Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 79, 80 and 81: Thursday, Nov. 20; Friday, Nov. 21 & Saturday, Nov. 22

Behind again! Dang! So Thursday was a good day – clearly – because it’s the day I work from home! I ate good, got in 4 miles at lunch and had a great day! And it was only ONE day until Twilight… very exciting!! I had 1,543 calories, 26 fat grams and 232 carbs - here’s what I ate.

Friday was a good day, too! I went to the gym during lunch and knocked out 3.5 miles, then after work I met my mom, sister and sister’s friend by the movies (they were going to the 7:40 show – me the 10:35 show). We hung out at Home Goods (they crack me up) then they went to the movie and I went home. (Yes, skipped the gym). Me and Austin cooked, cleaned the house and packed for our Saturday trip to Charlotte to see Austin’s grandfather (he’s in a rehab facility). We got everything ready/good to go – then I left around 9:30 to meet the girls at Eclipse de Luna then at the movies!! We had a great time at the movies (even got to see sis and mom when they were coming out!). I personally LOVED the movie. Yes, I thought that the characters/relationships were underdeveloped, I thought Jacob was unattractive, I wished they had kept more of the book like when Bella fainted in class, I wished the other school characters (i.e. Mike, Jessica) weren’t so after school special, etc. But at the end of the day, I think they did a great job condensing the book to tell a story, I think they did a good job casting, I really did believe the romance (even though if I hadn’t read the book I would have been like uh…. You don’t even know each other), and I loved what my sister called ‘the mood’ – the music, the weather, the setting, etc. So while of course there were things I would have done differently, I’ll still purchase it and watch it often!! LOVED the book LIKED the movie. So Friday I was pretty good – had 1,573 calories, 214 carbs and 49 fat grams – all in, especially when you factor in exercise. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday we got up early (well not too early since I didn’t get home from the movie until after 1 a.m.!), got cleaned and headed out! My mom was coming over to stay the night with Reuben so everything worked out great! We drove to Charlotte each listening to our pods (him – a black iPod Touch with tons of applications listening to a Keith and the Girl podcast; me – a purple iPod Shuffle with Jane Green’s Second Chances on it). It was NICE – I’m really enjoying that audio book and think it will be great when I go work out this afternoon. Anyway, we drove over and ate healthy (Jimmy Dean’s before we left, I packed sandwiches for lunch and snacks for Saturday and Sunday). We went straight to the center and spent time with Austin’s family, then went out to eat and to the movies with his brothers to see James Bond. I’ll be the first to tell you I NEVER got to the movies. Like maybe two all year. But now two in one weekend? Unheard of! Anyway, the movie was great and we all enjoyed it. But I was TIRED – we went back to the hotel and passed out. In all, I had a good day – 1,474 calories, 194 carbs and 39 fat grams – great! Here’s what I ate.

I’m still recording Sunday’s so I’ll post it later this evening with Monday’s. I will say that I totally caved and ordered pizza last night! I know – I haven’t done that since I started this but I was like whatever, I want it and I’m tired and my throat kinda hurts- ORDER MUSHROOM PIZZA! haha


hannah katherine said...

hey lady - are you enjoying second chances? i read that when i traveled this summer - i love her books. they're easy chick lit : ) so this whole twilight thing - are the books that good? i'm debating getting into them because of the craziness surrounding the movie! i feel like i'm missing out!

fittingbackin said...

Hey! I am enjoying it!! I love them too - my sister is a big fan so I borrow them from her. :)

YOU MUST!! I'm going to put this on your page in case you don't see this but YES - you must buy them. I'd personally suggest buying them all at once to save yourself a trip to the store but if you're a bit skeptical by the first one... then the other 3 at one time!! Must reads!!