLY want to share! Oh fun!! You'll have to tell me when you read them (as if you wouldn't!) so we can talk about them!!

Pissy: Thanks!!! Oh you know we did. :)

Everygym'snightmare: LOL right?! Yes, the bathroom floor really adds the class.

Balancing Brianne: WOW - are you having withdrawals? I did when I finished... but yes, the girlie murder mysteries are awesome - hehe!

Sarah: Thanks!! :) I love cute inexpensive things!!

Thinspired: Thanks, girl! I love that one, too - I actually borrowed it from a girl the weekend before and she said she got it at Macy's and I was like hmmmm. Then I found it and bought it for myself!!

Fitnessista: Thank you!! We sure did - I hope you're having a great day today, too! :)

Sweetandfit: isn't that hilarious?! I so see Reuben in each of them - he's such a baby!! Oh me too - I couldn't tell you the last time I bought at retail prices... I just can't do it!

Eurydice: Oh yes - I know you love your books on tape!! Can you believe it? I was SO excited to see them. I told Austin I wanted to drive Reuben down there to reunite them and he told me I was insane... hehe

Anonymous said...

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sweetandfit said...

haley and hilo are so cute! you had such good luck on your shopping spree - i love getting good deals! and everything is so cue too!