Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Seventh Month: March 2009 Monthly Assessment

By the Numbers

Pounds Lost: .5 (114.5 to 114)
Highest Weight: 116.5
Lowest Weight: 112
Pounds left to Lose: 0
Posts: 20
Days Worked out: 18
Miles of cardio: 83.5
Great Nutrition Days: 22
Low Nutrition Days: 0
High Nutrition Days: 9
Injuries: none!
Days out for injury: 0
Vacations: 2 bachelorette parties – does that count?
Days out for vacation: If so, 4!
Day worked out during vacation: 0

Interesting Charts

March Weight

March Calories

Yay! I’m proud of my weight maintenance and getting in my (almost) 84 miles even though we’ve had a lot going on! Also – I’m glad I hit my goal of 113, and managed to stay at or under 115 every day but three times! Woo! Granted, I didn’t weigh every day this month (too many get overnight get togethers). I will say I was disappointed in how much I let strength training go – I just need to be better about making it a priority!

A Look Back: March Goals

1. Have 7 or less days over 1,700 calories. I had lots of over days – eek! This was just one of those months with lots of drinking and two bachelorette parties and a trip to Alabama for a shower – just no way around it – boo.

2. Weigh 113 five days this month. Non-issue – the weight went great this month. I truly hope it’s not because I slacked on my strength training though… April will be better! I’m motivated to do better. DONE

3. Walk 84 miles. I walked 83.5 – so I’m going to say… DONE haha (it's SO close!)

4. Introduce 3 new recipes. I’m SO HAPPY with the new recipes – woo! DONE

5. Update the home blog 5 days/week. DONE I really enjoyed this and have been keeping up with it easily. Austin said he’s glad we’ll have it to look back on the whole process one day!

6. Read 2 books. DONE I started out the month as a reading machine… then I let it slide. I’m going to pick up the mucho reading again in May!

7. Take back the rest of the stuff we don’t want/need. IN PROGRESS We’re moving a few things with us we don’t want/need but I’m thinking May will be the time to get it gone!

8. Buy a house/pack! DONE/IN PROGRESS It’s going great – we’re THRILLED, as you know. :)

9. Organize recipes; print them out and bind them. DONE It’s totally version 1 of many but I did it and I’m glad. Now we’re making handwritten notes in it to make the next version even better!

10. Organize 2 weeks of meal plans; print them out and make grocery lists for each. IN PROGRESS I started… but didn’t finish. I’m going to move this over to May!
You probably noticed a lot of ‘in May’ up there… I’ve decided to do what I want to do – focus on the house in April! Based on my urge to get our home ready, but still keeping in mind the other things I want to do, here are April goals!

A Look Ahead: April Goals

1. Have 7 or less days over 1,700 calories.
2. Weigh 113 10 days this month.
3. Walk 84 miles AND do strength training 3 days/week (day 1: chest/tris; day 2: abs/legs; day 3: back, bis, shoulders)
4. Introduce 2 new recipes.
5. Update the home blog 4 days/week.
6. Read 1 book and 3 home d├ęcor magazines.
7. Make a headboard for the guest bedroom (eeee!)
8. Refinish TWO dressers and get new hardware.
9. Decide once and for all which Ikea items I want for my scrapbook room!
10. Make a list of items I want for the house; prioritize them; SAVE money for them!

I'll go drop these in the sidebar now! I'm a little worried about April – but not too bad. I just know that this week will be hectic finishing up packing. Thursday the pool table moves. Saturday we move. I can’t believe Saturday night will be spent in our new home! Eeee! Then comes Easter. Then the following weekend my parents are coming to town – yay! They’ve never really gotten to stay with me (the loft doesn’t really make for a cozy overnight stay for out-of-town guests). I can’t wait! Then the next weekend is OPEN, then it’s off to Enterprise for Megan’s wedding – woo! So I can see how this month could be a little crazy…. Especially if the pollen ends up making me sick… But I know I’ll just need to focus and keep up my walking and eating right and just do a little bit on the house and on myself each day! I can’t wait you guys – April is going to ROCK!!! Do you have any goals for this month? Are you pumped for Spring?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure April will be great for you! I'm totally jealous of that big kitchen in your new house.

Jen said...

Yay, I love your monthly assessments! Great job achieving so many of your March goals. You seriously inspire me to be more goal-oriented and organized. :)

And yes, I'm definitely so excited for April!

Anonymous said...

congrats girl on all the progress! you are such an inspiration to me!

Mica said...

Great job with your March goals and best of luck with your April goals! (Ooh, refinishing ONE dresser is a hefty goal by itself!)

My goal for April is to lose the weight I gained in March, plus four more to get to my goal. Blah, I'm kind of in the dumps about my negative progress though. Hopefully, April will be better than March.

Aggie said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Wow, I love yours...I love all of your goals. You are very inspiring...

I'm really into health and fitness so it's nice to run into likeminded people! I'm trying to lose 10lbs right's been hard.

Sarah W. said...

yay for your goals!! great job!!

Thinspired said...

It's wonderful that you have managed to keep your weight within such a small window! That's hardly a variance at all! How do you do it? Last month I must have had at least a seven-pound swing. Yikes!

fittingbackin said...

inmytummy: I hope so!! I'm excited - I need the space! Just last night I caught a kitchen towel on fire because it got too close to the eye - eek!

Jen: Thanks!! Aw thank you!!

Sweet & Fit: thanks!!!! :)

Mica: Thanks, Lady! Yes - I hope I can do them both - I'm just dying to do so many things! That's a great goal - April WILL be better than March!!

Aggie: Thanks!! Well you're definitely on track to lose it with the great eats you cook - that's awesome! It IS nice - I love the blog world!

Sarah W: Thanks girl!

Thinspired: I honestly have no idea! haha I figured it was because I weigh at the same time every day - and when I notice i'm up a little i'm a little more careful that day - when i'm down i'll splurge a little! hehe

melinda said...

Congratulation on all of your progress!!! Good luck in April! I am sure you will succeed again.

Anonymous said...

reading your journal has motivated me to start my own. i cant believe how well you have gone with sticking to and making your goals!
I wish i was at the point you are.. but im still at the beginning.