Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 139: No Sale, Premade Meals & Some News

So after Monday’s rude awakening, eggsailla and book arrival, the day went on pretty much as I’d intended! I did the other load of laundry, I walked 5.5 miles, finished Queen of Babble (loved it!! GREAT treadmill read, super cute, I loved the characters and it wasn’t too predictable – I could easily see it made into a movie that I’d love!), I got the dentist appointment and spot at the Pottery Barn decorating class, etc. I had friends planning to come in town this weekend that had to cancel, so I can work out Sunday after all, so I moved my back/bis/abs over so I only walked yesterday. While I was in a better mood, Austin was not. The people backed out on the car. So annoying. Not that they backed out – stuff happens – but that they wasted his time. This was their second time meeting, we’d already gone 20% off the price with them, she called all week to give us status updates on how ‘getting the money together was going’ and then her husband decides during last night’s meeting while they had cash on hand and Austin had all the paperwork ready that something’s not right. Mind you, his wife is translating for him as he doesn’t speak English. Whatever. I just felt bad for Austin because I know he’s ready to get rid of it!

Aside from that disappointment, I was NOT disappointed in Gossip Girl! SPOILER!I loved the Lily/Chuck situation and thought they were a great team. Couldn’t believe the almost-rape situation – wow…Should be interesting when he moves in with them, right? And the whole where are they all going to go to school is good stuff, too. And that teacher? Could she look younger? Um, no. And is she going to hook up with Dan?! Could Blair’s family/Deroda have cracked me up more with the Yale paraphernalia and the dog?! LOL Another great episode – that show is on fire. So other than fab TV I cooked FOREVER while listening to Second Chance (fun listen). I made dinner (lime chicken) and then I pre-made:

  • 4 servings of Potato, Egg & Sausage Burritos
  • 4 servings of Egg/Bacon/Cheese Sandwiches
  • 2 servings of Thai Curry Chicken
  • 2 servings of Tin Foil Chicken
  • 2 servings of mix for Pita Pizzas

Austin had already made 4 servings of chili so we’re good to go for food until like Thursday night! I turned in early and started reading A Body to Die For – GREAT so far – then passed out! At the end of the day I had 1,548 calories, 216 carbs and 35 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Today was BUSY! I got up and weighed 116.5 (up a pound – knew I would be!). I stayed SO busy at work – had my yummy egg/bacon/cheese muffin, plowed right through work until noon, had a reduced fat cheez it snack, walked 3.5 miles, ate Austin’s FABULOUS chili, had a granola bar, worked nonstop and before I knew it, it was 5 p.m. – time to head out and walk another 2 miles and do abs, biceps and back. Great workout! I got home and Austin had cleaned and bathed baby Reuben! Yay! We popped in the Tin Foil Chicken, ate it up and watched some 30 Rock. Now I’m about to get in bed and read some more – I’m ready to relax! I’ll probably have a kashi cookie for lunch! A little bit of news:
  • Our realtor sent us houses today - YAY! So excited.
  • My last of the 12 books arrived – YAY!
  • The sliding doors they put on this morning don’t look awful; but I did feel so bad having to leave Reuben in a vacant apartment today. :( Poor buddy.
  • I ordered a Bridesmaid’s dress today and based on my measurements she insisted I needed a 2…. I was nervous… I consulted a friend and she suggested I get a 4 so I wouldn’t worry. I did. Now I’m nervous alterations are going to be expensive because the girl kept saying based on my measurements the 2 would need to be taken in. We’ll see… either way, glad it’s ordered and will hopefully be here soon! (I’m in two weddings in May – the other dress was decided on/ordered in AUGUST)
  • Austin was down to 173.5 this morning! Wow! I’m so happy for him!!

K – I’m out – and off to read your blogs before bedtime. I hope you all had happy Tuesdsays. :)


Jenny said...
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Big Pissy said...

Wow, Kel! You just cook up a storm! So smart! :)


Oh! I bought "Avalon High" on you recommendation. It was only like $6 bucks at Wal-mart. Figure I'll read it on the treadmill. :)

Neesha and Dustin said...

Because of learning about Spark People from your blog, I use it and showed my fiance who is now obsessed with it. Sometimes he'll be on the computer and I think he's doing work but it turns out he's doing something on the Spark People website. Hilarious.


(And I couldn't believe the almost rape in GG, either! I was nervous for poor Lily, though, I have to admit. I did sort of think it was in poor taste for her to be gallivanting around with Rufus barely a month after Bart died. Seems a little heartless. Poor Chuck!)

Thinspired said...

Wait a minute missy! You're a size 2 and you are still trying to lose weight?! Did I miss something? I don't mean that in a rude way at all--just piqued my interest! I guess you are so close to your goal weight at this point that maybe that is overreacting on my part. What I mean to say is, I'm sure you look fabulous and buying that dress is a nice way to celebrate all the hard work!

fittingbackin said...

Jenny: haha that is SO random and crazy! On facebook it looks like you're friends with Megan Yarbrough and Lindsey Blair - two of my best friends! (was in Lindsey's wedding and am in Megan's this May). Such a tiny world!!

I'm so glad you came by! haha I know what you mean - I have to alternate between listening to music, listening to a book, ready a physical book and watching shows - I always tell my husband I don't know what I did before he filled up my iPhone! (and before I had one of course) :)

Pissy: I do!! It really helps us out during the week. I just ate a potato/egg/sausage burrito - YUM! Oh fun - it's such a cute little read and again - had some buffy to it!

Neesha & Dustin: haha that's SO funny! I love it. Austin likes the weight/nutrition charts. Boys. hehe It's just a great site for everything! I KNOW - the almost rape was CRAZY... I was nervous for her too. I'm like come ON, Chuck! SAve her! And yes... was his body even cold? She could have waited a BIT longer to at least pretend she was in mourning.

Thinspired: Hey! I'm within 1-2 pounds of my goal weight so i'm definitely not trying to lose a whole lot of weight or anything. And I REALLY don't think that girl was right (she was kind of dingy) so I went with my gut and ordered the 4. It could very well be too tight! You just never know! I just know (from past experience) it's easier to take them in then out! hehe I'm not offended - promise! And believe me. Me and my mom talk about it because I hate that too skinny look. I want to look lean and toned and like a strong girl who works out, not skinny. I'm short (between 5'2" and 5'3" so 115 (if/when I get there!) will be very much in the middle of a healthy BMI instead of on the high side where I was at 136! eek!!

hannah katherine said...

your list made me smile...especially a great sale. oh, cheap pretty clothes : )

prettyface said...

So, you've inspired me to start my own blog..I've wanted to for awhile, but now it's official!! :-) And YES, now I remember seeing you in Lindsey's photos!

fittingbackin said...

HK: I loved that post!! :) I need to keep that list handy too so when i'm in a crabby mood I can do some of those things!!

Prettyface: Wow! That's so exciting! I just started in September and don't know what I did without it. Such a fun way to stay in shape and keep yourself on your toes, while "meeting" great people and sharing advice/recipes/you name it. I get so much out of it and hope you do to!!!

prettyface said...

Sorry to clog up your comment space, but how do you add the tickers, your favorite meals, etc to the sidebar? Trying to figure out where the HTML code goes!?! Yikes. haha

Mary said...

umm yum about the food...when are we coming over for dinner :) good choice with the bm dress - it's always wayyy easier to take it in than to let it out (although i bet you ARE a size 2 YAY!!)the sizing for those things is just so rando! I had afriend who ordered a size 10 and she's 5"7" and weighs 135llbs. Great weigh in and great for Austin too! What a hot couple :)

eurydice said...

dan was really pissing me off on monday night. he better not hook up with that teacher. he sure flits from serena to other women easily. and he's always mad about something. serena not telling him about wanting to go to brown? well it's her decision! argh!

you are pretty smart to premake all your food like that. i find when it's ready to go, there really is no chance to be tempted with other stuff.

fittingbackin said...

Prettyface: add gadgets when you’re in email. For the tickers – you add the gadget named HTML/JavaScript. For lists you can add the ‘Text’ gadget or add a ‘list’ or add a ‘link list.’ Hope this helps!

Mary: haha I’m loving it! Right – I just don’t want to test it, not with a dress that I have to wear for a friend’s big day! They ARE – it’s crazy!! Thanks, Mary – you’re so supportive!!

Eurydice: haha I know, right? I hate him sometimes (sorry for the strong words but it just seems out of character, too, which makes me mad at the writers). He’s – he’s very serious.. haha he DOES flit away easily!!

Thanks – I agree! It’s like sorry, dinner is already made. And I HATE to waste food so I’m glad something positive has FINALLY come of that attitude as opposed to overeating!

Thinspired said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :) Sorry to make you "defend" yourself--I do hate that. I have to do that a lot with my blog name so I know how it feels. It's good you went with your gut! You're right, much easier to take it in ;) I'm sure you'll look great either way.

Sharon said...

Wow, awesome cooking skills! Tasty, tasty!

fittingbackin said...

Thinspired: Of course – not at all! You didn’t – you actually brought up a good point and I’m glad you did! I say all the time I’m a an open book so please don’t worry that I was or will be offended! I hate that you get crap for your blog name – I think it’s clever! Thanks so much – I hope so – I’ve actually gotten some cute BM dresses in the past so fingers crossed this one is, too!

Sharon: Thanks! I’m so into it – I hope it doesn’t die. It makes for easy mornings, too – we’re packed up and ready to go!

Kelly Drawdy said...

Hey Kelly,
Ryan and I just finished eating the tin foil chicken. It was delicious but I didn't read all of your blog apparently where you said you left the potatoes out! yes, they were not cooked as soft and moist as the rest of the mix! Next time, which will be soon, I will leave them out and serve it over rice, just like you said, but the part I failed to read until after I finished the recipe! Keep sending out recipes! I loved this one, will try another asap! miss ya, hope to see you soon!

fittingbackin said...

I'm so glad you tried it (and liked it!) but 'oh no' about the potatoes!! I went and updated the post just now so that wouldn't happen again. Eek! Same thing happened to us the first time - boo! And definitely - i'll keep it up! I actually made a new one tonight. :) I miss you too!! Take care and tell Ryan I say hey!! :)

prettyface said...

HEY whats that first photo of? is that the egg thing? haha It looks GROOD! Not just good...but Good + Great=GROOD! haha

fittingbackin said...

The first photo is the pita pizza mix! (boca, onion, bell pepper!)

Melinda said...

I love Meg Cabot too! Another great writer is Sophie Kinsella- all of her books are awesome! Love your blog! :-)