Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pre-Cooking, Scampi, 4 Miles, Intense Book!

Thanks you guys!! We’re loving our new grill friend, and I appreciate the links/ideas for more grilled yumminess. Monday we had hoped to make it over to Crystal and Jason’s to visit/grill out/etc. but my tummy started feeling a bit funky again, and I got the inspiration to cook so I decided it was best to stay home. I cooked for two hours (while watching Blindside... again), and made the following!

  • 6 servings of Taco Soup
  • 4 servings of Pepperoni & Tomato Pizza
  • 6 servings of Brunch Pizza squares
  • 8 snack-size servings of Big Pigs in a Blanket
  • 4 servings of Orzo and garlic veggies & chicken
I also divided the leftover pasta into 3 snack-size tupperwares for the week, and defrosted, chopped and weighed chicken so it's ready for my Easy Thai Curry!
Hard not to eat the pizza right away!
Everything fit into the drawer - yay!

After cooking, I started reading Koontz's Intensity. Whoa - intense is not a strong enough word - what a crazy book! I got through about 160 pages, 100 of which I read on the treadmill! I headed over for 4 miles of cardio and read the whole time! When I got back from the gym I sautéed the last two servings of marinated shrimp! I added angel hair (sautéed in chicken stock, minced garlic and parmesan) then ate it up - SO good!
I hadn't had angel hair in SO long! I've found that the shorter noodles (farfalle, penne, rotini, etc.) reheat better, whereas the longer ones (and thinner ones) tend to go limp and taste funky. But because I made this "fresh" it was so nice to have! After dinner we watched the Flashforward finale, a comedy special and called it a night. I ended up at 1,804 calories, 248 carbs, 43 fat grams and 94 protein grams. Here's what I ate.

Today was pretty good, especially because the day after a holiday can be rough! I just worked, and then had lunch with Mel, Stacy and new girl Kami at P.F. Chang's (we split the wonton soup and I had chicken lettuce wraps for my entrée). Fun to get away during the day and talk to the girls - they've inspired me to start some new TV seasons this summer (The Goodwife, Madmen, Fringe and Life Unexpected). Then I just worked more, raced home, read 100 pages of Intensity, went to the gym and walked 3.5 miles while reading 70 pages, then home! Next was pepperoni & tomato pizza with a side of law & order - great dinner! Now i'm winding down, hoping to finish Intensity tonight!

Any TV shows you plan to start watching this summer? I'm excited to start these from the beginning and hopefully find some more shows me and Austin can watch together!

What's your favorite pasta shape? Mine is probably farfalle - those little bow ties are SO cute, as are the wheels - adorable!

Tomorrow i'm going to do my assessment for May. I had another kind of rough month. I don't know if i'm losing motivation or what? Hmmm.


Tyler said...

Holy pre-cooking moly! You are a machine, lady! It's hard when you're lacking motivation. I have been in a funk for a few months. When you find yours, let me know!

dev said...

DAMN that's a lot of cooking!!!

whatcha making for book club friday? can't wait!

One of our fav sumer shows is "Royal Pains" on USA. It's fun!

Ashley said...

wow you are inspiration with all your pre-cooking! i was wondering why your daily calorie total is always different/higher from your sparks people nutrition link you post to what you ate?

Genesis said...

omg, can i hire you to do my cooking! ive always had good intentions of cooking meals ahead of time but we live in a TINY apartment with an even TINIER fridge so precooking and storing it is not an option, cant wait til we get a real house :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome job pre-cooking! I wish I had more freezer space so I could do more of that. Your storage drawer looks awesome! My fav show for the summer - Big Brother, I am obsessed! My fav pasta shape is penne!

Tami said...

Oh my goodness I am so impressed with all that make ahead cooking and prep work! That is awesome.

I don't watch much tv in the summer. We rent movies on the weekends but that is about it.

Favorite pasta shape for me is penne and bow ties.

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

Kelly, I am always so impressed with your monster pre-cooking skills!!! Every time I see you post that, I think to myself what a great time-saver that is! I NEED to do that!

My favorite pasta shape is orecchiette!

fittingbackin said...

Tyler: hehe I just love it! Austin said I should def start taking picgtures when I do my "marathon cooking." Will do, girl!

Dev: hehe I'm not sure yet - need your advice! Oh that show IS cute!

Ashley: Thanks so much! :) I'm not sure what you mean with the stats - I double-checked the links and they're lining up to the totals I post (down at the bottom where it says 'daily totals'.)

Genesis: I'd love to! haha Oh girl - if I had a tiny apt/fridge I don't think I'd do it - I need space to do this for sure (to have that may things cooking at once!)

Runsarah: That drawer is my favorite! It's our "meal drawer" and just makes it so easy to grab & go! I love penne too - great size noodle!

Tami: Thanks! I think we're going to rent lots of movies too. We've "saved" up a bunch for the summer! I LOVE bow ties -they're too cute!

Marisa: Thanks so much! :) I really like it and it just carries into the week and makes my life easier! oooh I need to google that shape!

homecookedem said...

LOVE how organized and on top of it you are with all of that pre-cooking! Did you come up with this on your own or was there someone who inspired you to start doing this? Have you always done this or did you start when you got married? I really want to make those brunch squares. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I made the big pigs in blankets!! So good!!

kacy said...

Wow girl! You are organized! Everything looks great.

Mica said...

Love your cooking organization! You're a lady after my own heart.

Anne Marie said...

I love any shape of pasta. It rocks!

Samma said...

You are so inspiring with your precooking. Hubs is so weird about precooked food though. He always questions me whether it's still good to eat. Uhhh, yeah, why do you think I am eating it?

I am a huge Mad Men fan, and for some cheesiness I am looking forward to Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (ha!).

Staci Dombroski said...

Man I wish I was as organized as you!!! That is awesome that you prepared all of that food :)

Tina said...

Glad you are enjoying the book. It is a crazy one...and it keeps getting better. I want to read it again now!

I love how you prepare such delicious meals to have through the week. Much better than just grilling up a bunch of plain chicken breasts.

fittingbackin said...

Em: Great questions! You’ve inspired me to post about this! Will do manana! So glad you liked those big pigs – I think they’re fab even without the cheese & bacon!

Kacy: Thanks, girl!

Mica: hehe I live for organization!

Anne Marie: It DOES rock – it makes me smile that it comes in so many different shapes!

Samma: Thanks, girl! Haha Hubs are all weird like that – Exactly – I’m eating it! Haha Pretty Little Liars –must look that up!

Staci: :) You’re sweet; I REALLY enjoy it (cooking it and having it on hand afterwards!).

Tina: I AM – it’s kinda crazy… it is getting better and I can’t WAIT to see what happens! I just got a grill and can so see myself doing that – but I’d have to use them in a bunch of different sauces/recipes to keep me interested!

Ashley said...

Thanks for replying, idk, maybe it's just my computer, 'cuz for example when i click on the link for 5/31 it says your total intake was 1375 or something and you list it as 1804, so i was just curious why it was different. wierd.

Christina said...

my favorite pasta shape is cavatappi!! the curly cues! they're so cute. i also love orzo (because my last name is orso) haha

Gabriela said...

Oh my gosh, you're so organized!! Definitely the best meal planner on the blogworld, haha :) My favorite "pasta" shape is Pastina, if that counts...it always reminds me of my childhood!

Melissa said...

WOW! That's a lot of cooking!!!!

I like the wider, longer noodles like fettucine or parpardelle. :)

Anonymous said...

Love how organized you are!! You should join my 101 days of summer challenge - I have 38 participants already!

Today when I was on my bike machine, I imagined all 37 people on the sidelines cheering me on - I know its corny, but it worked!

My daughter is convinced that shaped pasta tastes better than spegetti - and given the choice, I almost always reach for mosticolli :D

You inspire me to read, and yet I still don't!

april said...

You are seriously my meal prep inspiration!! Once I move out and have more room in my fridge, I'm going to copy you!

Erica said...

Great job on the prep! Love when dinner is easy and prepping ahead is the best way to do that. I have no idea what I'll watch this summer? We may just get all the Glee seasons and catch up! I love orzo

Pam said...

You are so organized! Pre-preparing meals is a fantastic time saver.

My favorite pasta shape is penne but I also love orzo.

Anonymous said...

found your blog thru katherine! hello!

that is some intense pre-cooking you are doing. i am impressed :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Dang girly! Holy crazy amount of food and cooking you did! Everything looks fab, but daaaaaaang girl!


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I LOVE how organized you are! I'm doing more and more precooking myself...

Lex said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your organizing!!

and I LOVE your fridge! That drawer in the middle is perfect! I am googling now to check it out - that would be a perfect new addition to our new house!! LOL