Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

hehe I love someecards! Hope you all have fabulous days!


prettyface said...

LOL!! I loooove them too. At my old job all we'd do some days is forward them to each other--they're so witty and sarcastic, I love it. HAHA!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Anything special with the hubby? me and Brady are gonna clebrate with wine and chocolate...water and doggy food for him. he's on a diet. ha!

Anonymous said...

3 things:

1. love those cards
2. Hope you're feeling better!!!
3. I am obsessed with Reuben. :)

Hope you've had a great weekend! Thanks for the encouraging comments. They make my day each time I read them and I know that I can do this!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Me too, I love those cards!

Hope you had a great Valentines Day.

And you will find the right place!

Thinspired said...

Hope you had a great V-Day weekend with your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Someecards are awesome!

fittingbackin said...

Prettyface: hehe they're awesome! oh yes - hours of fun!

Happy V-day to you!! Nope - just chilled and did our own thing - we don't really recognize the holiday but are happy for those who do!! Awww how sweet!! I hope you guys had fun!

Balanceisbest: haha Thanks so much! OMG so am I!! :) I hope you had a great one, too! Can't wait to catch up on you guys' blogs!

Crabby: Thanks - I hope you did too! I think we will - I really do!! Thanks!

thinspired: Thanks, girl - I hope you did too!!

inmytummy: they REALLY are! :)