Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 168: Updated Measurements, Product Review & House Hunting Update

Thank you guys so much for your thoughts and advice on my decision to up my calories. I REALLY appreciate it and feel so much better about moving forward having that in my back pocket!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So believe it or not, yesterday I finally got around to measuring! Here is the chart. Not much has changed so that’s good – I heart maintaining. And honestly, I’m fine with these measurements, I just want to tone up a bit more. And I wouldn’t cry if my thigh measurement went down (or my bust measurement went up hehe). Click to make larger!

I started yesterday at 114.5, and a sausage/egg/potato burrito – YUM! I coupled that with dannon fat-free strawberry yogurt. Glorious! For lunch I had a hot turkey/roast beef/swiss sandwich, kettle chips and a mini snickers. For dinner I had FABULOUS chicken fajitas, yum, yum, yum. So this is all fine and good, but I had some other snacks woven in – 2 fun size m&m packs…. Wheat thins/4 laughing cow cubes… and a new product that I’m a fan of: Oreo Cakes! Sound kinda gross, no? Well I went to get my Kashi cookies because Austin “couldn’t find them” when he went to the store. I love him, but thought it was his error, not Kroger’s. So I went and this time they didn’t have them, but they DID have a sign saying they were recalled. What?! OMG! So I grabbed these new snacks to attempt to replace my favorite Kashi oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They pale in comparison, but are STILL a fabulous yummy sweet treat that I enjoyed, especially because there were three so I really felt like I was getting a big treat!

As far as exercise, me and Stacy got in 3.5 miles at lunch (despite the NASTY Atlanta weather yesterday), then I went back and did 2 miles and abs. I had every intention of doing my chest/tricep dumbbells at home, but it didn’t happen. Instead, Austin went to poker and I got in bed and watched Biggest Loser Couples while reading blogs. Lovely! I ended up at 1,666 calories, 222 carbs and 54 fat grams – not bad, but not the best, again those crap snacks added up and got me! Here’s what I ate.

Oh – quick house update: we’re seeing 12 houses with Amanda on Saturday at noon. Wish us luck!! Cross your fingers for an extra 14’x18’ room on the main for the pool table! Hehe And here is an updated board I’ve been working on for one of the guest rooms – it’s REALLY coming together – I’m so excited! Hope you all had great Hump Days - ttyt!! Click to make larger!


prettyface said...

I want a guest room to decorate :( I LOVE your ideas so far. Can I come stay when you're settled in?!?! hahaha

Your meals made my mouth water...Swiss, turkey and roast beef. man oh man. The way to my little heart.

How do you have time to make a good breakfast like that? I think I just wake up way too late most days. All I can do is make some egg whites with a little bit of cheese most mornings. Except on weekends when I can wake up whenever I please...

Speaking of which...TWO more days!!

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious! OMG Kashi cookies are recalled?! haha Seems like the oreo cakesters will have to do! They look yummy!

Way to go on your progress and maintaining! Your measurement chart is extremely impressive.

I also LOVE your inspiration board! Such a great idea! The colors and textures are going to be great all together. Good luck with the house hunting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

Kaneil, balanceisbest

Thinspired said...

Wow, that is really a great workout! Way to go :) And those Oreos?! Yum. Haven't had a real Oreo in years but I could definitely go for a 100-cal pack!!

Big Pissy said...

The guest room is looking good! We cleaned up at Pottery Barn that day! LOL

prettyface said...

Left ya something on my blog :-)

fittingbackin said...

Prettyface: I want a guest room to decorate too! haha Yes mam!! Aw - it was so good - I heart hot sandwiches! I actually make 6 servings of the breakfast on Sunday night, then weigh out individual packs and wrap it in foil. In the morning I simply heat up the mix and heat up a tortilla, wrap and go! I know - ONE MORE DAY NOW!

Balanceisbest: Yes - you heard it here first! Sad da! They really are good (and right after I said I should stop eating processed... wow!) Thanks - hehe - I love being thourough. THANKS - i'm such a fan of inspiration boards. I simply can't picture things in my head and rely on them!! Thanks!!

Thinspired: thanks! Oh yes they are... I haven't had an oreo in forever, and to be honest was never a fan - but these little cakes warm my heart!

Pissy: yes we did! Thanks!! Glad you like it - you've been such a help with my home decor!

Prettface: ooooh intrigued...

Anonymous said...

Have you had the 100 calorie pack oreo cakesters? They are really good but you only get 3!

Anonymous said...

Love your house style! VERY similar to mine! I keep a 'lookbook' or a binder of things I pull out of magazines. :) hehe