Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 Miles (2 running - woo!), ST Workout (Chest, Triceps, Shoulders), GREAT day!!

Disclaimer: i'm so behind on blog reading!! EEk! I'm reading tomorrow - promises! And HAPPY FRIDAY!! On to yesterday....

I must say yesterday was a success. Perhaps guilt from the day before's unnecessary snacking? Perhaps because my HRM was in full force again thanks to Liz’s suggestions? (tighten it more; clean it more…. Oopsie – I was ready to take it back to Dick’s!). Or maybe I was just ready to work it – who knows?! All I do know is that during lunch I walked 2 miles (4 mph)…. Then ran! A mile! (6.3 mph). Then walked another mile taking it to 4 miles. I burned 340 calories – woo! (80 calories/mile walking; 100 calories/run). Then I worked a bunch. After work I cooked dinner/lunch for tomorrow… then went back…I think I had the best workout!! OMG – I don’t if it was that my HRM worked from start to finish or the fact that I was sweating bullets or what but it felt AWESOME. Here’s how I burned 437 calories in 58 minutes (avg. heartrate 150; max. 193).

Loved it, ladies. Two more miles and a quick back-to-back ST workout -love!! I think I’m addicted to running although I’m still super scared I’ll hurt my foot again. Eek. But I’m taking it easy and REALLY focusing on hitting the heel first (rather than the toe which was my last problem). Also, I really liked going back-to-back on the ST – I got it done faster and my heart was pounding (especially during the dips and pushups!). Yay!!

After my workout I met Austin at home (he had a work happy hour) – and we ate the Beef Enchilada Casserole and had a couple of glasses of wine – lovely! It’s cooled off so it was nice to sit outside. We’re still like OMG…. This house is ours? Crazy! Haha Here’s some eats:

My new FAVORITE snack.... Kashi Stoneground 7-grain crackers with 1/2 ounce of Kraft Natural Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar (excuse my blue plates... make the food not look as good but I promise - it's glorious) This snack was inspired by She-Fit - she suggested "high fiber crackers and cheese" for a post-workout snack. Yay!!

Lunch - lemon chicken! Austin came home to eat with me after my first workout - we love this dish. Our second time eating it but it's a fave.
Dinner - Beef enchilada casserole. Nom nom nom (not the best picture... and again - that creep non-melting fat-free cheese!)

Now I’m in bed watching the shows, and Austin is playing video games with his old frat bros. I’m all cleaned and packed up for work – woo! What a fabulous day. I heart endorphins. I ended up at 1,946 calories, 47 fat grams, 198 carbs and 93 protein grams. Here's what I ate. A little high (was great until I had the wine... but it was fun to chat with Austin and have some vino!!) and, to add it all together, I burned 777 "workout" calories - woo! A couple of Q's:

What exercises pump you up the most?

What is your favorite thing about working out?

I’m loving asking questions at the end like wholebodylove – it helps me get so many ideas from you guys, and learn more about you! :) Happy Friday – hope you have fabulous weekends! Tonight we’re out to the Highlands to celebrate Andy’s birth - fabulous. I’m wearing the new skirt – hope it goes over well!!


Anonymous said...

You did a two-a-day!? Dang, girl, you are INTENSE! Love it!

Those eats look delicious, especially the enchilada casserole!

april said...

Whoa awesome workouts!! Your quite the little gym rat! ;)

Kickboxing always pumps me up!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Glad yesterday went so well!

I have to look for the Kashi crackers; they look like the perfect companion for cheese. And I just LOVE cheese... :)

My favorite thing about working out is how it makes me feel afterward. There is nothing better than taking a shower after a tough workout...

Happy weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I've been a longtime reader and I really have to thank you for providing the workouts on the awesome charts you put together. I often print them out and take them with me when I work out -- my favorite move is the cheerleader arm combo from this week!
The thing I love about workin' out has to be the way it helps me focus on schoolwork -- my head just seems to sort out. But if I skip a workout, I feel antsy and just can't sit still;)

Mica said...

Hm, my favorite thing about working out? Probably...feeling accomplished after a particularly challenging workout.

Wait, who am I kidding? It's definitely that I can eat more food.

Julie said...

Your workout sounds amazing! I am jealous of your running. My ankle won't let me.. boo =( What did you hurt on your foot?

I get pumped during really good songs during spin class!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed.

My whole family loves enchiladas - what a good idea to put in together as a casserole!

Sunny said...

this is a great blog you have here! that lemon chicken looks amazing, i'm hoping the recipe is somewhere on here! :)

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Great job on the mileage, girl! Woot!!

That lemon chicken looks amazing. You're such a good cook! (by the looks of it;)

My favorite part of working out is how I feel afterward - that or breaking personal records:)

Lele said...

I am pumped up by a bunch of different workouts- the key thing for me is having an awesome new song to rock out to. I mouth along with my iPod at the gym, and I'd look like a total crazy person except there's this guy who yells "whoo!" when he runs on the treadmill so I look normal in comparison.
I work out cause it destresses me like nothing else can!

Liz said...

I'm glad your HRM is working! I can't miss a workout without mine - I love looking at all the stats.

The enchilada looks good! I hate how the fat free cheese never melts. :)

fittingbackin said...

Angie: Yes mam - love them! I just can't get cardio & ST in one sesh during the week! Thanks!

April: Thanks - I so am! haha I love kickboxing!

Andrea: Thanks, it did! We REALLY like them - very flavorful! I agree - good one!!

Anon: Hi! Oh Definitely - that's such great news - thanks for commenting. :) I love that one too - it KILLS my shoulders!!

Mica: LOL such a Mica comment - love it!

Julie: Thanks! I was diagnosed with bursitis and a fracture on my fibular sesamoid (right foot - small bone in big toe). It had me down for a while and i've been scared to run ever since!!

diane: thank you! OH yeah - SO much easier then rolling up the individual ones! :)

sunny: Thanks! It is - under the recipes tab under Asian inspired!!

lele: I TOTALLY agree! New songs and destressing makes it worth it!!

Liz: yeah girl - thanks for the tips!! haha I know! so unfortunate. :(

Erica said...

Great job on the workouts chica :) The lemony chicken looks awesome! This is a dish Josh would love! I can't believe its Sunday already!!

SLJ said...

As you can see I'm behind in my reading too but I'm happy to see that your HRM is working better. I've been meaning to suggest a few things to get it working again because I had problems with mine... when I didn't clean it LOL. Its funny how they say to clean it and then we wonder why it doesn't work when we don't follow directions!

Erica said...

Great job on the workouts chica :) The lemony chicken looks awesome! This is a dish Josh would love! I can't believe its Sunday already!!