Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 200 Wrap Up & Days 201 & 202: Relaxing Weekend, A tummy bug + real bugs & Attack of a Headboard

Saturday kept roaring for a while – we got a lot packed, we heard from the apartment and we DON’T have to repaint the walls (yesssss) and we got a lot of clutter tossed. Around 8 we could pack no longer and headed over to Scott and Mary’s to visit. Good times! Reuben LOVES it there and I had a great time catching up with Mary! We got back home a little after 1 and passed out. I had a high day (a few drinks and YUMMY cookies Mary T made!) – but it was yummy! I ended up at 2,007 calories, 190 carbs and 55 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

Sunday was a major blah day. I felt AWFUL – I don’t know if I had a 24-hour bug or not but I pretty much spent the day in bed with a tummy ache or sick. :( Other than being sick, I did get in a lot of SATC. Comcast’s On Demand did a cute thing and divided up the episodes into sections like ‘romance and love,’ ‘one night stands,’ ‘I Love NY,’ etc. I ended up watching like 15 episodes! Crazy. During the show I worked on the area in our new house I’m calling the ‘sitting room’ – basically, it’s a random space between the kitchen and pool table. I worked on an inspiration board and can’t wait to set it up – yay!! I also finished up the recipe book (version 1) and had a lot of quality time with Reuben. I finally started feeling better at 7…. Austin went to the grocery store and we cooked breakfasts for Monday – Thursday and white chicken chili for tomorrow and Wednesday. We also made dinner- baked potatoes and chili – yum! I ended up RIGHT at my ceiling – 1,700 calories, 263 carbs and 24 fat grams – not too bad. Here’s what I ate. Just wish I’d felt up to doing the strength training I had down for today but oh well. There’s always another day, right? :) I hope you all had great weekends. Despite feeling sick, I had a great weekend with Austin and Reuben and loved just being at home and getting things done and CHILLING. Nice. So while watching Brothers & Sisters (awesome) and Desperate Housewives (LOVED IT) – I found these little brownish red bugs by the windows… I freaked out… and planned to call pest control first thing in the morning.

Today has been ROUGH…..I got to work and was just sleepy. I had tons to do. I got most of it done but during my 9 a.m. meeting I mentioned the bugs to the girls and they mentioned bed bugs. I know people who got those in college – HELL NO – I took my lunch to swing by the bank for cash for our housekeeper (forgot to leave it), went by Kroger for medicine and raced home to strip our bed and wash it all in hot water. I didn’t find any bugs in the bedding – yay- but did find some dead ones on the window sill. Ewwww. Long story short – in cleaning the bed I managed to get myself pinned down between the box springs and the Ginormous headboard. You guys – it weighs more than 150 pounds. It was AWFUL. I was thinking I’d have to stay there until Terri got in to clean! Thankfully – I squeezed myself out slowly then barely managed to get the board against a wall (not vertically – horizontally). TOTAL mess. By the time I was done I was a dusty mess and had to change and get back to work! My afternoon was super busy… and in the back of my mind I TOTALLY worried about the house/bugs. I did take an afternoon break and get our gas, power, and trash hooked up, and locked down a time with the movers. After work I picked up Reuben (so freaked out from spending the day at the vet for his exam). When we got home he was shaking (from the mess… Reuben can’t handle things out of place for real) and when I picked him up since he wouldn’t walk to his litter box from shaking and he peed on me. Yes. My SECOND dress is now covered in pee. The bed was still a wreck so I changed over the laundry, had some cereal and took a nap on the couch. Wow. No exercise AND a nap. No good very bad day.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. And after everything… we realized they’re not bed bugs, they’re beetles, specifically foreign grain beetles that feed off of new construction, sawdust, etc. which is why they’re obsessed with my windows…. Yes, Post Properties bites the big one again. The minute we got done cleaning everything, they popped up again out of the baseboard. Blah. I guess I’m going to call Post Stratford and make them send back pest control. I’m sure THAT will happen. Good thing – they don’t bite or really have any interest in us. They just want to eat wood. Lovely. And they’re nocturnal and LOVE light. Ew… watching the shows now trying to pretend there aren’t bugs collecting on a lamp. Ewwwww. Off to sleep now to end this day - "see" you all tomorrow - can't wait to read your blogs & catch up!


Mica said...

Ugh, those bugs sound totally gross. Sorry about that unpleasant turn of events. And the getting-stuck-in-the-bed sounds like a total mess, sorry about that too! And your tummy bug, what a rough few days!

At least you had some fun things sprinkled in between. :)

Thinspired said...

I think there is definitely something going around. Take it easy if you can--moving is stressful enough as it is and I'm sure it sucks when you are feeling this crappy :(

Kelly Olexa said...

Ai yi yi- bugs creep me OUT!! I'm so sorry you are dealing with that, girl!!! Go get a massage and de-stress!!! That's what I did tonight! ;-)

prettyface said...

Yikes....bugs...dkfjsdgjghsg. I HATE spiders the most though, and I remember one night waking up to something crawling no my arm and it was one...I about FREAKED OUT. No, wait..i DID!

I couldn't get back to sleep.

I laughed out loud at you getting pinned under the mattress because I've been there. LOL!!

Neesha and Dustin said...

You guys sound swamped...and those bugs: GROSS! We were going to book a cruise for our honeymoon through Royal Caribbean...turns out they have bed bugs AND scabies. Ewww! Luckily, we didn't book through them.

Good luck packing, girl...what a pain. I'm amazed at your "inspiration boards." I have to say-that's so awesome that you keep up with them and are so organized like that. I wish I could be that on top of things. Very awesome. When next I move...I should send you pics and you can send me ideas! :) Hope you're feeling better.

dehumidifier said...

Man, moving is the worst. But! On the plus side, I always lose a few pounds during a move because of all the stress and work. Not the best way to lose weight, but you do, nonetheless.

fittingbackin said...

Mica: Oh girl they ARE! Thanks! It HAS been a rough two days! Yes- the fun made it worth it all!

Thinspired: There has been at my office. Exactly! I'm like NO - I can't get sick!

Kelly: Me too!!!! Thanks so much! I'm actually scheduling a facial for next week - YESSSSS! Hope you have a great massage!

Prettyface: oh yeah dkfjsdgjghsg is RIGHT! Oh hell no - I couldn't do it!! Oh it sucked! I so hope I didn't pull something!

Neesha: oh girl they're SO gross. OH NO - scabies are awful - good thing you do research!!

Thanks! I've got to get on it more! Oh thank you - i'm goign to post the seating room one tonight. and I'd LOVE to help if I can - it's so fun!! Thanks - I am feeling better (thank gawd!)

de: It IS! I'm a stress eater so i'm sure i'll make bad choices and gain a few - I wish I was your way!! :)

melinda said...

wow. you were right, it was a no good very bad day. good luck packing, moving is soo stressful. but i am sure you will be thrilled to live in the new home and all the stress will be worth it! hang in there!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, Melinda - it WAS! I will - just trying to keep my eye on the prize is exactly what I must do - light at the end of the tunnel! :) I really can't wait and you're right - it WILL all be worth it!!