Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 1,000-Mile-Walk Adventure

2009 Mileage Breakdown

93.5 miles in December (1,000!!!!)
84 miles in November (906.5)
71 miles in October (822.5)
84 miles in September (751.5)
84.5 miles in August (667.5)
100 miles in July (583)
100 miles in June (483)
75.5 miles in May (383)
52 miles in April (307.5)
83.5 miles in March (255.5)
84 miles in February (172)
88 miles in January

Walking FAQs

Q: What counts as a mile? I didn't count steps or anything like that - only walking done for physical activity, in workout clothes, etc. I believe all of this mileage was done on a treadmill. (i'm severely allergic to grass and trees so most if not all cardio is done indoors.)

Q: How fast do you walk? I never walk slower than 4 mph. I typically walk between 4 mph and 4.3 mph, and at an incline between 0 and 4. This is about a 15-minute mile.

Q: How do you know how many calories you burn? I typically wear a Polar HRM. I used to have the F7 from REI, but I lost it, so I replaced it with an FT7 from Amazon - pretty much the same watch. It tracks time, heart rate (max and average), calories burned, fitness vs. fat-burning minutes and more. It is used with a chest strap.

Q: Don't you get bored? No, not really. I mix it up though. Some days I read a book, some days I listen to a book on my iPhone, sometimes I watch an SATC episode or movie (again, iPhone), or I'll flip through magazines. Some days I also have a buddy to talk with, or if there is something good on TV I'll pop the headphones into the treadmill and listen. Between a buddy, reading materials (mags or books), my favorite TV shows or movies, cable TV and even music (or just listening to my own thoughts!) time goes by. I actually look forward to it sometimes - it's MY 'me time.' I'll be like ooh, I wonder what happens next in this book - gotta go to the gym to find out! I think technology makes it so easy, even for those who can't read while they're on a treadmill.

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