Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 133: Recipe & Deep Gossip Girl Thoughts

Yesterday ended up being a great day! I did splurge on chocolate covered almonds after lunch…. SO good, and worth it! After work I got in another 2 miles to bring me to 5.5, and back/bicep strength training and abs. I got home and me and Austin heated up the chicken parmesan we prepared last night, and while the chicken cooked we got dinner ready for tomorrow (chicken fajitas – so we measured out sour cream, cheddar cheese; defrosted chicken; and chopped up peppers and onion) and cooked potato, egg and sausage burritos for breakfast tomorrow (SO good – I couldn’t wait until the weekend to have them again). I know I listed the ingredients, but here is the exact recipe I made if you’d like to try it! Mom, if you’re reading, is this similar to how you used to make it when I was little?

Sorry this photo is so bad - I snapped it this morning before Austin wrapped it in foil for me to take to work!

Potato Egg & Sausage Burritos
Makes 2 Servings

5 oz. peeled baking potato, raw
1 egg
2 tbsp liquid egg whites
1 Morningstar farms sausage patty
1 tbsp fat free milk
1 tsp olive oil
2 Mission 96% fat free heart healthy flour tortillas
Garlic Powder, Creole Seasoning, Salt & Pepper to taste

Set oven to 350 degrees. Set a medium size pan over medium heat; spray with cooking spray. While it heats up, peel a baking potato, measure out 5 oz., then chop it into small pieces (1/4” squares). Get out a small bowl and whisk together egg, egg whites, milk and a dash of salt and creole. Heat up the sausage per box instructions and cut into small pieces. Drop potatoes on the pan (they’ll sizzle!). Sprinkle with garlic powder, creole seasoning and pepper. Stir for 1 minute, then add olive oil. Stir and let it set for 3-4 minutes. Then stir and let it sit for another 3-4 minutes. After 8 minutes mine were brown; I tasted a thicker potato piece and it was perfect so I dropped the tortillas in the oven on a pan, then poured the egg mixture and sausage on top of the potato mixture. I stirred for 1-2 minutes until egg thoroughly cooked, then removed the tortillas from the oven and covered each in the potato/egg/sausage mixture and served.

Tips: I liked mine plain; Austin added a ¼ tsp of hot sauce. You could also add salsa since it’s a low-calorie condiment, or even add chopped veggies like onions or peppers. I personally wouldn’t add cheese as I don’t think you’d be able to taste it. As far as cooking potatoes- the smaller the pieces the quicker they’ll cook, so my best advice is do like noodles – taste one before declaring them done!

Nutrition Facts: 295 calories; 41 carbs; 8 fat grams and 16 protein grams.

Back to our regular programming… we boxed up all of the prep meals and ate fabulous chicken parmesan for dinner while watching 30 Rock and recording Gossip Girl. 30 Rock is just TOO funny – love it! And Gossip Girl was SPOILER!!! very good. GG Deep thoughts: Chuck is such a dumbass, I mean really – he wouldn’t have fallen for his uncle’s ploy based on past precedent. B did the right thing – about time she kicked Chuck to the curb. WOW those parents totally punked Lily/Rufus… I bought it and was so sad for them… but now I’m like oh my – who is this kid and when are they going to show up? Will add a fun story arc to the show. Serena & Dan are less on my nerves while Jenny is more on my nerves (and poor Eric - give the boy a break with his boy!). Since when do we call Vanessa, V? Did I miss something? Isn't Dan a Newyorker? Shouldn't he be more 'on guard' when it comes to not getting pickpocketed? Speaking of, the pickpocketing girl, I don't get it - when did she go bad?K – that’s it for now. What did you think?

At the end of the day my calories were at the VERY top at 1,550, 201 carbs and 35 fat grams – not bad! And I did burn 300 calories from walking 83 minutes at 4 mph – yay! Here’s what I ate. BTW – I’m going to stop posting my weight in each post unless it’s significant or something. I’m totally still going to weigh every day and post in the sidebar and update the ticker – just don’t feel like blabbing on about how I’m 119 STILL! Haha Also - THANK YOU guys so much for your support with mine and Austin's house hunt! I'll definitely update the blog if/when something significant happens!! (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

K - off to work - have fabulous days!! "See" you tonight!!


Anonymous said...

my mom used to make potato sausage egg burritos when i was little too! they were always one of my favorite breakfasts. Topped with a little salsa :)

Jamie said...

Hi! I have a question...I just found your blog and your progress is amazing! I am curious as to what form of cardio you get. I see you talking about miles and I think I read in one place that you walk for all of your miles? Is that correct? I really don't like running, but love walking and I would find it so inspirational if you really did lose your weight by walking instead of running! My email is jamiemendell@gmail so please email me back when you can. Thanks and great blog!!!

eurydice said...

the pickpocketing girl only pretended to be good and jenny's friend when she thought that jenny (last week) was scheming to be the queen bee. and only when jenny said she was for real and above that stuff, did the girl go back to being the slave of those other girls. if that makes sense! what a good show last night. i can't wait to see who plays the big brother!!! and i still feel bad for chuck... his father did die after all.

Big Pissy said...

Hey! You're burritos sounds yummy but are more involved than mine were. Of course I used regular sausage, which has a lot of seasoning, so I didn't add the additional seasonings that you add. :)

I cut up potatoes and fried them in hot cooking oil....while they were frying, I cooked (sauted) the sausage in another smaller frying pan. When the potatoes were cooked, I drained them well. I blotted the sausage well after cooking. Then placed the potatoes and sausage back in the large frying pan. Next I had 2 or 3 eggs~beaten. I didn't add milk to them. I poured the eggs over the potato/sausage mixture and stirred until the egg was cooked.

I heated my tortillas in a small pay on the stove....flipping them over a few times until desired brownness was reached.

Sometimes I'd make just potatoe/egg with no sausage. :)

fittingbackin said...

dg: yum! I remmeber my mom's like it was yesterday!

Jamie: I emailed you! :)

Eurydice: Right - I guess I just didn't know why she went bad at all? I thought she was the sweet little girl they messed with because she was #1 in school? Maybe i'm mixed up!!! It WAS good! Me too!! I wonder if it's someone we've already met!!! Aw - you're nicer than me. I feel sorry for him still, but don't want B wasting any more time with him! She's my fave!

Pissy: YUM! Yes - I remember you flipping them in a pan! I never have room on the stovetop so I just drop them in the oven! YES - plain potato & egg was just as good. YUM - now I want breakfast for dinner! hehe And I just ate it today!!

Big Pissy said...

I completely agree with eurydice about last night's Gossip Girl. It was a great episode!

I ADORE B! She's my fave too! Her and Dorota. :)

Madison Song said...

MM the burritos sound and look so good! as do the almonds =P