Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Recipe & Weight Debate & Day 50: Tuesday, Oct. 21 Assessment

Part 1: Recipe...

OMG you guys – I made, by far, my favorite recipe yet… Greek Feta Chicken with Curried Rice! I found it on kitchenparade.com... i'm a fan. So basically I defrosted 2 servings of chicken, and while it was defrosting I mixed together ½ cup fat-free yogurt, .5 clove garlic minced, ¼ teaspoon dried oregeno, and a ¼ teaspoon black pepper. Then I cut chicken into small chunks and dropped it in the mix, covered it and popped it in the fridge OVERNIGHT. (The recipe said 30 minutes – but when I get home, I eat – so I did it last night and just got home and started at the next step… but you could do 30 minutes…) I also chopped up about a ½ cup of red pepper, green pepper and carrots – which I put in a container overnight.

Today I got home, preheated the broiler, covered a baking sheet with foil and removed chicken from yogurt (discard what remains) to spread on pan – it smelled SO GOOD already. I broiled it for 6 minutes and while it broiled I cooked 1.5 cups of white rice in the microwave. When the timer went off I turned the chicken over and added ¼ cup reduced fat feta cheese, crumbled, and started the chicken for another 5 minutes. While the chicken finished cooking, I sprayed a pan with PAM and put it on medium heat. I sauteed the chopped veggies until cooked, and stirred in salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of curry powder. Then I dropped in the rice and stirred until the rice was yellow!

When the timer went off my masterpiece was done! So I plated up mine and Austin’s dinner and we both LOVED IT. Our favorite so far – for real. We even think it will reheat good so since feta & yogurt will both go bad I’m going to get it ready tomorrow night to cook Thursday night and eat Friday for lunch!! In the end it had 415 calories, 3 fat grams and 60 carbs… imagine that – my meals are high in carbs – argh! It did have 32 grams of protein – that’s a plus, right?!

Part 2: Weight Debate

So… September seemed awesome with weight loss. I went from 136 on Sept. 2 to 126 on Sept. 30. 10 pounds. Awesome. This month, however, has been one of maintenance. Oct. 1 – 21 has been pretty steady around 125.5. I went down a couple of days – to 124 and even 123 one day, but I’ve ended up back at around 124 these past few days. I suppose I’m still trending down, but I feel like I’m on a plateau. I even LOOK like I’m on a plateau (see chart below). My goal for this month is to get to 122 (1 pound per week). I only have 10 more days – eek. I don’t know if I can do it… Sad.

At least this morning I weighed 123.5 – that’s something I have yet to see since I started – yay! K – 9 more days – 1.5 pounds – wish me luck!!!

Part 3: Today’s Assessment

Today was okay… in all honestly, despite my happiness with seeing 123.5 on the scale, I was quite moody all day, didn’t want to go to the gym and was HUNGRY. Think it’s the crap snacks I’ve been eating…. And today I even splurged on candy/treats. So tomorrow I’m going to bring some “better” snacks like cold cuts – maybe even a mini sandwich in a pita with hummus – and string cheese, vegetables, etc. I’ll get them together tonight! All in all today wasn’t bad – I was able to do 2.5 miles at the gym, chest and triceps, and I had 1,350 calories (good!), 37 fat grams (good!), and 179 carbs (good!). Here’s the details: What I Ate Today. Even though I had the snack size kit kat… and reese’s cup…. And 2 starburst… it wasn’t the end of the world. It doesn’t make me happy that candy is EVERYWHERE at work – in the break room, in meetings, at everyone’s desks – even brought around to your desk – sigh. I did manage to not eat cake or ice cream at the birthday social this afternoon – there’s that! K – off to watch the biggest loser and dancing with the stars on Tivo. Have great nights!

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