Monday, August 24, 2009

Days 351 – 355: Shower Recipes, Reuben’s new Cut, Weekend Update, More Workouts, Playing Catch Up!!

I’m back to regular programming – yay!! Before backtracking to Thursday, I want to thank you guys so much for your support on my home projects and first time hosting a shower! I love sharing my projects and recipes on this blog and really appreciate your sweet, thoughtful comments. And I’m SO GLAD you thought the food looked good! I was super happy with the way it turned out and have decided it will be my go-to menu at any future events I host! Thanks so much!!! If any of you are interested, here is the entire menu with recipes (it was too much info for the last post so I made it its own!). The formatting is a bit of a mess but it’s legible, promise! All right… here goes!

Thursday I worked from home! Austin took Reuben to the groomers and he was ready for pick up at lunch – SO CUTE with his new haircut!

During lunch I walked 4 miles, then I shut down at 5:45 p.m. and began cooking. Then at 9:30 me and Reuben ran to the grocery store for a few more ingredients. I closed the kitchen at 11:30 p.m., ended up eating some of the pasta salad for the party – eek! My calories were too low – I guess I was just so busy I didn’t realize I hadn’t eaten enough. I ended up at 1,281 calories, 176 carbs, 50 fat grams and 46 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. You guys I’m not going to lie – I had SO much fun cooking!!

Friday I woke up exhausted but excited – couldn’t wait to see my friends and for Austin to get back in town! I didn’t eat the best (had processed food to avoid cooking MORE after cooking all the party food) but it was all good. During lunch I got in 3.5 miles, and after work I walked another mile then did the leg and ab exercises below – GREAT workout.

I headed straight home to see Austin, help him hang the wedding wall/mirrors in dining room/painting in half bath, etc. We got it all done, hopped in the shower, split a chicken salad sandwich (open faced) and had turkey/hummus/provolone sandwiches. Before we knew it we had a house full of friends: Forrest/Teresa came in from Auburn, Ryan/Kelly from B’ham and Mon/andy (they live here – stopped by for a drink!). Forrest ordered pizza and I had 2 slices…. And lots of alcohol – standard! It stormed so we ended up partying it up in our garage with a laptop + Pandora + a card table and chairs. It was like college all over again! Haha We stayed up too late, as usual, then passed out around 4. Grrr. I ended up at 2,329 calories, 236 carbs, 55 fat grams and 109 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday…. Well Saturday was pretty well documented in my last post!! But I will say that I got up hungover, but Austin made the group our bacon/egg/cheese muffins. After breakfast, I got on the gym clothes and headed over to the gym for the last 2 miles I had planned for the week+ back and biceps. I walked a ½ mile and was just ITCHING to run. Couldn’t stand it. so I took it to 6.3 mph and ran. It felt great. I ran a ½ mile then stopped. Did my right foot hurt? (past injury last fall) No… Hmmm. I walked another ¾ mile then ran the last ¼ mile at 7 mph. I felt amazing!! I think I may start running…. SLOWLY (unlike last time). Perhaps I’ll do the couch to 5k?? I dunno… I’m thinking about it. Once I decide I’m going to need tons of running advice from you guys!! After the gym I came home, made two pizzas (a veggie pizza and a meatsa pizza with turkey pepperoni & chicken sausage).

Everyone seemed to love them and they were SO easy (and cheap too - wow!). Afterwards I went to the pool, met some nice neighbors, was invited to a cul-de-sac party in October and finished Undomestic Goddess – LOVED IT.

At first I was like this is just silly – who would do this? Then once they introduced a character who asked the questions I was begging to ask it got SO much better and ended up surprising me a lot and making me smile. It would make an adorable movie that I would buy and keep on whilst doing other things – cute and fun and LIGHT! After pool it was time to shower, prep all of the food (thanks, Teresa for helping so much), and then as you know we had TONS of fun!! I ended up at 1,982 calories, 185 carbs, 38 fat grams and 58 carbs. Most of my calories were in alcohol for sure – I was running around so much that I really didn’t eat that much! Here’s what I ate!

Sunday I was woken by Austin at 10 a.m. to say bye to the expecting couple! I was OUT – but I got up of course! We said bye, made eggsadillas for the rest of the crew, said our goodbyes, showered and headed to Ikea to return 2 of the dining chairs (last day to return them – they didn’t fit together right). Long story short – the item was discontinued, so now I’m searching for two fabulous end chairs!! Exciting Challenge. Afterwards me and Austin went to Crate & Barrel to return two mirrors and to Pancho’s for Mexican! I got chicken nachos. I ate half at lunch… then the other half for dinner. Nice! Started up the laundry, read your blogs, watched Drop Dead Diva and passed out!! I ended up at 1,834 calories, 184 carbs, 86 fat grams and 35 protein grams. WOWZA – eating nachos all day long takes you to 86 fat grams and practically no protein grams? Shocking. Grrrr. Here's what I ate.

Today was somewhat rotten. Blah. Lots of people in bad moods being rude. I tried not to let it get to me – and it worked okay! During lunch I walked 3.5 miles (burned 270 calories) and after work I walked another mile and did the chest/shoulders/triceps workout below (burned another 230 calories taking my total exercise calories to 500!).

I raced home, had yummy pasta with Austin and watched our shows (Entourage – eh… just not feeling it; True Blood – WHOA – amazing, better then last week – loved it). Then it was time to update this blog! Haha And watch some Army Wives – love it! The day’s almost over and I’ve stopped eating fo sho, ending up at 1,875 calories, 242 carbs, 55 fat grams and 103 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the running. That's faster than I normally run. You should try the Couch to 5K. Jason did it last year and he was not in shape at all when he started and was eventually able to run an entire 5K.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

It's so smart to keep the menu for future events! I so often "forget" what worked at previous parties and start to "reinvent the wheel."

Mica said...

That's great you got out for a run! I've heard good things about the Couch to 5K program, so maybe it will work well for you.

SLJ said...

Those pizzas look yummy! I have started running a little also but have bad knees so I'm with you in looking for tips... And I wasn't feeling Entourage either, I'm hoping that episode is setting up a good one for next week and Mr. Pro is just happy that Ashley girl is gone... he hated her LOL!

Jennifer said...

amazing!! girl u cooked up quite a storm!! yum!! i wish i was more cooking inclined! i get so intimidated by the whole process... and stressed out! lol u track everything that is sooo great!! i just started tracking weekends..its a bit tough but it works!! the running is hard on my ankle i did some interval training this past weekend and i felt the pain the next day :( ( i have had 2 surgeries on my ankle)

april said...

That's so great about your run!! Sometimes I get the urge but other than that I'm a slow poke and hate running!

Therese said...

That is one hell of a recap!

That pizza looks AMAZING and Reuban's hair cut is adorb. What a little man.

I have a feeling once you start running again you will be hooked. You can get the same workout in half the time.

Anonymous said...

awesome job in your run! i did the couch to 5k for my first 5k last year and it was perfect. it builds you up slowly and was a great plan for me! i think you'd really like it :)

Anne said...

The Couch to 5k program is a great one. I get horrible shin splints and can't really run anymore although I have thought about giving it another shot. We'll see. I am sure you get a lot of tips on here!

Anonymous said...

Reuby looks so cute! I read that book a few years ago and thought it was cute, too. The 'zzas look delish!

You're doing awesome! Way to go on the running!!!


fittingbackin said...

inmytummy: I think I will! That's awesome!

Andrea: Oh good - I was hoping it wasn't weird! haha

Mica: Thanks!! I hope so!

SLJ: Thanks!! Oh no - My bad foot makes me nervous... I don't want to not be able to work you know! We hated her too!!! SO weird!

Jennifer: Oh i wasn't - at all - I'm just getting into it and loving it but still pretty much copying recipes word for word!! I hate to hear that about your ankle - eek!

April: yes - exactly! haha I hear that!

Therese: haha right?! Way behind! Aw thanks - I think he's a doll baby. I hope so - yes - that's DEFINITELY a draw, especially after work so I can get home quicker!

Dailygoods: oh good to know - so glad you tried it/liked it!!

Anne: I got those pretty bad last time, but for me I found I wasn't stretching enough afterwards. Boo! You should try it and we'll do it together!!!

Balanceisbest: Thanks, girly! I thought it was adorable! I was happy with them - but hate that I forgot to take a finished product pic- oops! Thanks girl!!

Anonymous said...

Awe, Reuben looks so nice :)

I love to cook as well. I miss it and it really makes me happy. I think i'll get busy in the kitch after November 14th!