Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 318: 6.5 Miles, Trader Joe’s Visit, 11 New Products and Sweet B-day Prezzy

Friday started out pretty BLAH. Just worked, then walked 3.5 miles during lunch with Stacy/Sue, then worked, walked 3 miles after work, then went to Trader Joe’s – woo! I love my trips to Trader Joe’s – each time I go my total is higher and Kroger’s total is lower – I just save so much money there and get the yummiest stuff! Here’s what I got!

The spread!

New Items!

Barb’s Peanutbutter Puffins (heard they’re amazing!)

Organic Garbanzo beans (never had them; got them for a recipe!)

Basmati Rice & Jasmine Rice (for Cooking Light and Aggie’s Kitchen recipes; I’ve never had either one!)

Can of green chilies (for a Chimichanga recipe!)

Tepenade with artichokes & red pepper (for a Burp & Slurp recipe!)

Slivered Almonds (for a Thai recipe on Cooking Light)

Smart Dogs (never had a smart dog!! Going to make ‘chili dogs’ one night this week)

Fage Greek Yogurt 0% (for some new Mediterranean recipes I’m dying to try)

Rice Vinegar (new Asian inspired Cooking Light recipes)

Amy’s Blackbean Chili (for the smartdogs!)

Yay! Other than the new items I got some standard usuals, frozen strawberry bars, Morningstar Farms sausage patties, fat-free feta, fire roasted red peppers, bag of large/tailless shrimp, light coconut milk, pesto sauce, artichoke hearts, veggies: peppers/mushrooms/tomatoes/romaine/onions/spinach, sun dried tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, 2 kinds of hummus, pizza dough, turkey (93/7), babybel minis, pitas, 2 kinds of chicken sausage, cilantro, oregano and tortillas. WOO! I love a successful shopping trip. And all of that for $107 – not bad for 2 peeps!

I raced home STARVING. Like, I don’t get it – I had a egg/MS sausage/ff cheese muffin for breakfast and my fried rice for lunch. I’d snacked on yogurt, kashi crackers (cheddar- good!) and 2 snickers. I thought I’d had plenty of food but by the second mile after work I didn’t know if I’d get through it! Then at the store I was going to buy a bar or something but they were meal bars and I knew Austin was making marsala so I waited. I got home FAMISHED and ate the marsala quick…

then was still hungry so I had 2/3 of a pita and some Tj’s garlic flavored hummus. Then I hopped in the shower and we headed over to Linc/Shana’s for a night of games/drinking/good times! Good times we had – they got me the sweetest birthday prezzy combining 3 of my passions: cooking, reading and getting shitfaced playing games.

We cracked open the ‘drinking games’ box and went to town! 9 o’clock quickly turned into 3 o’clock as it always does when the 4 of us get together – eek! We had some pizza and passed out! I ended up at 2,260 calories, 231 carbs, 44 fat grams and 114 protein grams. Not too bad, especially with the 6.5 miles factored in, right?! I counted the pizza as ‘breakfast’ for the next day (Saturday) as I ate it SO late or early depending on how you look at it. :) Here’s what I ate and drank.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You got great stuff at TJ's! I can't wait to see what you'll make with some of the items... :) Happy Sunday!

Therese said...

I LOVE following your blog (sorry I'm a dork) because I have yet to find someone who has lost weight, without sacrificing their social life! I have taken a tip from you and have been logging all my drinks and I really do find I have less when I have to keep track.

The nights when I just say "screw it" I end up having waaay too much! So thanks :) Time to go have a glass of wine for Sunday Funday lol.

Kelly Olexa said...

Isn't Trader Joes just awesome? I get these organic Black bean and grilled vegie burritos there and I am ADDICTED to them. MMMMM

Sheila B. said...

Hi! I loooove TJ! I've been following your blog a week now. Thanks for all the encouraging posts! Btw, that chicken marsala looks good. How'd ya'll make it? I love anything with pasta :)

april said...

What an awesome spread! Everything looks yummy and good job on the 6 miles!

Mica said...

Ooh, I'm jealous of the TJ's!

How do you get in 6.5 miles a day? You're my hero! (How long does it take you to walk 3 miles? Do you have a long-ish lunch break or something?)

Big Pissy said...

Mmmmmmm.....Trader Joe's!!!!!!!

fittingbackin said...

Andrea: I love TJ's!! Oh yes - lots of cooking going on this week, too. I'm addicted!

Therese: Thanks!!! I can't sacrifice my social life! My husband wouldn't let me even if i considered it. :) Oh yeah - i'd just rather have 1 liquor drink then 3 beers - saves me calories and I feel less "full." haha I hear that!!

Kelly: It's just the best!!! oooh - will have to try those!

Sheila: Me too! Yay- welcome! click under recipes>Italian Inspired!! It's super easy with very few ingredients! Thanks again for reading. :)

April: I just can't get enough of TJ's! Thanks - it felt great!

Mica: I walk 15 minute miles so 3 miles takes me 45! There's a gym in my building and one about a block in my parent company's building so it's pretty quick to run down, change, walk, change back and run up! I never eat my lunch during my "lunch hour" - I don't usually get hungry for it until 2 p.m. Then after work I go back for 3 miles (45 minutes again).

Pissy: Ah yes - i'm such a fan!

Thinspired said...

This post makes me so ridiculously happy. That is exactly what I would do if I went to Trader Joe's right now! So much good stuff in there!
I'd love to know how the Amy's chili is.

fittingbackin said...

Thinspired: Yay!! I know it- that store is just my personal fave! You know it - will do fo sho!

Thinspired said...

This post makes me so ridiculously happy. That is exactly what I would do if I went to Trader Joe's right now! So much good stuff in there!
I'd love to know how the Amy's chili is.