Friday, February 25, 2011

Furbies, Beanie Babies and Sweet Valley Twins – Oh MY! (and giveaway winner annc.!)

Happy Friday! I hope you're all having great days! To answer a few of your questions from last time:

Tyler: I'm 5'2" - so yes, i'm a bit of shortie.
Frugalista: No, I can't run. BOO. The fracture in my right foot just won't cooperate. As soon as I think it will and take it slow, it's back to MAJOR pain. I give. :( So, for a fun Friday random, here is reason #567 why I love my friends!

How SWEET are they?! And Andy SERIOUSLY cracked me up. LOL LOL Moving on to even less serious topics, last night I skipped the gym to go through the boxes I had from my parents storage closet – the ones I picked up from Alabama a couple of weeks ago. I narrowed about 9 boxes down to 3 keep boxes. Some of the things I kept include: My FAVORITE books (I’m donating about 350+ books to the library – kept about 20 including one of Bobbsey Twins, Baby Sitter’s Club, Baby Sitter’s Little Sister, Sleepover Friends, you name it); I also kept my furbie and a few beanie babies (like the ones who had miniature versions of my high school danceline uniforms on – no kidding); I also kept some favorite keepsakes including my playmobile dollhouse furniture, my stacking dolls (down to one the size of a pinkie nail), my abacus, yearbooks from first grade through college, t-shirts, tennis team and danceline uniforms and a few of my favorite frogs – I used to collect. I found everything from video tapes doing the ‘bungee chair’ during spring break with my bestie Emily (whose wedding I was in last October!) and photos from spring break’s past… long past. Very good times indeed! Who doesn’t love pulling out prom dresses, notes from old boyfriends and birthday cards from their sister. I even found my old mouth! (my moldings from the orthodontist before my teeth were straightened and gums were cut to make them larger!). Lovely evening following a LONG day at work – boo.

After the blast to the past, I had 2 beers with Austin whilst playing a little poker. Loves! Now it's time to share the winner of the giveaway - $15 to CSN stores.

Thanks again to all of you who participated - good stuff! I hope to do another giveaway soon - they're so fun!

Q: What's one reason you love your friends?

Q: What's one thing you're looking forward to this weekend?


Kacy said...

I'm looking forward to sleep and some good workouts this weekend. Going to keep it low-key I hope!

Erica said...

Being a shortie is fabulous ;) Its so fun to go through old quickly we forget the things we used to have! I have a few of my beanie babies too. I love my friends because they are SO supportive <3

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Cheers to the shorties!!! I'm 5'2" also. I love my friends for their support and for making me laugh!

Genesis said...

aw i love going through old stuff. when we moved away from home unfortunately a lot of childhood stuff got lost in the shuffle and im still hunting down my baby picture albums :( very sad.

Biz said...

I downsized my child hood collection when we moved 10 years ago - I still had every single note I got from my high school boyfried - it was a almost a garbage bag full!

I want to get bizzy in my kitchen - I am so happy my husband is home from the hospital so I can feed him real food - although he is on a bland diet - no Tabasco for him!

Have a great weekend Kelly!

Tyler said...

Woo woo shorties unite! I love friends because they keep me sane. I'm so fortunate to work with awesome ladies who let me vent and never judge. They are also up for margaritas too!

My classes end this week so I HAVE to finish homework that I've been so conveniently putting off. Whoopsie! I'm sure I'll find time to catch up on Jersey Shore and Grey's somewhere in there too!

Gabriela said...

My parents' house is like an adventure...every time I'm home I find something else that I forgot about from my childhood. I have about 200 Beanie Babies in a huge bin under my bed. It's nuts!!

Kelly Olexa said...

OMG Kelly I was LOL this week~ another girl named Kelly Martin was posting about roasted vegetables on the Sears FitStudio page and I immediately thought it was you- so I said "Y'all have to check out Kelly's blog, she is amazing!!!" and this girl is like, "Um, I don't have a blog..." then I realized it wasn't you and I was DYING!! Total ridic #Fail on my part but funny!!

Lea @ Healthy Coconut said...

I love my friends because they make me laugh and they are really appreciative when I make them baked treats :)

I'm looking forward to a lazy Saturday and just staying in because it's going to be raining all weekend.

Melissa said...

I'm really excited about the baby shower I'm going today. We are also going over to a friend's house to watch the Oscars. :)