Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days 255 – 260: Lake Weekend! Plus Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Wow – I’m so behind!

Here’s my weekend in a nutshell! (and Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday) Note – pics to come later! I took them on Mary’s camera as I forgot mine therefore I don’t have any yet! But I will!!


Friday went by slloooowwwllly. I did get in 3.5 miles during lunch and 2.5 miles + abs after work, then it was off to Scott and Mary’s then off to Matt and Seema’s then we were on the road to Lake Logan Martin (sorry I didn’t tell you where I was going. To be honest – I didn’t know. Just knew it was a ‘lake trip’ and figured I’d find out when I arrived. Turned out to be a lake between ATL & B-ham). We stopped at a lovely Wal-Mart in Oxford for what I thought was beer- but it turned out it was for food….. huh? I thought we were to bring our own food?? Apparently, I was confused and while we were ALL ‘bringing our own food’ me and Austin specifically didn’t need to bring our own food. They said it was no big deal. I felt like a dummy though. Oh well! We (as in they) bought what they needed and we all headed out to the dome. Yes, it’s a lakehouse shaped like a dome. Hehe There were about 14 or 15 of us all together and the weekend was basically spent drinking, playing catchphrase, trying to lay out but it rained, playing trivial pursuit, eating, drinking more, staying up late, not sleeping well, trying to boat it but it rained, etc. We honestly had SO much fun – lots of great, funny personalities – I think I laughed all weekend!

Sunday we drove back (in the rain) and got Reuben! The girl was super nice but said he was a weird little dog and he thought he was the only puppy there and ALWAYS wanted to be held. Well naturally. She laughed and was sweet and said she thought he enjoyed it. He looked great and I could tell he was SUPER excited to see us (after at first giving us the cold shoulder – I think he felt betrayed). We got home, did chores and passed out. Monday was lame – bad allergies, more chores. BLAH. Tuesday was the same, as was Wednesday. Work’s just been busy and my nights have been busy getting this house in order (hence no blogging!)

Eating + Exercise

Friday was a high day due to drinking. I actually ate pretty good and the 6 miles helped but alas, excessive drinking always prevails in pulling me over my caloric limit! It also didn’t help that I bought a bag of gummy bears in the cafeteria at work (went through with Stacy to get her lunch) and I preceded to munch my way into more than 300 calories – oh no! (so easy to do!) I ended up at 2,468 calories, 315 carbs (oh my!) and 43 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday was a high day (of course!). You can’t be at the lake drinking and celebrating a birthday without racking up the alcohol and ice cream calories – eek! I had a very high day with 2,623 calories, 296 carbs and 55 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Sunday…Ugh. Gluttonous with carbs. BLEH! I was just tired and ate crap all day basically! I did manage to not get food in the grocery store (even though sour patch kids were SCREAMING my name!). I ended up at 1,698 calories, 244 carbs and 50 fat grams. Not awful, but not good either. Here’s what I ate.

Monday… I was just so freaking hungry! I can’t explain it! (or can I? Just realized it was probably pending-TOM-related. Hmmm) Anyway, it was all I could do to stop eating! I ended up at 1,698 calories, 225 carbs 38 fat grams and 97 grams of protein. At least I got in 5.5 miles, right?! Here’s what I ate.

Tuesday was the same way – determined that TOM is coming so THAT makes sense. I needed an oil change and a friendly co-worker followed me to drop my car off then we went out to lunch! So I thought I was getting a grilled chicken sandwich with mozzarella cheese, basil and roasted red pepper. Not bad, right? Just the cheese… well it turns out it was CHICKEN SALAD. Oh my… it was bad. So yes, another high day. Here’s what I ate. 1,836 calories, 57 fat grams and 246 carbs. I did get in 4 miles after work!

Wednesday was a little better. Still no TOM but I was definitely having to fight cravings all day long. Here’s what I ate. 1,695 calories, 43 fat grams and 225 carbs. I only got in 3.5 miles during lunch!


I’ve honestly been too busy to look at my goals too much. Eek! Not good! I know that high days is out of control as well as weighing under 113 (been weighing 115 all week). Some goals are going great though – recipes, reading, decorating, etc. This month has been tough, not gonna lie! I’m hoping June is less busy. So far all we have planned is a trip to Virginia (one weekend) and a concert. Not bad!

K- off to read your blogs! Sorry this post is so delayed and kinda boring. I’ll post lake pics later this week!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to hear your recap! Don't worry about your weight, I'm sure it's just POS TOM :) That totally threw me off my first month of weighing consistently...I almost jumped off a bridge. hahaha a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean! Glad you had fun at the lake! I can't wait to see pics.

I can't believe you're not on my blog roll. SORRRRRy!! Of COURSE I will add you! :)

Have a great Thursday!

Mica said...

Glad that you had a good trip. I think you should invite me next time, and we will make an unbeatable Taboo team. We'll have to work on our blogger ESP, for sure!

Eat, Live, Love said...

Sounds like you had fun!!!! I'm with you on hoping June will be a less hectic month!!

Anonymous said...

TOM always likes to add a few but they'll be gone before you know it! sounds like you had a wonderful trip! :) glad you enjoyed yourself so much! lake weekend sounds like my kind of weekend!

Big Pissy said...

You'll be fine. Life will calm down for you somewhat after this weekend and you can get back on track.

and help ME get back on track. I SO need you to be my coach!!! ;-)

Fit.2be.Friends said...

We love to read your blog and about all of your healthy choices!
It sounds like you had a super fun weekend! :)

Thinspired said...

Hey girlie...ugh, I know, alcohol always makes for a "high" day, don't it?! It's such a nice treat on the weekends but it sure does add up.
Looks like you're still doing awesome with maintenance though! :)

fittingbackin said...

Balanceisbest: THanks!! It just held steady at 115 for DAYS so weird! hahaha I see what you mean!! Yes - I need to email her for pics! Thanks, girl :)

Mica: Thanks!! Most definitely- I heart taboo!!

Eat Live Love: Yes- here's hoping!!!

DG: I sure hope so - I was already down 1 pound today - yay! It WAS very relaxing - even with the lack of sleep. Nice to have no obligations you know?

Pissy: I'm just ready for a slow down! haha I want to CHILL this summer and just work out and go to the pool - not spend every weekend SLAMMED busy! :( I'm too whiney for it!

Fit2befriends: Hi!! And thanks - so glad you stop by! haha that we did!

Thinspired: Yes- every single time! haha It's typically worth it though but why must alcohol carry so many calories? Grrrr. I'm trying - 115 all week kinda sucked. Made me nervous! I'd rather be at 113 - more safe!! :)

Fit.2be.Friends said...

We love to read your blog and about all of your healthy choices!
It sounds like you had a super fun weekend! :)