Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Days 227 - 230: Go Big or Go Home...Getting it DONE

Can't even begin to think of everything that was done this weekend!! Between me and Austin having Devon (sister!) and mom there, we were unstoppable - SO MUCH was set up, put together, purchased, worked on - you name it! It was out of control amazing. And I mean it - anytime you see “put together” or “set up” in the list below- for the most part - it was my hero of a sister. WOW she's good at this stuff and I owe her HUGE. We had a time getting this together and I’m just thrilled at the turn out. I need to take some pics!! For now I can only offer this – a somewhat blurry photo of the seating area off the kitchen taken last night on my phone! haha

For now I’m doing this post in two parts: what we did and what I ate. Important note: I only walked 4 miles last week. I just REALLY want to focus on the house and get it done so there you go – no exercise unless you count racing through Ikea before closing or going up and down my stairs hundreds of times decorating. Oh – and heavy lifting and putting together Ikea cubes (kill me now – me and Dev just about let that piece of furniture win – WOW!) Not only did I not work out, I didn’t eat the best either. It was hard being out and about all day AND eating right – eek! K – now I’m going to get to it. I’m blogging now and reading tonight NO MATTER WHAT – I have no idea what’s going with you guys and that bugs me… :( boo.

What I Ate

Friday: I was SO excited to see my mom and sister and get the weekend going – WOO! I ran errands during lunch, raced home after work to unload the car, then headed down to Ikea to start the extravaganza! I got everything I wanted – WOOT! – and shut the store down. We headed back to my place for wine, sleepover and putting together furniture – nice! Great, great night and SO much fun. I ended up at 1,763 calories, 222 carbs and 42 fat grams. I blame the milkshake – it was super yummy though! I never have them and the girls brought it and I thought it was YUMMY! Here’s what I ate.

Saturday: Stayed up WAY too late. Stupid Expedit bookshelves, Ikea! I woke up tired, but ready to EAT! I had cereal, then later when I was out and about I had chick fil a. Nope, not the salad, 2 chicken strips, 4 nuggets and I split an order of fries. It was yummy!! I was SO FULL though and it held me over all day. But later my next door neighbor came by to introduce herself – SO NICE. She brought brownies. Warm brownies. I had two. And it was FABULOUS! We went out again and I got home around 9:30 or 10 to a 6” subway – fab!! I ended up at 1,692 calories, 190 carbs and 57 fat fat grams. Not bad, especially since I had a beer while visiting with Mary & Scott – our first visitors outside of family – fun! Here’s what I ate.

Sunday: Still tired. Boo. But again, I think I ate pretty good being that I was out and about all day - with the exception of the starbursts! And pizza… haha We had a hyper productive day visiting Pier 1 (twice!), Homegoods, Michael’s, TJ Maxx, Target, Ikea and more! I ended up at 1,692 calories, 250 carbs and 54 fat grams – eek! WAY too much pizza, friends. It’s such my favorite weakness! I got home late, stuffed my face and PASSED OUT. Here’s what I ate.

Monday: I was exhausted… but I didn’t give in. I just worked, walked 3.5 miles during lunch and went home to get back on the house stuff. Austin played poker so I just hung out with Reuben and cleaned some stuff. I ended up at 1,595 calories, 223 carbs and 36 fat grams. I totally slacked at dinner and just had leftover pizza and a beer – yes, I did that, but I still ended up in a good range and got even MORE done at the house (put together a dresser, hung curtains, cleaned, etc.) Here’s what I ate.

House Stuff: Here’s What we Did

Kitchen/Seating Area/Den

Bought new hardware and installed it. yay Austin!!
Chose granite for the countertops. Love it - tan brown
Put together 4 chairs for the seating area; bought pillows/throws for chairs
Put together a coffee table (then disassembled and returned it – too big!)
Put up curtains for the back French doors. love them!
Hung a valance over the sink. so cute!
Bought rugs for kitchen area. still deciding on!
Hung the Wrought Iron M over the fireplace
Moved the armoire into the pool table area - looks so good!
Hung a key rack by the door
Bought a piece of art for over the bistro table - love it!


Bought a piece of furniture - small black console
Hung a picture over it, set a lamp by it and chose a ‘catch all’ white bowl from my china
Bought a glass case and set up a neat floral arrangement in it; hung art by it

Half Bath

Bought a rug - looks great!
Bought a toilet paper holder

Living Room

New couch was delivered/set up - LOVE it.
Bought two leather club chairs - LOVE THEM.
Moved new console in - i'm obsessed with this room.
Hung large iron piece over couch
Bought large glass jugs and set up the area with vase filler and sand - looks SO good!
Bought 3 pillows for chairs/bench and a throw
Bought new coasters, tray and jar for the coffee table
Bought curtains/curtain rods
Bought a new floor lamp - SO cool!

Master Bedroom

Bought a floor mirror - swoon. It's awesome.
Put two new chairs in - they blend so well - although we have TONS of seating!
Bought a console cubby system and put it together with 4 new cube baskets - eeee a biatch to put together but it looks fabulous!
Bought d├ęcor items for the birch sleeves and console (vase filler, candle sticks, etc.) Devon did an AMAZING job putting this area together - love it
Bought curtains/curtain rods

Master Bath

Set up new stool for vanity
Bought closet organizers and set them up - so much easier to use now!

Guest Room #1

Bought bed
Set up bed frame/headboard/bedding - i just love this room. Love it!
Bought fan & installed it - the fan looks GREAT!
Bought curtain & rod
Bought mirror

Guest Room #2

Bought bed (will be delivered on Sunday)
Set up bed frame
Bought headboard - so cute!
Set up dresser - loving the ivory and how it's all turning out!
Bought Curtain/rod
Bought side table & lamp

Guest Bath

Set up shower curtain/lamp/rugs/etc.
Installed new hardware

xBox Room

Moved couch upstairs and put in console - Austin's space is starting to look GOOD! I know he's excited.
Bought a coffee table
Have art ready to hang


Bought 2 sets of patio furniture (set up one)
Bought pillows for the furniture - love the pillows/love the conversation set. Can't wait to see it all together!

Notice what’s missing? The office and the scrapbook room! They have lots of work… I can’t decide on a color scheme for the scrapbook room and the office has become a catch all – eek! And of course there's lots of things left to do in each of these rooms (hang curtains, etc.) but MY GOSH did it come together quick and me and Austin couldn't be more thrilled with the restults. We LOVE IT - and are so grateful to have Devon and Mom spend the weekend with us and lend their time and expertise. We're some lucky new homeowners. :)

A note about weight: Believe it or not I’ve pretty much maintained. I was even 112 this morning – random. Must be losing muscle. Not good! I will strength train this week – THURSDAY – there. Now it’s written so I have to do it, right?!

Can’t wait to catch up – hope you’re all having fabulous Tuesdays!!


Anonymous said...

wow! you are a machine! where can i get some of that energy!?!?

great job on getting everything done though!

Mica said...

Good-ness, lady! Just reading that list of accomplishments makes me tired. I bet you're burning tons of calories from all that shopping, assembling, and arranging.

Big Pissy said...

I agree! I was THERE and I get tired just reading the list! ;-)

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...


Brandi said...

can't wait to see the photos! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a of things you accomplished! I'm impressed.

Neesha and Dustin said...

AMAZING! Don't feel bad about not catching up on our blogs...I haven't even written in WEEKS! It's so great to see how well everything's coming along. I'm surprised you don't have a color scheme for the last two rooms you mentioned becaues your inspiration boards are always so fabulous and thorough! Can't wait to see what you come up with, though!


inmytummy said...

That's quite a of things you accomplished! I'm impressed.