Monday, June 8, 2009

Days 274 + 275: New Product + SYTYCD + Book Review + Whole/Filling/Yummy Snacks Needed!

So... I wrote on Friday at the airport planning to post it that night at the hotel but I didn't have Internet. So... it's kind of in present then switches to past. Sorrrry! :)

Thursday was a pretty uneventful day – not gonna lie! I basically worked (at home), did laundry and hung out with Austin during lunch, worked more, then after work I SO meant to lift weights but instead I cleaned the house and packed up for Virginia! I’m now at the airport in Atlanta (sigh) and Internet here isn’t free (skanky). I only have 30 minutes so I’m typing now and hoping to post during my layover in D.C. where I feel certain the Internet is free. (think it was during my last visit?) This weekend we’re going to Charlottesville for Austin’s grandfather’s 90th birthday! Friday we’re staying out towards the party (about 45 past downtown) – then Saturday after the party (around 7 or 8) we’re heading to downtown (different hotel) to meet up with one of my besties (Emily – was my maid of honor/college roommate/danceline buddy in high school/partner in crime in middle school/etc.) and her boyfriend Tim. I’m SUPER excited to go out in a new city – apparently it’s fun there so I’m ready to check it out! Back to yesterday – I tried a new product during lunch – Trader Joe’s mushroom ravioli. We served it with 4 oz. of chicken again and ½ cup red sauce (naturally preferred). It was yum! We ranked it comparable with the artichoke ravioli! Aside from trying the new product, I enjoyed So You Think You Can Dance, I watched more Veronica Mars (HUGE fan… ) I ended up at 1,678 calories, 241 carbs and 31 fat grams. Here’s what I ate.

I thought A LOT about you guys’ great comments and decided to really consider changing the way I eat. I think I’m going to leave the meals as they are (pretty low calorie; pretty low fat; kinda high in carbs) but really look at the snacks. Honestly, it will be hard to cut the ‘sweet treats’ as these are, in all honestly, cigarette replacements. :( I know – BAD news. But I definitely want to look at replacing at least one with fruit, and replacing the ‘salty snacks’ (i.e. goldfish, cheez-its, etc.) with veggies or carrots/hummus. Lastly – I REALLY liked Sarah W’s idea about oatmeal. I’ve seen you crazy kids out there with your oatmeal and super fun mix-ins so I think I’m going to do some research and give it a whirl. I think I will try this new stuff for a week or so and see how it goes. If it goes well…. I think I want to try a CFW – or at least a CF Sunday through Thursday! (assuming beer and vodka count as crap!) Any advice you lovelies can pass my way I appreciate. What’s your favorite whole/filling/yummy snack?! Anyone have a CFW menu I can mine ideas from? Thanks, friends!!

So I never got Internet…. Now it’s Monday… eek! Here’s Friday’s update… Friday was a busy one! Starting with us finding out it would be an extra $100 round trip for us to check two bags. What? The first bag charges? What? So… we really didn’t NEED to check, but we were for toiletries. Enter TSA regulations and a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond where we stocked up on all of these adorable containers and products and 3-oz. bottles – WOO! I spent $30 (but really nothing because I’m still using gift cards from the wedding – sweet!) and now we have this for the rest of our trips. Somebody’s pumped and it’s ME! We got all of our stuff in a small carry-on suitcase and a backpack (including snacks, books, my laptop, etc.) Yesss. Other than that (probably-not-that-exciting) news, I worked until 12, walked 2.5 miles, did a circuit of legs, chest, triceps and biceps, went to the bank, and met my mom and stepdad – they stayed at our place this weekend for an Earth, Wind & Fire/Chicago concert!! Yay! They also brought Reuben’s uncles, Momo and Buster – so I’m sure he was in HEAVEN with all of the company!! We would have been late…. But traffic was a breeze, the lovely marta didn’t fail us (as it always seems to when we utilize its services for concerts) and we got Terminal T (my favorite) so security involved us walking up to the guy… no line. Long story short: we flew to DC, chilled for an hour and flew to Charlottesville. I bumped into someone that was like 3 degrees of separation (knew lots of the same people; went to the same college; etc.) and we chatted with him on the flight to Charlottesville. Got there, got our rental car, went to the hotel and passed out! Quick note: I finished reading Over Her Dead Body. I know, finally. I really enjoyed it once I got further in and was surprised at the twist ending. In all honesty, it was the hardest of her books for me to get into – I just wasn’t feeling it – but once I got further along it was awesome! I started a new book that night, Karin Slaugher’s Triptych. I read 50 pages and was really into it! I ended up at 1,806 calories, 279 carbs and 35 fat grams. Here’s what I ate. Yes, a lot of crap (frozen yogurt, pizza and sour patch kids? What?)

I’m going to finish up Saturday and Sunday later today AND do a book review of Triptych. Yes…. It was so good that I’m done with it already even though I started it Friday. I pretty much read by plane, train and automobile Sunday and finished it up. AMAZING!! I will also FINALLY assess May and get pumped for June. I think my biggest goal for June is going to be figuring out this CFW thing and finding treats that will satisfy me in crap’s absence… again – help Kel! I hope you all had fab weekends. And thank you AGAIN for your great advice and thoughts on my maintenance situation/calorie stuff. I appreciate the help and advice and am SERIOUSLY considering changing how I eat… starting with snacks!


Kelly Drawdy said...

kel, what do you mean by cfw? am i missing something?

fittingbackin said...

Crap free week!! :) some of the girls have been doing them and have the best things to say!

Anonymous said...

here are some snack ideas - hummus, triscuits, low fat cheese, yogurt, almonds, cottage cheese, edamame, vitamuffins. Mix and match as you wish although I don't think vitamuffins go with hummus!

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, inmytummy! I like all of these things - always forget about cottage cheese, almonds and edamame - great list!! Thank you!

Sarah W. said...

hummus & veggies/triscuits
greek yogurt w/ fruit
sargento light string cheese
mixed nuts
apple w/ pb