Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ah the Scales

So yesterday I was bored and digging around in 'my favorites' and came across a blog I had started earlier this year. It was similar to this one, but I didn't have Spark People which I truly think combined with the blog makes my life easier. Anyway, I found some weights from earlier this year that I'd posted. You know I started working out in April (4-5 days/week of cardio and 3 days of strength training). Even though I felt more toned I was still weighing around 136 and 133 and was just losing during the week, gaining on the weekend:

July 21, 2008: 133 =
April 15, 2008: 133 +
April 13, 2008: 131.5 -
April 11, 2008: 133 -
April 10, 2008: 135.5 -
April 9, 2008: 136 =
April 8, 2008: 136 +
April 7, 2008: 134

I just don't feel like I would have gotten through that without tracking everything! And i'm happy to report I again weighed 126 this morning. 10 pounds - yay!! Can't wait to reach my next goal of 125.... I just feel so positive about all of this. And guess what? My husband (who has been in this with me) has officially lost 20 pounds! Crazy. He says he needs to stop losing weight and do more strength training because he's 6'2" at 185 now! Either way, i'm so proud of him!

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