Thursday, May 27, 2010

House Switcharoo, No Workout, Hushpuppy!

Wow! We could start an edamame fan club! Love it! And thanks for your comments about the salmon - I loved it and hope to make it this weekend for Austin (he was out of town for work - already, I know!) I've never tried the "wasabi paste" you guys mentioned - added to my list! So here’s what’s been going on with us whenever I say we’ve been doing “house stuff.” Basically, as most of you know, Austin is now working from home. I assumed he would work in his “upstairs den.” Here’s how the upstairs works:

Our “Red” Master room

“Green” Guest Room

“Orange” Guest Room

Austin’s Den

My Scrapbook Room

Well, the more we talked about it he pointed out that his den gets the least amount of natural light and it’s filled with lots of distractions (i.e. big flat screen, xBox, fridge full of beer, personal computer, home server, etc.). It seemed the best solution was to put him in my scrapbook room. However, that room is a little… feminine. So, since I rarely use the room, I handed it over. I just really wanted it to feel like his right at the start of his new job, so I put this plan into place (about 2 days before our Punta Cana trip and between Punta Cana & NY...)

“Green” Guest room: Was converted to “White/Orange” Guest room, given a new comforter and new furniture from the Scrapbook Room.

Added shelves and pillow from chair in SB room; added white bedding

Put dresser, desk and other items from SB room in here - it fit great in the cubby. Now we have an extra black chair on our hands (prob for my sister) and I took the dresser that was in here over to my mom's - it looks great. And the big Martin canvas is now in the upstairs den!

Our room: Was given the comforter from the “Green” Guest Room, as well as some new art and new decorative items in “green” rather than “red.”

Love the look of the green bedding - perfect for Spring. And the new pillow we picked up in NY worked perfectly for the new room! (can you see Reuben at the bottom right? hehe)

This was a new print Austin found at Ballard Designs - on sale for $120! (it's about 4'x4')

Austin’s Den: Was taken from masculine to gender neutral, and now houses our “red” items from the bedroom. Here's one pic I have - still working on this room!

Used to have his diplomas, Auburn stuff, etc. - now that stuff is being added to his office and we're making this room JUST like our old loft in browns & reds.

My Scrapbook Room: Now houses Austin’s new office following a trips to Ikea and Staples. Still working on this room - hope to finish this weekend!

“Orange” Guest Room: Left as is. :)

Did you follow all of that?! I was really happy with how relatively easy it was to switch our items around and make it work for Austin's new office. Once I finish the upstairs den and Austin's office, I'll take pics and post! I'm so excited!

So backing up to yesterday, it was a pretty dull day. I just worked a lot, had ANOTHER meeting over lunch (AKA no lunch workout), and then after work I headed straight home with stomach problems.... no nighttime workout. OMG - Tuesday and Wednesday are usually heavy workout days for me and now they've gone by the wayside. That's okay - i'm feeling better today and plan to do a lunch & post-work workout today and tomorrow - hopefully I'll get back on track!! Other than that, nothing super eventful happened - I did go out to Goldfish and instead of getting cheesy mashed potatoes or mac & cheese, which I honestly didn't feel like, I got blackened mahi mahi with a salad (baby spinach, arugula, cranberries, blue cheese and pine nuts in a raspberry vinaigrette). It was wonderful! I also had a hushpuppy - dang you fried bread! But come on - how often do you have the opportunity to have a hushpuppy? It never comes up for me! LOL I ended yesterday at 1,650 calories, 158 carbs, 61 fat grams and 116 protein grams. Here's what I ate.

Today I want to work out. I'm excited to hit up the gym during lunch and after work (lunchtime: run/walk; after work: walk/abs). Wish me luck!

Done any switcharoos at your casa?

Do you use the word switcharoo? Is it even a word? I didn't think I used it but it's come up a lot in executing the plan above! haha


Staci Dombroski said...

I have switched things around in my house just to change things up so I did not have to buy anything new. It is amazing how you can do it :) Love all the changes!

homecookedem said...

You are the house decorating QUEEN. I love the idea of calling rooms by their color. Sounds so White House-ish! ;) I guess our bedroom would be the blue room and our guest room would be the green room. Our other 2 rooms don't have too much color, actually one is TOTALLY empty (future baby's room that we want to keep a clean slate until the time comes ;) ).

Anyway, I loved looking at your pictures!! Everything looks great!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi girlie, the house looks great. could you send me the link to your sis' blog? : )

Anonymous said...

I love the switharoos, and yes I use that "word". :)

We did switch Mike's office and guest room around. We still don't have matresses for the guest bed HA!

The Velotas Family said...

the rooms look great!!!! Glad my room is still "my room" hehe :) But you did great moving and changing things around!!!
I have changed a guest room to Emma's nursery and this summer since little bit is crawling the front living room (which we never use) will be her play room. You and I need to get together and discuss organization and storage!!! you know we love it!!!

SmallStepsForLola said...

SUPER cute! You did a great job doing your switcharoo :) Love the pillow and the new painting, so fun and pretty :)

Lindsay said...

So cute you have awesome style!!! Love the word switcharoo!!

Genesis said...

i wish i had anough space to switch things around. hopefully we'll buy a house this summer...figners crossed.

Christina said...

i love how you decorate! great style :) i need you to come teach me a thing or too.

Kacy said...

Your switches look great. I only had a two bedroom apartment, so now switches can really occur haha.

Thinspired said...

You have a SCRABOOKING room?! SO. JEALOUS!

Your home is so beautiful!

Tyler said...

I love switching things up. It makes things look fresh and new AND you aren't spending your children's college fund decorating.

Simply Life said...

wow! what a beautiful home! I need to learn some decorating tips from you!

Mica said...

Once again, your rooms look great and so stylish. I'd definitely want to work in the new office/old scrapbook room.

Tina said...

I love your decorating style! It's so fun but still classy. You have great taste. I wish I could decorate our house up like that.

Gabriela said...

All your changes look beautiful!! I love how the rooms are clean and classic looking, but the colors give it a nice twist.

Anonymous said...

Your switcharoo is so cute! (Do you want to come and remodel our apartment?) Our bed is installed, so no more prison mattress sleeping for us!

Also, hushpuppies are like kryptonite. Seriously -- someone needs to figure out how to make delicious (calorie free) fried bread...

Melinda said...

wow your house looks beautiful! Can't wait until I get to the decorating stage!