Sunday, September 14, 2008

DAY 12: Saturday, Sept. 13 Assessment... Oh Happy Day!

I woke up at 8:30 this morning DYING to get out of the house. I texted my sister (thinking she’d be asleep) and she pinged back – she was up – yesss. I asked her if she wanted to run errands/shop/etc. She was in! Yay! She is my favorite person to shop with EVER. Probably because I’ve been shopping with her all of my life – love it. Anyway, I ate a quick breakfast and we were off by 10:30 ! Here’s how our day panned out…. still can’t believe we did this much… especially since I was kind of hobbling around still. SO fun though and great to spend time with my sister as always!!

  • Northpoint Mall – hit up Macy’s (got one CUTE Kensie dress on sale - in picture - and Clinique moisturizer) Forever 21 (got two cute cheap shirts for work) and tried out H&M (no luck). Dev found the dress – thanks!!
  • Ate a salad at Chick-Fil-A.
  • Went by Ann Taylor Loft. No luck… but saw tons of cute things I’ll be keeping my eye on for future sales, specifically this awesome dark green corduroy dress and some cool drapy sweaters. FYI - dress is cuter in person!
  • Went by Target – took back a rug that was too big and got two rugs to try out in my bathroom. (later found that both were too small. Sigh – I’m freaking goldy locks).
  • Went by TJ Maxx – took back three things… no luck as far as purchasing.
  • Ballard Designs Outlet – looked around but I didn’t need anything and nothing was cheap enough to make me change my mind.
  • Got a small vanilla/chocolate swirl at TCBY.
  • Got gas – seriously - $55 to fill up a PT Cruiser? Blah.
  • Stopped at the Container store. Got a little drawer that mounts under my work out clothes shelf for my work out socks. Also got an inexpensive drying rack. I’m so over laying wet clothes all over my house… it’s perfect! And it folds into this tiny, tiny thing - only $10 to get the job done. Thanks, Dev!
  • Went by Phipps (mall) to take back some wedding gifts to Tiffany’s. Stopped in Hue and bought underwear. I absolutely LOVE Hue. Too cute and everything fits and is just presh! Also stopped in Nike to look at shorts, shoes, etc. I LOVE their shorts – can’t wait to buy more (buying 2 more pairs at my next goal weight… and 2 gray Reebok shirts – so comfortable).
  • Went to Lenox’s (mall) Macy’s and had lots of luck! Hue sleepwear was on sale 65% off and then an additional 15%. I got 5 bottoms (2 capris; 2 board shorts; 1 pair of shorts) and 2 tops – all for $80. SO CUTE – I’ll have to take a picture. Above is one pic of a pair I got! Then we went downstairs and spotted a dress we’d seen at the first mall… they had our sizes! Get this – originally $120 INC dress on sale for $24… BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Me and my sister each got the dress…. $12 each. Love it.
  • Went home and made muffin pizzas – yum! Watched Gilmore Girls until Austin and his friend came home to watch football. :)

By the Numbers:
3 Malls
12 Stores
6 Purchases
17 new items
9 hours
2 food breaks
TONS of savings (I don’t buy retail… I can’t knowing how insane mark ups are… I simply am unable to do it!!!)

I think that’s pretty good! It’s important that you know that my favorite store in the world is Macy’s. I have SO much luck there. And my other favorite stores are Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft (for work clothes), Hue (for underwear/sleepwear), Anthropologie (for work/fun clothes), DSW or Nine West (for shoes), and I like to peruse these but don’t have nearly as much luck: Urban Outfitters, Bebe, Arden B, Forever 21, H&M, Banana Republic, Gap and J. Crew. But my favorite thing (aside from Macy’s) is the semi-annual boutique sale. Every January and July EVERY boutique in Atlanta (my favorites include Lisa Brown, Squash Blossom, Fabrik, Bilt-House, Addiction, Sand Piper… the list goes on – I love them all) gets together in ONE place and sells their stuff CHEAP. Like – it’s amazing – I’m talking AG Jeans buy one get one free, $30 designer dresses with original tags of $300. Anyway, I love these sales and have the best of luck there. I always get at least 7 dresses and 2 pairs of jeans. Fun for getting unique stuff at a reasonable price.

Did I mention I love shopping? I mean it… my blog is called fitting back in – so much of it is fitting back in to some of my favorite, timeless pieces that I miss. Who wants to put on a fave pair of jeans and find muffin tops, or a favorite dress that clings to your thighs for dear life? Not me. Sad.

Anyway, I’m rambling now – think it’s the pain killer I took after I changed the dressing on my toe… SO painful. Real quick update:

Calories: 1,300
Fat: 25
Cabs: 176

What I ate

Gym was still a major no-go. I updated my plan for tomorrow though – I fear cardio will be impossible again.

Overall assessment: I’m glad I got out of the house, I’m glad I didn’t eat too much, and I’m ready to do pilates/strength training tomorrow so I’ll feel productive! I was also pumped about 129 this morning - I hope I didn't gain today!!


Big Pissy said...

You crack me up!

Love all the stuff you bought.

I looked at that cordoroy (sp?) dress myself. I don't look good in green. And I'm already ;-)

fittingbackin said...


Yay - knew you would! Can't wait for you to see all the Hue stuff - LOVE IT!

haha I'm not sure how it will look, but at $70 it looks good in store right now!

Big Pissy said...

yeah, that particular shade of green is NOT me.

Even that little French sales lady told me that....and you know she's there to sell, baby! LOL

fittingbackin said...

haha NICE Maybe it's not me either... hmmmm... I wish they had it in a deep purple. Remember WAY BACK when i had a dark purple cordaroy dress??? Like - I was 15. I loved it.

Big Pissy said...

You KNOW I remember that dress from high school. I think it was a jumper...and was wore a cute (duh!) graphic print top under it....tights and a platform shoe...( I think...on the shoes...I'm SURE about the rest) ;-)