Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 148 & 149: 2 Recipes, Measurements & a New Low Weight

So Friday night went as I said it would! We watched a movie, I had a glass of wine and a few more sips of Austin’s, and I passed out early! I ended up at 1,525 calories, 171 carbs and 43 fat grams. Not bad! Here’s what I ate.

Saturday did NOT go as planned. I got up early ready to hit the day… but I did nothing. I laid around and chilled, watched a few Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, took a 3-hour nap, etc. I didn’t go to the gym. I did NOTHING. Hehe It felt pretty good to be honest. We had cereal for breakfast, sandwiches/chips for lunch and for dinner we had a more complicated meal slated but I just wasn’t feeling it. I remembered Prettyface’s quick Mexican wraps and decided to make them! Only I didn’t have cilantro, or green onion… or tomatoes… so we improvised and made Black Bean Chicken Tacos. Here’s how for 2 servings:

8 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2-4 Mission low-carb tortillas***
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp chili powder
1/8 cup water
1 cup black beans, drained and rinsed
60 g Kroger fat-free cheddar cheese
2 tsp taco sauce
4 tbsp salsa

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Set mediums-sized pan on medium; spray with PAM. Defrost chicken. While defrosting, drain and rinse beans, divide into two 1/2 cup portions of beans, two 30-gram portions of cheese, and get out enchilada sauce and salsa. Place tortillas on pan and put in oven for 4 minutes. Cut chicken into strips and add to pan. Sprinkle on cumin and chili powder (it’s a lot!) and stir. Add water and salt to pan. Stir and cook until chicken is no longer pink, about 4 minutes. Once chicken is done, spoon into small chopper/food processer. Grind to make shredded chicken. Remove tortillas from oven. Spoon chicken onto tortillas, add enchilada sauce, then beans, then salsa, then cheese. Serve! Notes: We put salsa on the side, but decided next time we’d put salsa on between beans and cheese. We also added a bit of salt to each taco after the bean layer – I’m glad we did! ***After putting in spark people I realized it added up quick to more calories than I want to give to a meal – eek! So I decided next time I would make 1 taco as normal – then put the mix from the second taco in a bowl without a second shell. Nutritional Information (with 2 shells per serving): 545 calories, 81 carbs, 6 fat grams and 51 grams of protein. Nutritional Information (with 1 shell per serving): 425 calories, 47 carbs, 5 fat grams and 48 grams of protein. Now THAT’S more like it! I don’t think I’ll miss the second tortilla at all!

So after our filling, yummy dinner we headed over to our friends’ for a night of drinking games and debauchery. There ended up being 4 couples – all awesome friends including my sister/husband and Scott/Mary who is my inspiration (I literally was close enough friends to say how much do you weigh? 115? K – I want to weigh that because you look fabulous). I’m trying to get her to start her own blog – she’s SUCH an inspiration. Anywho – we had a great time playing a new game Scott/Mary made (a build your own game turned into a drinking game with crazy rules – super fun!) I had lots of vodka and stayed up until 3. Lovely. Great times though!! I ended up at 1,876 calories, 197 carbs and 27 fat grams – high night but way worth it but DANG that second tortilla. Blah – I’ve learned. :) Here’s what I ate.

This morning I got up at 9 and we headed home STARVING. But before making breakfast I weighed myself: 114 people! Yes – that’s what I’m talking about. (Have I told you yet that I’ve decided I want to be at 115 so in order to do that I’ve decided to work towards getting to 113 or 114 so when I fluctuate I’m at 115 or under? I heart a plan!) As usual, I didn’t trust the scale but moved it around and it was 114 three times. Then I remembered, it’s February! Time to measure. Here’s my updated chart:

So my chest, bust, hips, arm and thigh are a bit smaller - FAB! After all of the fun & games I was just STARVING so we threw together a new recipe with the same old ingredients. We call it Quick & Easy Sausage/Egg Wraps. Here’s how for 2 servings:

2 Mission Low carb tortillas
3 eggs
2 tbsp egg whites
1 tbsp milk
2 morningstar farms sausage patties
Salt, tony’s creole, Texas Pete hot sauce to taste

Preheat the oven to 350. Set medium-sized pan to medium and spray with PAM. Whisk together eggs, egg whites, milk and as much salt and tony’s creole seasoning as you’d like. Pour egg mixture in pan. Heat up sausage patties (40 seconds on both sides) and shred to pea-sized pieces. After two minutes, pour sausage into egg mix and stir. Put tortillas in oven. Continue stirring egg/sausage mixture until eggs are cooked, 2-3 more minutes. Remove tortillas from oven and spoon hot sauce in center. With the back of a spoon, smear it on the tortilla. Spoon egg/sausage mixture onto tortillas. Roll them up and cut them in half to make two wrap halves. Enjoy! Nutritional information per serving: 335 calories, 31 carbs, 12 fat grams and 26 protein grams.

K- off to do as little as possible (little bit of laundry, some reading and I’m seriously considering busting out my Windsor pilates DVDs… we’ll see). I’m also going to do my monthly assessment for January, my goals for February, my meal play for February and probably hit the grocery store – yay! Hope you’re all having awesome Sundays – I’m off to read your blogs now before going down for my nap.


Sarah W. said...

yay for 114! thats FABULOUS!! and smaller measurements to boot!

I think its a great plan to be a few lbs under your "goal". gotta factor in those flucuations so that you don't "freak out" when they DO happen :) great great plan!

oh and I might be visiting Atlanta sooner than later and we MUST meet up. probably not for a few months, but my gf lives in Atlanta and is hopefully opening a store, so she's going to want me and another friend down to help her decorate and set up

Big Pissy said...

114 is GREAT! You're smart to get a little below you have some wiggle room with the numbers. :)

Glad you're having a relaxing weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

wow you are absolutely fab girl!!! you make me want to push myself harder to get the best results! such an inspiration :) thanks so much

Anonymous said...

black beans are such a great addition, you'll love it! After i roll up the burrito, i throw it on the george foreman grill and it perfectly grills it :)

Sarah W. said...

arnold thins and sabra hummus should be at your nearest grocer. however, my MIL got those 2 items from COSTCO for me - suucch a good deal! I froze half the pkg of hummus and half the pkg of arnold thins :)

Thinspired said...

Wow, skinny mini! Congrats! Your progress chart is so cool.
YAY for lazy Saturdays! Both recipes look great--I need to find some low-carb tortillas.

Mary said...

awww Kel!! thanks so much - thats so sweet and such a compliment!! I just try to be healthy and active (at least to get some of my ADD energy out!!) you inspire me too! wish i could be as organized as you with the tracking and the food planning...i def need to work on that one. Satw as a blast! I'm def still recovering this AM from the weekend though. AND I am debating about the blogging thing bc I seem to stalk yours and everyone's on here :) - they are fabulous! oh the pressurs on...

Mary said...

ps: just saw the 114! awesome - and def the plan to be a few llbs under is a good one..I usually go bt a 1 or 2 llbs lower and 115 (bc of TOM or sheer laziness :)) the measurements are awesome too - you've come such a long way!

eurydice said...

i like to be under my goal too - so that i am at my goal on heavier days. great recipes. and now you need a new comparison photo!

fittingbackin said...

Sarah: Thanks!! Of course I’m already up to 116.5. hehe Always bouncing around!

Awesome!! Keep me posted!!! Very fun.

Pissy: Thanks!! Exactly – I can clearly gain 2.5 pounds in a day so getting under the goal is a must for me! I did – awesome really. I did very, very little… :)

DG: You’re so sweet! Thanks!! Oh yes – I made an egg/black bean mixture last night and am going to test out a variation tomorrow for breakfast – can’t wait! Thanks!

Sarah: hmmm I must look harder! Thanks for the tips!!

Thinspired: Thanks!! Ah yes – I love a chart! This one is in Excel and I just snag it and convert it to a jpg each time I update it!! Oh yeah – the ones were used to eat were super low carb – La Tortilla Factory (hungry girl recommendation). But honesty they were super expensive and we just weren’t crazy about the taste so we decided to let more carbs come in and get Mission! Easier to find and cheaper.

Mary: :) Of course- you’re amazing!! Hehe I hear you – I hope you had fun at the Super Bowl Party – we just don’t celebrate it! haha You should do it!!! I think you’d love it! Thanks!! I was surprised after a night of drinking but weight is so random. Yup – makes sense – hehe sheer laziness – thanks!!

Eurydice: Exactly – that makes perfect sense. Right now on my heavier days I feel too far from my goal. I DO I’ll have to get Austin to take one this week – maybe I’ll do it Thursday since I work from home and will have more time in the a.m.!