Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here We Go Again

Back at 125.5 - argh! I'm going to have to make more '125.5 numbers' hehe. Don't get me wrong - i'm glad it's not 126 - just would like to see some movement (downward movement) is all! Today is pretty blah. I just found out I can't work from home tomorrow (on my regular work-from-home day). BLAH. And it's raining so I just want to go home and put on sweats and read a book with puppy Reuben. And my groomer couldn't get Reuben in this week so he has to go to Auburn this weekend with a big, fluffy head! Poor baby! Austin was having car trouble (with his new car, read: he's unhappy) so he took it in this morning. Reuben randomly laid a #2 in the dining area this morning. We're going to AU for a birthday and the birthday girl informed me she's sick.... hmmmm. Just one of those days I guess. On the plus side: it's supposed to stop raining, I got Reuben in on Monday, I didn't step in his #2 (YAY!) and the BD girl assures us she's still going to be ready to party! haha

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