Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Collective Sigh for Me

So today I’m at 126 again. Sigh. And to think I complained about 125.5 for 7 days straight – this is worse! I’m ready to be 123 again! Maybe tomorrow…. Hmmm. In the meantime today is going well! I hit the gym during my lunch hour and knocked out 3 miles of cardio - awesome. Then this afternoon I’m back on with my workout partner for chest and tris – yay! (and probably another mile or so of cardio... we’ll see) Instead of putting up yet ANOTHER 126 image, here is one of my wedding photos from this past February. Makes me happy… :)



Bikini Envy said...

OMG! Your wedding was gorgeous!

The lighting is absolutely beautiful. Did you DIY or use a planner?

fittingbackin said...

Thanks!! I'll probably post more pics as my weight maintains- haha.

I did all DIY until the weekend of - we had someone come in to execute the rehearsal and set up all of the stuff I made (I made WAY to much - i.e. programs, favors, escort cards/display, paper cones, trees for the paper cones, wish table/cards, the aisle (curly willow; candles/vases)). It was a blast - I just wish it had been closer to here (was 2.5 hours away in AL) and that it hadn't gone by so fast!!

eurydice said...

what are you doing for cardio? walking?

pretty wedding by the way!

fittingbackin said...

Yup! While my foot recovers I typically do 3 miles per day (all 15 minute miles with inclines between 3 & 0). If my foot hurts too bad from the treadmill impact, i'll mix in a mile on the eliptical trainer (12 minute mile alternating between 10 cross train/0 resistance and 5 cross train/8 resistance so it's like hills).

Thanks so much! :)

Big Pissy said...

Such a beautiful, beautiful wedding.....

It all sort of went by in a blur, didn't it? ;-)

you'll start losing again. Don't get discouraged!

fittingbackin said...

It did... loved it but it did... :)

I'm trying not to, thanks! I sure hope so!!