Sunday, November 1, 2009

Book Review, Halloween Photogs and Holiday Overeating

Saturday really was a great day! Loved that I got to go walking with Teresa- good times – and then we chilled out and watched football under blankets in her cozy den. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready, finish getting the food ready, etc. – the party started at 7! We had a blast getting to know more of her and Forrest’s friends, playing Rock Band, hanging out with Reuben and seeing him with all of the other puppers, etc. Also GREAT to get to see Jimmy/Mary (our friends who had baby Emma) and Kelly/Ryan (our friends getting married in December). And of course, Teresa/Forrest – always a good time! Here’s some pics! (totally out of order - forgive me!)

Austin bumped into an old friend from Auburn who was partying across the street - so random!

Austin and his boys!
Teresa & Monica
Me, Mary and T!
The puppers!
Me and Austin rockin' it out
A new friend, Emitt! Reuben and Daisy loved him!
Who doesn't love Rock Band?
And Jell-O shots in syringes
Teresa made so much AWESOME food - and cute little signs
yum - ate lots of M&Ms
Most of the spread - tons!
Trying to get puppers to get it together
hehe costume time
Tried to get a good one of Reuben - it was hard!
T made this 'witch's brew!'
Me and baby Reuben!
See - he just wasn't cooperating!
Another attempt - love that it looks like he's wearing leggings!
My baby pumpkin!! He went classic th is year fo sho.
Me and Austin -not as good as homecookedem's pics but we were happy!
Teresa and Forrest went ALL OUT with the costumes!
This is just a small sampling - they did SO much!
Group shot of me and Austin with 3 of our favorite couples!
T, me, Kelly D and Mary!

So yes, I overate. I was just still kinda tired/still kinda feeling crappy and just let myself snack a lot even though I wasn’t hungry. All of the yummy chips and dips couldn’t be resisisted! So my calorie count was pretty high, ending up at 2,530 calories, 208 carbs, 79 fat grams and 108 protein grams. Halloween is once a year though, right? It’s all good – I’m back on track and honestly, am glad I had those snacks. How often do you get to have Velveeta rotel?! Never! Haha Here’s what I ate.

I mentioned I finished Karin Slaugter’s Faithless (the 5th in the series). While it ended up being SO good, it took a while for it to get going. It was very ebb and flow and was one of the longest books of hers (530 pages). I dunno – I kept getting in and out and while I definitely was impressed with the twists and turns (first and last 100 pages rocked), the middle was muddy. Me and Stacy were talking and it’s like her first and second were AMAZING, then the 3rd was meh, then the 4th was AMAZING and now the 5th was a little meh. I give it a 3/5 but definitely recommend if you read the series to read this because there was definitely some movement in their personal lives outside of the mystery!

This morning I got up earlier than the group, so I stayed in bed and started my book club book, Sue Miller’s While I was Gone. It’s great so far, but I only got 30 pages in. I definitely won’t be reading this on the treadmill – tiny font – so I’m going to start reading one of your recommendations! Sarah’s Key, The Lost Symbol, The Host, Happens Every Day and Julie and Julia are all GREAT ideas. I also love the Time Traveler’s Wife and Twilight suggestions, but I’ve read those (loved them all!). I think I’m going to go with the Host, mostly because it involves no effort – my awesome mom will bring it over Tuesday – woo! Then I’m thinking of putting these up for book club – Sarah’s Key and Happens Every Day especially sound like book club material. Thanks again! If you have any other book recs please send them over – love it!

So I’m taking a personal day tomorrow – woo! I don’t even know what I’m going to do yet. I know it will definitely involve reading, a library, a gym and some home organization though. We shall see!! I hope you all had wonderful weekends:

  1. Did you have a happy Halloween?
  2. Did you overeat like me?!


Kelly Drawdy said...

I overate and I had a great halloween thanks to hanging out with awesome people! Great times seeing you/austin! The food was too good to resist!

Staci Dombroski said...

I LOVE Rock Band too! Your costumes looked great :-)

Joelle (The Pancake Girl) said...

SO cute- bug pasta, witches' brew? Glad you had fun!

Libraries and bookstores are some of my fav places! I like your book reviews- I was an English major so makes me feel right at home! ;)
ps. I added you to my blog roll- I hope you don't mind!

Erica said...

oh my gosh- your costumes were SO awesome! I love it. The party looks like a lot of fun. Love that the puppers were invited. Frank will never let us put a costume on him :( Halloween around here was great. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday night

april said...

Oh goodness you looked adorable!!

Lee said...

Love the Juno playing Rockband picture!

I ate too much candy yesterday too.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Awesome costumes! Reuben is just soooo cute! :)

I ate pretty well yesterday but went a bit overboard today... Oh well.

Have a great week! :)

Sophia said...

What a fun party! And love the bug pasta, cool idea! And loved your costume, lol!

I overdosed on plantain chips. Strange thing on Halloween, I know.

healthy ashley said...

You costume is awesome!!! The whole party looks like fun!

Oh boy I overate! Too much sugar!

Anonymous said...

Love all the costumes! I had a really boring Halloween.

I didn't indulge on anything!

Velvetta, rotel....mmmmm....I agree!

Big Pissy said...

LOVE all the pictures! Everyone and everything looks so great! Teresa and Forest did a fantastic job. :)

I have to say: Reuben looks slightly humiliated in that pumpkin outfit. LOL He had more of an attitude in the devil costume. Like he KNEW he looked good! ;-)

Mica said...

Yay! Your costume turned out GREAT! You and Austin look fantastic!

I love that you dressed up Reuben and take him on so many of your social outings. :) I hope I can do the same thing with Frenchie friend.

laura dishes said...

Love the critter munch! I saw a golden retriever wearing the same(or similar) costume as Reuben!

I definitely had too much to drink on Halloween...

Enjoy your (personal) day! I took one last week and it involved me going through my closet and taking a bunch of things to Goodwill!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day off! I'd much rather take a Monday off so I can avoid the Sunday night blues.

Anonymous said...

I think your costumes turned out awesome! Love your puppy dressed up!

Our dog is WAY too big for costumes :(

My daughter stayed home while my husband and I went out - we only got one trick or treater!

Pam said...

You look great - love the costume. I overate too.

Therese said...

Your haircut looks super cute in that first pic!

I didn't overeat ON Halloween because I didn't want to feel icky in my costume, but Sunday I was so hungover I just stuffed my face to try and feel better. Well now I feel worse so I didn't really accomplish anything!

Today is a new day and luckily there are no more big events until Thanksgiving. I need to do some damage control!

homecookedem said...

I love the pictures of you 3!! :) Yall look great!! Reuben is absolutely adorable!! Looks like a fun party with lots of yummy treats!! :)

I ate more candy than I should, but like you said, it's one night... not a big deal in the long run.

Hope you've been enjoying your day off!!! :)

Melissa said...

LOVE the jello shot syringes!!!! So creative. :) I had a great Halloween and didn't eat as much as I had thought I would. I managed to only eat two pieces of mini candy bars.

Thinspired said...

I love your outrfits!! That movie is awesome. Your outfit is perfect ;) Looks like such a fun party!

Nikka @ Healthful Girl said...

I overate too :(
Glad to know I'm not alone in my Halloween 'badness' or getting back into the groove afterwards!
Your costumes are too cute, and Rock band is too fun (even though I'm awful at the drums).