Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 14: Monday, Sept. 15 Assessment.... I’m Feeling Happy, and Very Grateful

This may come off as whiny and I’m actually getting sick of talking about it, but I swear I’m not making this up… So when your big toe hurts you kind of hold it up when you walk to not put pressure on it. So now, my toe actually hurts a little less – really – but my FOOT hurts from walking funny. It’s like the ball of my foot is super sore. Can you believe it? Lame. Regardless, I had a great time at Taco Mac! Me and Austin ate beforehand (toasted ham sandwiches & my favorite side: mushrooms!) so when we got there we just ordered a beer. I drank mine SLOW (granted it was 18 oz. so really it was a beer and a half) and resisted appetizers, bites of others' food (we're a close group), etc. When I got home I had to have a snack, but I’m quite certain reduced fat cheez-its is better than a wing or French fries!

I forgot to write about this: my husband has been SUPER supportive. Like super. He’s really gotten into it too. He’s been running, he’s embracing Boca (when I make tacos/burritos/pizza wraps/etc.), he eats Morningstar breakfast sandwiches – he’s into it. We joined the gym together and he’s been running and has lost, I’m not kidding, 15 pounds! Granted, he is 6’2” and only got to 203 (which looked fine on him) – he’s toning up and I’m so happy for him. His work pants and jeans are just huge though and while I’m all into shopping for new clothes, he “hasn’t gotten around to it.” It’s funny – we’ve been together since we were 19 and 21 (sophomores in college – we lived across the hall from each other) and here we are, 7 years later (to the month), married at 26 and 28 and are seriously working on getting back to that size! (well not exactly that size – we’re not lunatics - but you know what I mean!) I’m just so happy to have him.

I should also mention two other MAJOR support systems. (1) My mother. She started working it in the last couple of years and looks AMAZING. Like – she is what originally inspired me to move – I was so happy for her and saw how happy it made her and knew I wanted to do it too! She does lots of cardio/yoga/zumba and meets with a trainer for strength training. She actually just got certified to teach Zumba and will start teaching at Gold’s soon. She’s been so supportive and is great to share tips with. We talk at least once a day. (2) My friend Monica. She’s a gymer. She just is! Her motivation is amazing. She was working out a gym in Atlanta and I told her how unhappy I was. I told her I’d love to be her workout partner (if she wanted one) and she agreed! I started the gym within 2 days and she was (and still is) awesome. She’s HUGE on lower body – like girlfriend can SQUAT and LUNGE and she just has never ending energy. I was always bigger on upper body so we’re a great pair.

Aside from them – I’ve got my sister, some great, great friends, and SparkPeople and this blog! I feel like I’m going about things the right way this time with amazing support – I feel so lucky!

Anyway – quite the tangent there – but it had to be said and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately…. Anywho – here is how I did today:

Calories: 1,454
Fat: 22
Carbs: 232

What I Ate Today

What I did at the gym: nothing. Blah. I had every intention of doing pilates when I got home but I felt AWFUL. I got in bed, passed out and then got up for the party. I took a light PK (Tylenol 3) and had NO ENERGY whatsoever. I just need to heal… and I will!

Overall assessment: I’m happy. I feel great and I feel like I’m doing it right. I could have had less snacks/carbs today but it was a Monday, and it sucked (missed my two favorite co-workers!!) and I didn’t make the best choices- but I also didn’t toss it all out the window and have lots of beer or bad food. I’m feeling good! I’m ready to see if tomorrow is the day I can wear shoes – wish me luck!


Big Pissy said...

I don't know why, but for some reason when I read this~ it really hit me that you're MARRIED to Austin.

Of course I KNOW you are....but I never really think about it. You two have been together for so long.

Excuse me now while I go wipe my teary eyes. ;-)

p.s. I'm SO happy for you...and proud of're doing GREAT!

fittingbackin said...

:) I know I forget sometimes, too! haha j/k Really though - it threw me off when little Amy was like "you've been married for six months." One of those "who,me?" situations. haha Thanks!! I'm happy for you too - just wish we lived 30 minutes from each other instead of 4 so we could work it out together!! :) Love you!