Sunday, May 16, 2010

NYC Part Uno: Biergarten, Sightseeing, Shopping and a 30th Birthday Celebration

Thank you all for your comments, advice and thoughts on our trip to NY!! You ROCK!! We are back in town now and had SUCH a blast. I miss the West Village.... I miss it a lot!! Backing up...

So Thursday was pretty much travel, getting picked up by Tyson’s car service, seeing his awesome place for the first time – LOVE IT! He’s like RIGHT at Hudson & Morton – I’m pretty jealous!! Anywho, within 10 minutes we were freshened up, changed and on the streets – heading to meet his friends Mark and Rich at the Standard Biergarten. LOVED the bar – so cool and outdoorsy, great drinks with this neat drink ticket system and a good crowd. It was pretty chilly but we still had SO much fun and were definitely enjoying the city.

Tyson, Mark, Austin & Me at Biergarten
On our way home we hit up Bleeker Street Pizza – fab – had a great slice of cheese! I ended up at 1,863 calories, 170 carbs, 42 fat grams and 79 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Friday we got up early and hit the streets! Tyson had to work, even though it was his big 30th birthday! Boo! But he helped us map out the day. We left Tyson’s and went across the street to Out of the Kitchen. I got a bagel and cream cheese and ate about half (nibbled on the rest until lunch)! We walked down the river front through Battery Park, where we saw/passed the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Ground Zero. Then we walked through the financial district and saw Wall Street and an Express Runway show – random! Then we took the Subway up to Grand Central Station – SO cool! Then we hit up that little Strawberry store and I got a $15 dress, Lacoste and Austin got 4 shirts and Brooks Brothers. We walked up 5th avenue and Madison Avenue to Rockefeller center, where we ate lunch at this really cool deli (forgot the name!). We faced out and people watched – beautiful day! I had half of a “mexican hoagie” (grilled chicken, avocado and roasted red pepper with salsa) and half a bag of chips. Then we hit up the NBC store, saw where they did the Today Show, toured the 3-story Anthropologie and stopped by a few more stops! Afterwards we walked to Timesquare, took some pics, saw the Naked Cowboy and then hopped on the Subway for Tyson’s.

Austin at Out of the Kitchen
Walking by the river
Ground Zero...
Austin by the State of Liberty

My turn :)
The walk into the city
Loved the flags everywhere - so pretty
Total tourists - love it
The fashion show

Austin in Timesquare
Me in timesquare
an insane amount of ads - I fondly called it the Panama City of NY
Naked Cowboy

Grand central - so awesome in person
Beautiful anthro - I couldn't get over how much went into all of the stores. So well decorated everywhere.
Me by Rockefeller Center
Austie by Rockefeller - we loved all of the flags and colors - such a fabulously pretty day

When we got back to Tyson’s Austin mapped our walk – 5.5 miles total – crazy! Then we changed and hit up some boutiques courtesy of Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Manhattan. She lives in the West Village and was SO helpful! We appreciate you, Sara! We hit up Jesse James, Otte and Calypso. Loved looking but the sales weren’t enough to get me to buy! Fun to see the shops though. We also had a mini wine tasting and picked up a nice bottle for Saturday! I did have good luck at a pupper boutique on the way - Pa*ri*e*ro NY. We found Reuben 3 shirts we loved – ACDC, Rolling Stones and a cool NY pup tee- love!

Austin in the West Village

Me at the puppy boutique!

Time for wine

Loved this place

Reuben's new clothes!

Could this paper BE any cuter? I loved how they wrapped Reuben's wardrobe!

Then it was back to Tyson’s to get ready! We ordered in Mustache Pitza – SO good. I had hummus/pita of course and a Chicken Kebob sandwich – loovvveeeddd – I could only eat half again – the servings there were huge! Around 8:30 Tyson’s friends started coming over and then we had a crew to go to Rusty Knot for his birthday! Me, Austin, Tyson, Mark, Sam, Jackie, Danielle, Nick, Craig, Paige and Catherine had SO much fun! And guess what??! My friend Katja who I met in Punta Cana (who lives in Germany) was in NY visiting and her and her friend Luca came to visit too! We had SO much fun drinking, dancing and visiting – lots of Auburn people too so of course it was fun to talk college with them, and also fun to talk with Katja (Tyson’s friend Mark even spoke German – how convenient!). After Rusty Knot, Austin, Tys, Nick, Mark, Katja, Luca and me went to Automatic Slims for “one more drink.” Definitely a fun night and, most importantly, Tyson had a great 30th birthday! I ended up at 1,805 calories, 178 carbs, 46 fat grams and 61 protein grams. Here’s what I ate and drank.

The boys before Rusty Knot

The girls - Jackie, Danielle and me
Auburn crew - Austin, me, Tyson, Paige, Catherine and Jackie
Luca, Katja and me at Rusty Knot - so good to hang out with Katja and to meet her friend!
Last picture of the night around 4 a.m. in the bodega - the boys were getting bacon/egg and cheese sandwiches

That’s Part 1 of 2 – woo! Tomorrow I’ll post about Saturday – which basically made me the number 1 fan of the West Village!!

Do you eat Indian food? If so, what's your favorite Indian dish? We loved it and only hope to find great Indian food in Atlanta!

Any vacation friends that you've kept up with? It was super fun to hang out with Katja again - we're Facebook friends and hope to keep up! Who knows? Maybe next time we'll meet up with her in Germany! LOL


Gabriela said...

AHHHHH OH MY GOSH!!!!!! This year I lived ONE BLOCK AWAY from your friend. Literally. I was on Greenwich and Morton, which is one street west of Hudson. WHY WAS THIS TRIP NOT TWO WEEKS EARLIER?! I passed Out of the Kitchen every day on my way to the gym...too crazy to see pics of things I saw so often!! Glad you're enjoying NY, and I hope you squeezed in a MAGNOLIA BAKERY visit- it's a must!!

Genesis said...

aw, love all the dying to go to NYC.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I like NYC and want to go back. Love Reuben's new clothes. What a rockstar.

There is a Bangladeshi restaurant (very similar to Indian food) on Buford Highway near Clairmont called Panahar. You should try it. They're really nice and will try to make stuff that you like even if it's not on the menu. Plus it's BYOB.

Erica said...

What a trip! Can't wait to read more. You always look so adorable. Love your first oufit (is it a dress or skirt and top??). Glad you guys got in great food, good shopping and fun times ;)

Anne Marie said...

I've never made any friends while on vacation-that's so awesome!

Pam said...

What a fantastic time! The boys look pretty happy for being up at 4:00 am. ;)

Anonymous said...

So jealous! Looks like a blasty!

And how cute is that pic of you in Times Square!?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Can't wait for part II!

I hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh boo for no sales but SO glad you had fun!!!

homecookedem said...

How fun!! What a blast you 2 had!! I would love to NYC again sometime soon. Love all the puppy shirts, you're such a good mommy to Reuben!! ;) Oh and you look great (as always!) in all the pics!! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like so much fun!

Lindsay said...

Love all the pictures!! I want to go to NYC!!!

Thinspired said...

Gah...YOU WERE IN NEW YORK?! So amazing! I am so jealous, but also happy for you. Looks like a fantastic time!

Sorry I have been so MIA! Just catching up with your posts...

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

That looks like an amazing trip! I went to NY in February for the first time and just loved it. I only wish it hadn't been during that blizzard! :)

Glad you had such a wonderful time!

haute.teapot said...

You are SO cute, I just lived vicariously through you and felt like I was in NY with you. I love all the pictures and you are an incredibly good re-capper. The Indian food in NY is soo good. I know there's a great spot of like 10 restaurants within a few blocks close to where we stayed in January 42nd & 3rd, I think. And in terms of bakeries, my vote is for:

Billy's Bakery

and this place is AMAZING and I've never been to anything like it. Soo good for a nice light dessert:

That is, if you're still there!! ;) I'm so late in blog catch-ups.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time! I am so jealous I really want to go to NYC!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time! I am so jealous I really want to go to NYC!


The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like so much fun!