Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 82 and 83: Weight Debate

So Saturday morning before I left town I weighed 121.5, and had pretty much been weighing that for the past few weeks, despite multiple good days and extra workouts at the gym. Well Sunday I couldn’t weigh because I was out of town…. And I gave in at dinner and ordered PIZZA – soooo yummy. Ended up at 1,976 calories, 58 fat grams and 300 carbs – EEK! (but totally worth it and I’d do it again – don’t get me wrong). Here’s what I ate.

Needless to say – I wasn’t expecting too much at Monday morning’s weigh in. I got on the scale and it read 118.5. What? I moved it all around the room and it came up at 118.5. I just KNEW it was wrong. The scale has been off four pounds before when it needed a new battery so I chalked it up to that and recorded my weight as 122.5 – a 1-pound gain over Saturday. Austin took out the battery and I called radio shack – they had it, I would go pick up a new one after work.

So I went to the gym, walked 3.5 miles, then weighed after lunch… 120. Hmmm. How could 122.5 be right then? I went to radio shack after work and got the battery (and went back to the gym, to the grocery store and by the mall).

This morning I put in the new battery…. And weighed 119.5 – 118.5 was RIGHT! Yes! I’m getting so close to my goal and am super excited. :) Quick note – yesterday was a good day: 1,377 calories, 46 fat grams and 182 carbs. I had a few treats (i.e. snickers fun size, reese’s boo crew, half a cookie) but I ate good other than that and walked 5.5 miles and did legs!! Here’s what I ate.


hannah katherine said...

Ahh! No way, that's awesome! I had neer considered the idea of the battery in the scale being out - maybe that explains my recent gains after a low number - OR it could be the salt I've been pouring down my throat : ) probably the latter. congratulations!

fittingbackin said...

:) I never had either - I think my mom mentioned it and when I saw that number (after having devoured the pizza of course) I was like no way! :)

haha I LOVE salt - I put salt on everything - even salads. :)

Thanks so much!

eurydice said...

oooooh great news! congrats!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks!!! :)

carla said...

oooh. congrats and CONGRATS on the idea.

Im going to steal it for every misbehaving battery operated appliance in the house.



fittingbackin said...

Thanks!!! haha do it!