Saturday, April 25, 2009

Days 231 - 234: House Pics: Our Living Room, Bedroom & Entryway! Woo!

I'm behind again - argh! haha This post will be two parts - pics of the house and the usual -what i've been up to and what i've been eating! Let's start with of the house!! Hope you like it - can't wait to get fully caught up and hope you guys are all having the best weekend. I'm spending the weekend with Austin and Reuben and friends, and today i'm setting up my scrapbook room - WOO! For starters... here is our Living Room!

Eeee I just love it! I love the new couch, the chairs, the pillows- and one of my favorites is the throw. I'm so glad to be able to use the new red pillows and think Austin did a great job with the curtains!! I love the set up my sister did with the furniture and with the jugs. We think it's a super cozy room and I love that it has a good bit of seating even though it's not the largest space. All that's left to do is ironing the curtains and filling the console with books and/or DVDs - woo!!
Here is our Bedroom

I personally don't think this room photographed as well as the living room - but that's okay - I love it in person. For instance, the mirror/chaise wall seems bare in the photos but it fills it in person - I swear! haha The only things I really have left to do (this year!) is clean up those cubbies - can't decide if I like the way I set up stuff in my sister's absense. Next year, i'd like to get new night stands and reupholster the chaise! (or, if it's too expensive, just get a new chaise). In the meantime I would like to buy a throw to go on it to lighten it up a little - probably an ivory or darker cream color. And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, a glamour shot of Reuben! He's such a model with his new summer cut. He matches our bedroom well!

Our Entryway

LOVE the entryway!! Me and Devie found that piece at Ballard's on major clearance - woo! And I love the Restoration Hardware lamp Austin's mom gave us! We were originally going to do a coat rack here and i'm still thinking about it. The one at Pier 1 was $100 and the closest store that had it in stock was in a city i'd never even heard of 45 minutes away. However, I found this one on Ikea for only $30. Still deciding.... :)
Other progress: the seating area/pool table area needs some work (need lights hung, pictures hung, etc.; the two guest rooms are coming along good! Have the last mattress being delievered tomorrow then that room should come together and again, I hope to have the scrapbook room completed tomorrow, with the exception of a few decorative things. Austin's "xBox room" is going well too -he just needs to hang pictures!!
Now on to what i've been up to!!! FYI: It's been pretty uneventful, peeps - just house stuff!
Tuesday was slightly uneventful! Just worked, skipped my lunch workout to go to Target to switch some stuff out and get some new curtain rods, and raced home after work (skipping the other end of the workout – eek!) to get home and get back to house stuff! I got lots done and passed out early – like I said- pretty uneventful! I ended up at 1,682 calories, 257 carbs and 28 fat grams. Not bad but too high on carbs – imagine that! I’m so glad I made that sausage/pasta again – so good! Here’s what I ate. Yes, I caved during lunch at Home Depot and bought a bag of sour patch kids. Hehe I’m such a candy fan!

Wednesday was a bit more relaxing. I worked, got in 3.5 miles at lunch and headed home after work. I know – I’m a wild child! Haha Austin went out to play poker so I honestly didn’t get much done – just a few small things here and there, and got ready for laundry day the next day! I went to sleep early and slept SO GOOD! Burning the candle at both ends sucks so it was great to CHILL. At the end of the day I had 1,600 calories, 218 carbs and 30 fat grams – not bad! Here’s what I ate.

Thursday was SUCH a good day. I mean it – work from home days make me sane. I got so much work done with no interruptions, and used my lunch to do laundry and hang out with Reubey bear! When Austin got home we knocked out a few things and I worked on my scrapbook room inspiration board. It finally came together and I was SO READY to go to Ikea and buy it all up! But decided to wait until the weekend or later and focus on the other rooms. I rounded out the day at 1,629 calories, 235 carbs and 34 fat grams – I’ve GOT to find some low-carb snacks. Hehe Here’s what I ate.

Friday on the way to work I realized I didn’t have my gym bag. What?! I was so looking forward to working out – really! haha So I called Austin for advice: what should I do during lunch instead? DUH – go to Ikea and buy the scrapbook room stuff – WOO! I raced over, got it all and headed back to work with a car full of fun. Work sped by and before I knew it I was on the way home to see Austin and our friend Phil (in town from Texas). Fun! They helped me unload the car, gave me a beer, and I got started in my room. I only had an hour – because then it was time for Philapalooza – poker night at Jason/Crystal’s. SO FUN! We headed over with Reuben and our overnight clothes (so nice to have the top down – great weather!) We played poker, Rock Band and caught up with everyone – AWESOME time. Crystal and Jason are expecting a baby boy in August so it was fun to see their nursery and all of the amazing work they’d done – so happy for them! We had a great time – so good to see everyone and visit with Phil, too. I definitely had a ‘high day’ ending up at 2,174 calories, 219 carbs and 51 fat grams. Yes – it was the vodka, beer and the late night pizza and chips. But what are you going to do? I had a great time and enjoyed it – even with the extra calories! Here’s what I ate.

We finally went to bed at 4 a.m. – blah – and I woke up at 9:30 – double blah. I didn’t feel too bad though because it was time to go to the granite place in Kennesaw to pick out our slab – WOO! The meeting went well, we decided on our sink and officially chose tan brown as our granite (love it!) – now we just need an updated quote and we’re on the way! We took backroads home and just enjoyed the weather/convertible – SO nice. We stopped and got tuna sandwiches at My Friend’s Place (love them – it had been a LONG time) and got to work in the Scrapbook room putting together the desk chair, visitor chair, lounge chair/stool, 3-drawer dresser, floor lamp and some small storage boxes. Problems though: must go back to Ikea – only got 1 of 2 boxes for the bookshelf, only got 2 desk legs instead of 4 and actually got the wrong color in the dresser AND floor lamp – but decided to keep my mistakes – I like them! Haha
So now I’m catching up on the blog, catching up on TV and getting ready to nap before hitting up Ikea (again). Sigh. Oh who am I kidding – I can’t WAIT to go back – such a fun store.
Starting Monday i'm hoping to be back to normal on work outs, recipes, etc. - i'm excited and have missed the gym!! And my weight is dropping which I don't like - i've been weighing around 110 and I think 115 was my "happy weight" - I just NEED to do my strength training!! :( I'm going to get back on it! In the meantime, i'm going to take a nap! Bye!!


Big Pissy said...

Glad y'all had a good day enjoying the beautiful weather. Gotta love a convertible on days like this. :)

I thought you looked a little thin, but then....I AM your mother and that's what we do, right? ;-)

Mica said...

Wow, everything looks great! Please come help me decorate my apartment, which looks like crud in comparison to your beautiful new house!

I don't blame you for missing some workouts. You've been a busy lady!

Neesha and Dustin said...

I love this gorgeousness...come to my home and redecorate for me? I'd be eternally grateful. I think we may repaint soon...oh, boy...meanwhile...I could't be MORE jealous of your wooden floors :(

Looks like all your hard work paid off...fabulous!

Anonymous said...

everything looks absolutely beautiful! you are decorating everything so well :) i love it! hope things start settling down for you soon! enjoy your lovely new house!

Hopeful said...

I have been following your blog since the beginning of the are so inspiring! Your work ethic is amazing, you accomplish so much in a day. The new place looks likes it is coming along nicely, good for you.

Anonymous said...

y'all are such talented decorators! your house is georgous!!! don't sweat missing the workouts - getting your house ready was a workout in itself!

Thinspired said...

So much to catch up on--your house is BEAUTIFUL! You have a definite style--and I love it! The house is gorgeous but still looks comfortable. You should be so proud!
And it's great that you have been able to maintain your weight through all this. That is definitely inspiring (thinspiring?) to me!

fittingbackin said...

Pissy: We did - thanks! haha Yes, you are! I want to build more muscle and gain some back!

Mica: Thanks, girl!! oh you need my mom & sister!!!! :) I doubt that! I have been - but I miss the workouts fo real!

Neesha: Thanks!! You have to call on my sister - I can only replicate her ideas!! I'm a fraud!! Ooooh we haven't painted anything yet! Thanks - so glad you like the house!!

Dailygoods: Thanks, girl! I think they will - i'm just trying to take advantage of this momentum! I feel like if I don't i'll never knock this stuff out!

Hopeful: Hi! Thanks for reading!! You're so sweet - I'm trying to keep it up and it's hard but i'm determined so I hope it works out!! And thanks - we're loving the house!

Sweetandfit: Thanks, girl! haha I hope so - that's what I keep telling myself!

Thinspired: thank you!! I really wanted it to still be cozy so i'm SO GLAD you said that sweet girl! haah thank you - thinspiring - i love that. Hope you TMed it!!

Anonymous said...

After all most outdoors would look bare without outdoor lounge chair.

zane said...

After all most outdoors would look bare without outdoor lounge chair.

Thinspired said...

So much to catch up on--your house is BEAUTIFUL! You have a definite style--and I love it! The house is gorgeous but still looks comfortable. You should be so proud!
And it's great that you have been able to maintain your weight through all this. That is definitely inspiring (thinspiring?) to me!