Monday, October 13, 2008

Examining My Top 10 October Goals

So I’m now 13 days, almost two weeks, into this month…. Seems like a good time to see how I’m stacking up to my goals!
  1. Start tracking measurements OR BMI… not sure which. I’m not measuring or doing BMI… I will measure tomorrow morning – or maybe I’ll do the 15th and the 30th of the month!!

  2. Have NO low nutrition days. Well no lows is a non-issue… haven’t had a low yet.

  3. Have 7 or less high nutrition days. Um, yeah… this is an issue. I’ve already had lots of high days… I may need to look at this goal and my calorie intake and see what’s up. Maybe I’ll need to start counting the days as ‘good’ if my calories burned takes it down the appropriate level. Hmmmm.

  4. Work out at least 1 day on vacation (have 3 trips planned). This hasn’t worked out yet either. I thought about it… but so far nothing. I think I’ve canceled my trip on Halloween so perhaps it won’t be an issue! (until next month when I travel to Vegas for work, Auburn for the AU/GA game, and home to Alabama for Thanksgiving – eek – at least my fantastic mother is pounding the pavement too so I know I’ll have her as an ally!)
  5. Lose 4 pounds to weigh 122. So I got down to 123… but now I’m back at 126. So I still have 4 pounds to lose… and 18 days to do it…

  6. Do 50 miles of cardio (2.5 miles on 20 of 31 days). So far I’ve gone 23.5 miles out of 50 – so only 26.5 to go and 19 more days to do it! Right on track – great!

  7. Make 3 new Hungry Girl recipes. So far I’ve made 3 new recipes, but one failed (the enchiladas). So I need to get back on it though and make a new one this week! I’ll look around today… I’m thinking I’ll try something with chicken and rice tonight!! (my two faves)

  8. Make 3 new snacks. Haven’t made ANY new snacks. Need to think/research and go to the store this weekend.

  9. Switch from Whiskey to Vodka. DONE – I made the switch and am happy about it!
  10. Limit beer to 3/weekend. DONE – 3/weekend may not seem like a big deal but whoa… I used to have WAY more than 3 a night. So… 3/weekend is doable (usually my first drink/first two drinks to ease in to a night of debauchery).

So it seems my focus needs to be on implementing measuremements (starting Wednesday morning), keeping calories in check to lose the four pounds, and finding some new, healthy snacks to add to the mix. I can do it!


Big Pissy said...


I wish I had a fourth of your tenacity! :)

fittingbackin said...

hehe you know this is the only way I can do it - a system!! :)

eurydice said...

those really are great goals. i should learn from you!

fittingbackin said...

hehe you know this is the only way I can do it - a system!! :)