Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 203: 10 Happy Things

I’m trying to have a good day. I’m trying to brush off the fact that yesterday I got peed on, got attacked by my headboard causing me to potentially pull something in my back, and discovered a bug infestation that clearly pest control can’t… control. Instead I’m choosing happy! Here are 10 happy things for today.

  1. I got in 5.5 miles + abs + shoulders + chest – YES! Great workout.
  2. I’m in love with looking at my sitting room inspiration board (pic below!)
  3. I planned ahead for the 4-hour meeting today by eating breakfast in the car instead of the eggs/bacon smorgasbord; and eating a turkey/FF mayo wheat sandwich at 11 so I could go straight to the gym! Then I got back to work at 1:30 and had my greek feta chicken – perfect!
  4. I RSVPed to attend Hungry Girl’s book signing in Atlanta – yay! It’s at the borders by my house – fab – and it’s on a Friday and I can’t WAIT for her 200 recipes under 200 calories to come out – fun.
  5. I weighed 113 again! I’m hoping it’s due to my hard work rather than my stomach bugg… which is gone by the way! I feel great and, aside from some BAD sinus pressure, am good to go.
  6. Gossip Girl was awesome! Really – so glad B is still herself. Can’t wait to catch up on One Tree Hill and Castle later tonight!
  7. Even though my bedding didn’t NEED to be deep cleaned, I must say it smells amazing and is SUPER fluffy. Last night I quite possibly had the best night of uninterrupted sleep during a weekday without the presence of alcohol I’ve ever had!
  8. People are awesome. My sister has already loaned us tons of boxes, my mom offered to get some in town and have them for us this weekend and our amazing realtor reached out offering to give us boxes and bring them to us. So sweet!
  9. Today a co-worker told me how “thin” I looked and said I looked “great and healthy.” I love that word –not skinny – thin, and of course healthy is what it’s all about! Very, very nice to hear of course – people are so sweet.
  10. I’m super excited about going home this weekend! (Home = Enterprise, Alabama). I haven’t gotten to visit my mom in forever! And I’m co-hosting Megan’s shower so I get to see her again and Lindsey! (no Em though – boo). Either way – I’m looking forward to it and want to make sure I make it a priority and don’t worry about what needs to be done back in Atlanta with the house, etc.
Seating Area (click to make larger)

I ended the day at 1,695 calories, 240 carbs and 25 fat grams – squealed right in again very close to my ceiling! K – off to finish reading blogs – ttyt! Here's what I ate! And I forgot – yesterday I ended up at 1,459 calories, 187 carbs and 35 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.


prettyface said...

Aww E'Prise! I wish we could meet!!

Mica said...

Great list of happy things, and I'm glad you're over your nasty bug!

I don't see you every day (or in real life), but you do look thin and healthy! Not just a skinny waif--you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your taste is so much like mine, so obviously it's amazing!! hehehe. So beautiful, seriously. I love you list!!! Great idea! And you do look so healthy and thin, your before and after pics seriously inspire me!

Anonymous said...

love your happy list!! im a HUGE fan of celeb gossip... and i read today that chad michael murray isn't coming back to one tree hill! they're making budget cuts and he is off the show!! can you believe it??

eurydice said...

i love that color scheme - and happiness is contagious!

Thinspired said...

113 without the stomach bug is awesome :) And of course I like the word thin, too! You do look awesome!