Monday, February 21, 2011

Body Works, 2 Miles, Wedding, Out with Friends, Book Review

Happy Monday! Are you off work? If so, I'm SUPER jealous. I will be in the office today - had too many meetings to take the day off. Sigh. Hopefully it will be a light day! Thanks for your comments on my new recipe and my 'ape arms.' haha You guys are sweet - i'm sure trying to get buff! :) Here are some things you may have missed this weekend:
On to Saturday. I woke up early, dropped Remy off to get a haircut and hit the gym! I took another one of those 1-hour body works + abs class with the same TOUGH instructor as last time (the one that had us doing the paper plate lunges). We did a bunch of great stuff - lots of super sets which was killer. At the end we did abs and she mixed in some pilates-based moves - like the Teaser 3. I love this move!
After class I walked 2 miles, then went to go pick up Remy girl. And whoa - I went to grab their dog food ($11 a bag) and it was on sale for $5. I bought 10 bags (5 for each of them). This should last about 6 months - So cheap. And because they're smaller 5-pound bags they will stay fresh since I won't open until we're ready to use! After the amazing PetSmart deal it was time to shower and get ready - we had a 2 p.m. wedding! We had a great time at Jamie and Eric's wedding - she looked beautiful, he looked handsome and they both looked SO happy! We were seated with one of Austin's frat brothers, Joe, so we pretty much had a double date with Joe and his wife Ramsey!

Good times though. We left around 6 p.m. to get home and visit with the pups before meeting up with Scott and Mary at Tavern 99 for some drinkies on the patio!

Leigh met up to and I had a blast chatting, then later dancing at EA and playing pool at Churchill's. Good night for sure!
The guy playing at EA was a one-man band - singing and guitar - he had a iPad and would play ANYTHING you asked. We requested stuff like Meat Puppets (Backwater) and he would just look it up and try it - SO talented!

Sunday was spent CHILLING. I did nothing but catch up on TV and read a book. LOVELY. Which brings me to book review time: Jennifer McMahon's Promise Not to Tell. So I flew threw this book, reading like 100 pages a day practically. And since it's only 250 I got through it FAST. I loved it. I really did. Lots of mystery and suspense. Great twists and turns. It followed Kate, a girl who had a friend who was murdered. She's going home to care for her sick mother, and another girl is murdered. It went back and forth in time to tell each story. There were a lot of suspects and just creepy things - you had to keep reading to see what would happened and before you knew it, you were done and happy with the ending. I give it a 4.5/5.

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? I can't pick one! I just had a great time with Austin, our puppers and our friends! And I did LOVE reading that book!

Q: Do you like pilates or incorporate pilates moves into your workout? I used to love pilates - did the winsor ones all the time (DVDs). I'm trying to get back into doing it more - it really is a great low-impact workout!


Erica said...

Whoop whoop! Gotta love when you find an instructor that truly kicks your behind! And hooray for the sale on puppers food. I buy the small bags for Frank too and keep the opened one in a ginormous Tupperware. Glad you guys had a good time at the wedding & after celebration! Best part of my weekend? Celebrating my Mom's birthday with her last night. Work for me today too!

Anne Marie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my nephew!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! And score on the dog food deal. Wow. I would have stocked up too!

Gabriela said...

I used to do pilates in high school, but I never really fell in love with it. For some reason pilates and yoga are just too slow for me- I need to be entertained more!!

Kacy said...

I was just thinking the other day I wished I did more pilates. I used to do the DVDs back in high school and really liked it.

Biz said...

What a steal on the dog food! Glad you had such a great weekend - even though I spent the weekend at the hospital - I did make a delicious soup :D

Happy Monday Kelly!

Mrs. S said...

I have just recently started walking.. What speed do you walk at?

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I used to do Winsor Pilates all the time! Now, I sometimes take a barre-type class, which incorporates yoga, Pilates, and ballet moves. I love it, but it's very expensive so I don't do it very often. I do a couple Pilates-inspired moves for my ab workouts.

Our weekend was nice and relaxing, and we were lucky and got today off. I took three yoga classes ($1 each with a Groupon!), we went to a beer fest, and we did some shopping... :)

Melissa said...

The highlight of my weekend was probably sleeping 11 hours last night....and good HARD hours. Needed that!!

Mrs. S said...

I have just recently started walking.. What speed do you walk at?