Monday, December 1, 2008

My Third Month: November 2008 Assessment

This was a tough month… with T-giving and all! Haha Here we go…

By the Numbers

  • Pounds Lost: .5 (123.5 on 11/1 to 123 on 12/1)
  • Highest Weight: 123.5
  • Lowest Weight: 118
  • Pounds left to Lose: 8
  • Posts: 22 (17 less than November)
  • Days Worked out: 15 (8 less than November)
  • Miles of cardio: 64 (3 less than November)
  • Great Nutrition Days: 17 (2 less than November)
  • Low Nutrition Days: 0 (same as last month)
  • High Nutrition Days: 11 (1 less than last month)
  • Injuries: none! Still have pain in right foot though…
  • Days out for injury: 0
  • Vacations: 4 (Vegas, Charlotte, Enterprise, Auburn)
  • Days out for vacation: 14
  • Day worked out during vacation: 3

Interesting Charts




So I’m kind of disappointed in that I’m back where I started. (and clearly not trending down per the weight chart above - eek!) However, I feel like based on how it’s worked in the past, it will be easier for me to lose the 5 pounds to get back to 118 since I was just there. And of course – I’m not traveling nearly as much in December (only have two trips planned). So… I guess I’m pretty happy I didn’t GAIN with all of those vacations. And I’m glad I was still able to get 64 miles in even though I only got to work out 15 days! So really – it’s not too bad at all. I just need to try to stay focused and hopefully I can still get to 115 in December. Likely not by Dec. 15 – but still! That’s what goal assessments are for – to look at where you’re at and reassess if need be, right?!

Goals for November

1. Have 9 or less high days. Had 7 as of 11/26… but then packed on 5 in a row taking me up to 12.
2. Work out 4/5 days over T-giving. 
Did 3 out of 5 days – didn’t go the day after T-giving and had planned to go Sunday before I left but the gym didn’t open until NOON so I had to get going. By the time I got home after a 5-hour drive it just didn’t happen.
Get back to 120 and maintain it! Not so much… got down but didn’t maintain.
4. Do 60 miles of cardio. Did 64 in 15 days! (average of 4.25 miles each day I worked out)
5. Introduce 1 new recipe. 
I found several to introduce in December when I’m home more. May even try one tonight!
. No shopping! DONE - only buying when I must (i.e. birthday presents)
7. Read 1 book. 
On it (listening to audio book Second Chances by Jane Green and reading Certain Girls  by Jennifer Weiner). Will probably finish Certain Girls today.
 Make a new playlist. DONE

Here are my goals for next month…

  • Have 10 or less high nutrition days (1,600 – 2,400).
  • Work out on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve
  • Try two classes at the gym: Body Pump and SPIN
  • Get down to 115 by the end of the month – and keep it off!
  • Do 60 miles of cardio
  • Introduce 2 new, healthy recipes at home
  • Continue shopping less- and tracking what you spend every day.
  • Update the home blog every day – finish future dining room/master bedroom plans.
  • Read two books.
  • Work on my wedding album.
  • Get rid of a few things on eBay or Craigslist.
  • Clean out closet again and take some clothes to Plato’s Closet
Wish me luck!! I've got to get back on it!!


hannah katherine said...

girl, you're so funny. this .5 weight loss is ONLY due to thanksgiving : ) you'll be down to 115 in no time. i'm excited for you to try spin!

fittingbackin said...

:) I hope so! haha Just SO GLAD I didn't gain because wow - I enjoyed myself! hehe It was so hard to track all of that fun!

I'm excited, too! I pulled up the schedule last night and may try a class this week - i'm so nervous! haha i'm such a dork.