Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Days 221 - 224: Moved in, Unpacked, Cable Installed, Cleaned Old Place.... SIGH!

So I have lots of catching up to do! Not just with my blogs, with yours!! Eek! I hope to get all caught up tomorrow night with my reading! In the meantime, here is my long weekend!! And I owe pictures but don’t want to take any until this weekend because, while everything is unpacked, I’m not all set up yet!! Anyway… here goes!

Saturday started early with yummy breakfast burritos. We packed up my car and me and Reuben headed to the house to clean up some more, unpack the car and get him settled before the movers came. We were quoted a 3-hour move. 1.5 hours to load the truck. Long story short – they were out of here in 5 hours. Wow – crazy. After they left we unpacked all day. For real – ALL day! Austin took a break to go get our taxes done but that’s about it! We got pizza for dinner and kept on packing! His parents stopped by and brought us all kinds of stuff – lamps, a ladder you name it! Great to see them. Around 11 I finally stopped and CRASHED. I had 1,435 calories, 36 fat grams and 159 carbs – not high but not the best foods at all!
Here’s what I ate. Here's a cabinet - want to get the rest set up first - woo! I also want granite installed pronto - but will def post pics before we do that! haha

Sunday I woke up pretty tired and wanting to do more, but it was off to his grandparents for Easter! We had fun visiting with them, hanging out with his brothers and cousins and catching up. Around noon we had to head back home to get our AT&T U-verse cable/Internet hooked up. It took over 6 hours. Crazy. And the guy messed up at every turn. Sigh. At least it’s done for now! (he couldn’t put in all of the jacks we wanted so we have to figure that out) We (again) got lots done and then my sister and her husband came over! Devon (sister) is a GREAT decorator – she already helped us move some things around and it looks 10 times better – woo! We opened up a couple of bottles of champagne – YUM. Great to relax and visit with them for the evening!! At the end of the day I had 1,622 calories, 128 carbs and 45 fat grams – most of those calories are from pizza and booze – haha! Here’s what I ate. Also, fun side note, I ordered furniture online! Two more chairs and a coffee table for the seating area, a stool for my bathroom vanity and a couch – woo! Now it's time to go say bye to our loft...

Monday I woke up feeling awful – HORRIBLE storm. Like so bad the power went out! Crazy! We gathered our cleaning supplies and tools and headed to our apartment to clean it for the walk-through – woo! We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned… then the walk through lasted all of 5 seconds. In other words, we did way too much work – but if we hadn’t it wouldn’t have worked out ya know? haha At least we’re done with it! We raced back home and fell asleep! Then got up and hit up the grocery store, had yummy sushi for dinner and then, you guessed it, we passed out. I ended up at 1,540 calories, 239 carbs and 32 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

You guys I’m SO GLAD we’re in the house and I’m SO GLAD we got so much done but I’m downright worn out! haha I went back to work today and just had a crazy bad morning. Awful traffic, still bad weather, doctor appointment (ugh), running late all day long. Just no good! I did get in 4 miles though and got to catch up with several of my friends so that’s good but WOW – I need a break! I cooked some advance meals and am now in bed – mapping out the route to Reuben’s new groomer and then to work from there. I ended up at 1,641 calories, 207 carbs, and 49 fat grams – not a bad day! But that’s pizza like 4 days in a row haha. Must stop! Here’s what I ate.

My parents are coming this weekend so I’m super excited to see them and spend time decorating with my mom and sis – it’s going to be such a fun weekend! I also have a shower to go to – fun!! I plan to spend a lot of time at home, and a lot of time shopping!!! Can’t wait!


Mica said...

Congratulations on the move-in! It sounds like a busy and exhausting weekend. The floors look great though!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the great place its looks so nice and clean! I'm sure you are really looking forward to spending the weekend with the fam =)

Nerd Girl said...

ahh so glad your settling into the new house!!! You DEFINITELY need a break you are working so hard! and even though maybe you didn't eat the best foods you still kept your calories in check! thats better than 99.9% of people could do!! (including me haha)

Anonymous said...

yay so happy for you! everythings going to calm down now, dont worry :) i loveee your square dishes! GORGEOUS!

Thinspired said...

Must be a great feeling! I love all of your white dishes stacked pretty like that--I am obsessed with white decorating! :)

Big Pissy said...

*sigh* the end of an era....no more Buckhead loft.... ;-)

it's weird seeing it empty. You and Austin made it so homey. :)

Can't WAIT to see you tomorrow!!! Yea!!! :)

eurydice said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see everything in the new place. Your old loft looks sad and empty ... but somewhat large and inviting. I think it's the hardwood!

fittingbackin said...

Mica: Thanks, girl!! It was but it was so productive that it made it worth it. Thanks!!

Sweetandfit: thanks - I hope it stays that way! Oh I can't WAIT to see them!

Nerdgirl: We are - i'm so glad too! I did keep calories in check but did NOT work out - sigh. Can't do it all - boo.

Dailygoods: Thanks, girl! I can't wait either. This weekend is going to be a big weekend then I think it will just be little things here and there! Thanks - I love square plates!!

Thinspired: It IS!! Aw thanks - I am, too - even though I have mostly dark stuff with only a few white accents!

Pissy: I know it! It was kind of sad - not gonna lie! Very much the end of an era. :(

Eurydice: It DOES! I promise it was cute when I lived there! haha