Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 120 and 121: Feeling the Effcts of My New Year's Vacay

As per my pattern of Friday and Saturday night binge drinking, New Year’s Eve, while on a Wednesday, was no different. Sigh. Here’s Bad/Good:

  • I got up feeling hungover/I went to the gym anyway and walked 4 miles
  • I sampled so much hummus I thought I may explode/I stayed away from the cheese dips/chips
  • I drank two beers/I only drank two beers! Couple that with a few vodkas and I’m back in trouble though...
  • I had 1,977 calories/I didn’t have more than 2,000! And – that doesn’t include the calories burned from walking so not horrible! And – I had an amazing time with some of the best people in the world and I got to celebrate with my fabulous husband (he proposed to me on New Year’s Eve 2007.)

Lesson learned? The good outweighed the bad. CLEARLY! :) I ended up at 1,977 calories, 196 carbs and 38 fat grams. Here’s what I ate. And here's another wedding photo – it was that or a photo of the hummus people! P.S. I'm still feeling the holiday colors.

So I rang in the new year and woke up New Year’s Day feeling like complete and total poo. I had the good sense to bring a jimmy dean to my friend’s house (i.e. where I crashed) so I at least ate a healthy breakfast. And I had chicken parmesan ready to go at Austin’s parents’ house for lunch. However…. We just couldn’t get moving. And we were exhausted and cranky and sleep deprived. So I snacked. I snacked on chips/salsa… I got a BLIZZARD on the way home – are you kidding me?! Granted, I didn’t even eat half of it, but still – I’m not even a blizzard fan! Argh. I got home and made chips/sandwich. Not awful… but did I stop there?! No – I ate devil chips – Tostitos jalapeño scoops (which, by the way, aren't even on the Tostitos website... probably because they found out they were laced with crack). I met them over Christmas, let myself buy a bag and clearly can’t be held responsible for what happens when they end up in my grasp! OMG I wasn’t even hungry. So, needless to say, I started out the new year with random bad snacking and not working out. Boo on me! I ended up at 1,872 calories, 256 carbs and 55 fat grams. SIGH. Here’s what I ate. Wasn’t looking forward to weighing in…

Speaking of, today I woke up at 119.5. eek! Gone are the days of 118… gone is my fab low of 116.5. I’m back to Dec. 14’s weight. And you know what? I deserve it – I ate my way here and I’ll work my way back, right?! Right. I started back today with 3 miles at lunch, now if only I can get my tired butt to the gym after work for 2 more miles, legs and abs… it’s raining… and cold. I hope I can do it! I do have some good news. I measured this morning and it was almost an exact from December 15’s measurement (i.e. my chest got a little smaller, didn't know that was possible, and my arm got a little bigger). So New Year's vaca didn't increase my size too terribly thankyouverymuch. :) Here’s the progress chart. That makes me feel better about my rando binge!
Click on photo to make it larger

K - off to the gym now... I hope tomorrow's weigh in reflect today's good deeds rather than blizzard + scoops! And, between us, i'm kind of weirded out that those Tostito Scoops aren't on the site! haha


Big Pissy said...

aw....I ALWAYS love a wedding photo. :)

That IS weird that those Tostitos aren't listed on the site. But maybe it's b/c they're so new?

hannah katherine said...

pretty picture - i want more wedding pictures! : ) also - a couple days won't set you THAT far back, silly! you're so good for exercising and tracking what you eat - you'll be to your goal in no time.

Stephanie said...

I love your website. It looks awesome and you have done a great job tracking your meals and exercise. Keep up the great work and you will see your goal!!

fittingbackin said...

Pissy: :) I love them, too!! I know, right?! I'm hoping that's what it is. hehe

HK: Thanks! Maybe i'll do a wedding picture post soon! That would be fun - see them as a set rather than a rando one! haha you're right - i was just like DANG that's a lot!! I was back to 118 today so not too bad. Thanks, HK - I hope so!

Stephanie: Thanks! I appreciate it - it's definitely been a work in progress - both the site and me! I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

i sure would've been happy with less than 2000 calories!

gorgeous photo!!!

Jen Schumann said...

Love your good/bad list at the top of the post. Good job on thinking positive!

fittingbackin said...

FMW: :) Thanks so much!

Jen: Thanks for stopping by! haha I try to stay positive - for each bad there has to be a good, right?!

fittingbackin said...

FMW: :) Thanks so much!

Jen: Thanks for stopping by! haha I try to stay positive - for each bad there has to be a good, right?! said...

i sure would've been happy with less than 2000 calories!

gorgeous photo!!!