Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 240 – 244: Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up, New Recipe & Photos!

It was a GREAT weekend! Here’s a few highlights in photos (above - click to make larger!) and below!
  • Megan was a STUNNING bride. She just looked amazing and it was so nice to see one of my best friends, a girl i've been friends with since we were 6, get married in her parent's yard - just beautiful. The weather was perfect, she looked amazing and we just had the best time with our friends, their families and my parents - GREAT weekend!

  • The granite templating on Thursday went great! Can't wait to have granite in TWO DAYS! OMG. We have a plumber all lined up for Friday (the sink has to set for 24 hours), and I replaced the faucet with one that had all the parts. Grrrr.

  • I made a new recipe - Mustard Crusted Salmon. It's EASY so real quick: Mix 1 tbsp fat-free sour cream and 1 tsp dijon mustard. Spread over salmon fillet and broil for 8 minutes. DONE! We served ours with rice, but next time I want to serve it with a baked potato and corn- yum! I have NO IDEA where I found the recipe... boo... but I hope you try it/like it!

  • I got a haircut Thursday - love Van Michael! Love the shorter cut - love it!
  • I bought some new flats. Yes- my feet still prefer flats. Blah. I'm obsessed with them though - black and brown gladiators!! I think i'm going to do peasant tops, skinny jeans and gladiators through spring! I love DSW!


Thursday: I had 1,679 calories, 244 carbs and 42 fat grams. Not awful – especially since we had dinner & a snack on the road! And when we got to town I had M&Ms! Haha Addictive little bastards. Here’s what I ate.

Friday: I had 2,361 calories, 179 carbs and 93 fat grams – high!! It was the rehearsal dinner and bridemaid’s luncheon – I went STARVING to both and ate poorly. Here’s what I ate. Chicken Salad + brownies + M&Ms + macaroni & cheese + mashed potatoes??!! WHOA! haha

Saturday: I had 2,526 calories, 75 fat grams and 187 carbs – whoa! But – come on – I was gone ALL day and ate/drank all day – what did I expect??! Haha Here’s what I ate.

Sunday: I had 1,648 calories, 170 carbs and 73 fat grams – eeek! Fast food is KILLER – I had zaxby’s and was BAD! Here’s what I ate.

Monday: I had 1,654 calories, 231 carbs and 30 fat grams. It was a great day but I was SUPER snacky! Here’s what I ate.


I had every intention of working out Friday and Saturday – I wanted to squeeze it in no matter what. Friday’s 4-mile walk was GREAT and I stuck around for biceps, shoulders and triceps. Saturday I got up in ample time to go walk…. But my allergy attack was back and I felt like crap. Instead of laid around on my mom’s couch feeling awful catching up on Gossip Girl. I’m a loser. Monday was better though! 5.5 miles cardio + abs – woo! I’m on my way to 100 miles!!

Today i'm hoping to do 5.5 miles + legs! So weird that it's Cinco De Mayo - is it just me or does it ALWAYS fall on a rando Tuesday or Monday in crap weather? Blah.


dehumidifier said...

That salmon sounds good, I'm always up for low fat seafood recipes. Is it frozen or fresh before you broil it? Where/what kind of filets do you use?

So many questions!

Mica said...

The salmon sounds awesome!

Best of luck getting to 100 miles this month!

Anonymous said...

i loooove simple and easy recipes! and it sounds amazing!

fittingbackin said...

De: It was!! It was frozen before I broiled it. I buy mine at Kroger - treasure of the sea! (comes with 4 fillets- no skin!)

Mica: we loved it - too simple and yum. Thanks - i'm trying - my legs hurt!

Sweetandfit: Me too! It was great!!

Anonymous said...

wow that salmon sounds absolutely amazing!!! and the wedding sounds beautiful, so glad you had such a great time! love all the pics girly! hope your house is wonderful and youre enjoying every bit of it!

Big Pissy said...

That salmon really does sound good. And could it be any easier?!?!? Love that!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.....

eat, Live, Love said...

Looks like it was such a fun weekend! You continue to amaze me! you have it so together and your so organized! How do you find the time?

Thinspired said...

Lovely wedding photos! I love the "To I Dos" sign--too cute.