Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 138: 16 Songs, A New Recipe & a Crappy Mood

Yesterday was a weird day – I wanted to be positive and have a great day, but I just felt AWFUL still. Such a grumpy Gus. I couldn’t stand it! I tried TV, reading, laundry, etc. Mostly I tried to stay to myself (why ruin Austin & Reuben’s days with my foul mood?) Finally I gave up- couldn’t break it – so Austin put some more music on my iPod and I left in a bad mood to go (hopefully) walk it off. It worked! I walked for 5.5 miles then did shoulders. Afterwards I kept the pod in at Kroger and flew through my grocery shopping. I got home in a MUCH better mood. My stomach even felt better! I hopped in the shower and got out to make Chicken Parmesan for me, Austin, my sister and her husband. They came over at 8 and we had a great time!! Yummy dinner, great conversation and awesome chill/catch up night. I’m so glad our husbands get along so well, too, I hear of these people who just don’t like the people their siblings date/marry/etc. – I can’t imagine! Anyway, I ended up having a high day once you took into account the three glasses of red I had. But that’s okay! I ended up at 1,779 calories, 243 carbs and 24 fat grams – so only 229 calories over and, with 5.5 miles of cardio, I burned 299 calories. So if you think about it the wine didn’t count! Hehe Here’s what I ate. Oh – here are the happy Pod tracks I put on yesterday:

  • New Soul, Yael Naim
  • I’m Yours, Jason Mraz
  • Shake It, Metro Station
  • Greenlight, John Legend feat. Andre 3000
  • Single Ladies, Beyonce
  • Happy Birthday, Altered Images
  • Let it Rock, Devin Rudolf
  • When I Grow Up, Garbage
  • So What, Pink
  • That’s Not my Name, Ting Tings
  • Great DJ, Ting Tings
  • Shup Up and Let me Go, Ting Tings
  • Whatever you Like, T.I
  • When I Grow Up, The Pussycat Dolls
  • Sour Cherry, The Kills
  • And the one I recommend for everyone who wakes up feeling how I’ve been feeling: Be Ok - Ingrid Michaelson

Today is going well so far. Started out being woken up by the phone – Austin’s car is SOLD. (he bought a Z a while back and we’ve had his Maxima on – gotten lots of hits and today it’s sold!) We're meeting them tonight to give them title for cash (they've already test driven the car, etc.)Kinda sucked being woken up – but again – great news! I hopped on the scale and it said 115.5. What? Tested it again – 115.5. Wow – what I’m doing is working. Will I be up again tomorrow? Likely – but I’m still trending down and feel great about it! Soon after construction started. Yes, they’re doing construction TODAY on a holiday. They even tried to come into our place to replace our French doors. We declined. They were pissed. Too bad. We’re on vaca – leave us alone! So now we’re listening to them replacing other people’s French doors. Reuben just LOVES it, so much so that each time he hears a loud noise he barks. Awesome! :( I’m trying to have a good day – catching up on Desperate Housewives (so good – what a sweet story and nice flashbacks…) and Brothers & Sisters (I just love this show – so good, so real, and Sally Field is just a doll). Me and Austin also made another new recipe for breakfast adapted from Southbeach Diet’s Eggsadilla!! Here’s how we did it for TWO servings – SO good.

1 tsp EVOO
3 large eggs
1 tbsp fat free milk
2 8” Mission Carb Balance Tortillas
1.5 ounces FF shredded cheddar cheese
1 tsp hot sauce
Salt & Pepper

Spread 1/4 tsp hot sauce on one side of each tortilla. Heat oil in skillet over medium heat (we added a bit of spray since the oil didn’t cover the whole pan). Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper, and scramble for 2 minutes. Remove to plate. Wipe the pan with a paper towel, and replace on heat. Add tortilla to heat and cook on both sides for 1 minute. Remove from heat and do the same with the other tortilla. Leaving the tortilla on the pan, top it with cheese, then eggs, and then with the other tortilla. Cook for one minute, then flip and cook for another minute. Cut in half and serve with 2 tbsp salsa per serving (for dipping). Each serving was 301 calories, 25 carbs, 12 fat grams and 23 protein grams. Great breakfast! (FYI – we tried cooking them with salsa in them and they were MESSY – so we’re definitely going to dip from now on).

GUESS WHAT?! As I was writing this post my books arrived! I’m so excited! 11/12 are here – one was backordered but that’s okay, I think I have enough to keep me busy in the meantime, no? I only have 30 pages of Queen of Babble yet so they’re just in time – AWESOME.

Austin’s now making chili and I’m now watching Nancy Drew mysteries from the tivo – so cute! I just loved those books and the hour-long episodes are fun to see. Did any of you see the most recent Nancy Drew movie? I liked it, but it was nothing like these! I don’t have much planned for the rest of today – another load of laundry, LOTS of cooking for this week’s meal plan, 5.5 miles/abs/back/bis, ordering a bridesmaid dress, reserving a spot at Pottery Barn’s upcoming decorating class, and making a dentist appointment. I know – you’re jealous huh? Haha I hope you’re all having wonderful days and In My Tummy I’m super sad for you that you’re working. Blah. Hope you’re not at it too hard!


Anonymous said...

sorry you were in a bad mood! glad the music helped :) 115.5??? heyyyyy girllll ! thats amazing! congrats! you're almost to your goal. wow love all your books, let us know how you like them! being at work today is not fun!!!

hannah katherine said...

yay for you - so close to goal!!! glad you're feeling better : )

eurydice said...

working out always makes me feel great... you are getting so tiny! awesome work :) and your recipes always look sooooo good.

fittingbackin said...

DG: Thanks! Don't you hate when you're so AWARE of it but nothing works to get you out?! argh! Yes!! I was like OMG - Austin come here! haha I will... I finished Queen of Babble at the gym today so i'm like hmmm which one which one?! I'm sorry you had to work -BLAH!

HK: Thanks, girl! I'm excited! OMG - me too! I hate a funk - especially on a long weekend.

Eurydice: I agree! Just sometimes hard to make yourself go and do it! :) I'm definitely trying!! Thanks - i'm having so much fun with food really trying to mix it up!!

Sharon said...

Great books and great eats! And wow, thanks for sharing your list of songs! I was wondering what to add to my pod.

Big Pissy said...

OMG! I HATE blogger sometimes! I'd left a long comment and it's GONE! GRRRRRRRR!!!!

Thanks for the song and book recommendations. :)

Big Congrats on 115.5!!!! WOOT!!

Lara said...

Congrats on being so close to your goal weight! Leave it to wine + walk to feel better :)
Hmm, the only one of those books I have read is The Nanny Diaries. It was a fun read!
Thank you for your comments on my blog--I love the feedback! Oh, what program do you use to chart your intake/calories? Looks like a good one.
Have a great day!

fittingbackin said...

Sharon: Thanks! Oh NP – I’m always trying to come up with new playlists to keep the time flying by. :)

Pissy: Oh NO – I hate when that happens, too! Hasn’t happened to me on blogger yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Of course- knowing you you probably own half if not all of those books! Thanks!! I was super excited, and today I’m back to 116.5 but that’s how it is!!

Laura: Thanks!! Haha Right – walking and wine = happy – love it! Good – I love fun, easy reads, especially for the treadmill. I use Spark People and it’s my favorite! Takes a bit to get it set up with your favorite foods/meals/etc. but after a month it’s SO easy to update it (especially if you’re a creature of habit like myself). And the best part – it’s free!

dehumidifier said...

I love that Kills song, Sour Cherry - I think it's on my workout mix, too.

Sharon said...

Great books and great eats! And wow, thanks for sharing your list of songs! I was wondering what to add to my pod.

dailygoods said...

sorry you were in a bad mood! glad the music helped :) 115.5??? heyyyyy girllll ! thats amazing! congrats! you're almost to your goal. wow love all your books, let us know how you like them! being at work today is not fun!!!